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Friday, December 2, 2022

Aboobacker Siddique flings an 8-year-old hijab-clad Muslim girl onto the ground, Islamists spread fake news of ‘brutal assault by Hindu extremist’

On November 17, Aboobacker Siddique (34) picked up an 8-year-old Muslim girl and brutally threw her on the ground in Kerala. The assault was caught on CCTV cameras. Islamist websites immediately reported that a ‘Hindu extremist’ brutally assaulted the girl just because she was on her way to her Islamic school! These handles are based out of Turkey and Pakistan.

While Twitter blocked some handles, others still pushed the same false accusations against Hindus. Several global citizens pointed out that the assailant was a Muslim, yet many such tweets persisted for a long time. Here is one such example by an Islamist propaganda handle from Turkey with almost 2 lakh followers – the tweet has just been deleted.

Other Islamists, including a blue-ticked independent ‘journalist’ from UK, also had a field day spreading the fake news.

Had there been no CCTV evidence, so-called fact checkers would have had a field day. Anti-national, anti-Hindu chauvinists like Mohammed Zubair and his Alt-news propaganda outlet would have blamed the RSS for this violent act. Unfortunately for them, the truth prevailed in this case.

Aboobacker Siddique – Kasargode, Kerala

Images showed Siddique approaching the child as she stood near her madrasa. The girl tried to step away from him as soon as he got close to her. Heavily built, Siddique slapped her with both hands, picked her up like a rag doll, and slammed her into the ground. The assailant then turned away and left as if nothing had happened. It was around 7.30 am.

The minor Muslim girl’s footwear flew away, and she landed hard on her face. The incident occurred outside the Isha-athul Uloom Kendra Madrasa at Udyawar in Manjeshwaram, Kasargod district. Police later detained Siddique, who was the victim’s neighbor. 

The young girl was taken to Mangaluru in Karnataka for a detailed checkup. Currently, the girl is receiving medical care for her wounds and internal injuries. “She is not speaking,” her maternal grandfather Moideen stated.

Kerala police are still searching for the motive, but it is alleged that Siddique felt that the eight-year-old girl was not wearing her hijab ‘correctly’. He had also waved at her asking her to come near him, but she stood her ground. The girl’s father is reportedly in Qatar, and her mother was at home when the violent incident occurred. 

On Thursday morning, the girl, who usually goes to the madrasa with her uncle, went alone to attend an exam. The girl reached home crying but refused to answer her family’s queries. After much probing, she revealed that someone had assaulted her in front of the madrasa.

Her uncle returned to the madrasa, checked the CCTV tape, and saw what had occurred. He recognized the man as Siddique right away. A First Information Report (FIR) was filed against the assailant, according to a Manjeshwaram police official.

Muslims created a massive outcry on social media platforms, and local channels started airing the visuals, following which the police took the accused into custody. Manjeshwaram sub-inspector Anzar N said they would charge him after recording the girl’s statement.

Siddique was accused of an attempt to murder, voluntarily causing hurt, and assault or criminal force against a  woman with intent to outrage her modesty under the Indian Penal Code (IPC). He was also booked under the Protection Of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act. His arrest was also recorded. 

Attempts are being made to save Siddique with claims that he is a drug addict. All the above sections of our penal code immediately become null and void if drug addiction and subsequent mental illness are proven. Such criminals usually end up in a mental hospital for a short period and are released back into society. Leftists might even throw in a sewing machine and some cash for added comfort so that such perverts can return to prey on women and children.  

Muslim communities in Kerala and green communists have this odd habit of hiding and encouraging such criminals. Even in Siddique’s case, locals/relatives of the victim said he has a history of throwing stones at small children. Why didn’t they approach the police earlier and complain if that was the case?

Only when such goons turn towards one among them do they regret sheltering such people. Incidentally, the same relatives now allege that Siddique was ‘addicted to drugs’. Kerala police also have a habit of hiding Islamist crimes.

Mohammed Shehzad – Thalassery, Kerala

Earlier this month, Kerala Police arrested a youth identified as Mohammed Shehzad (20) for brutally kicking a 6-year-old child near Thalassery in the Kannur district. The accused kicked the poor child, the son of a migrant laborer, for leaning on his car parked at a no-parking area. Shehzad attacked the child named Ganesh from behind.

A young lawyer, an eyewitness to the incident, first raised the alarm and informed the police. Police arrived at the location, but by then, Shehzad had left the place, and the child was taken to the local hospital. Police examined the CCTV visuals, traced the car, and asked Shehzad to come to the police station. Shehzad did arrive at the station, but by 11 pm, he was allowed to leave while the car was kept at the police station.

By Friday morning, with the vernacular TV channels airing this incident, the police took Shehzad into custody. There were allegations that political intervention forced the police to delay the arrest of the accused. Journalists who called Kerala assembly speaker and Thalassery CPM MLA AN Shamseer received a strange response. He turned aggressive, told the reporter that he did not kick the boy, and disconnected the phone. Allegedly, Shehzad’s brother is close to Shamseer.

Shamseer has a whole list of criminal cases pending against his name and several convictions. Yet, the Kerala assembly now salutes him and calls him Shamseer ‘Sir’. This is why Kerala politics reminds one of the Stalin and Mao eras.

Shehzad’s relatives, including his mother, were in the car. His mother came up with a bizarre theory to save her son – she alleged that 6-year-old Ganesh saw the windows rolled down, beat a small child seated in the vehicle, and attempted to bite another. There is video evidence of the entire episode and nowhere did Ganesh attempt to attack or provoke.

Such victim-blaming and spreading disinformation is a common tactic of Islamists and the same technique was used by overseas handles in the case of Siddique. Blaming the Hindus and claiming victimization is happening regularly in Kerala. If this is not the Talibanization of the state, then we are not sure what is.

Like the Islamist Twitter handles in Turkey and Pakistan, local radical Islamists took upon themselves the task of justifying Shehzad’s offenses. The Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI), the political wing of the now-banned terrorist organization Popular Front of India (PFI), soon came out with a campaign to save Shehzad.

SDPI Kerala uploaded a photo and claimed that “Shehzad, who is ‘allegedly’ accused of assaulting a child, was a gem of a person. He helped save several lives of those in need during the floods that hit Kerala. There is a Sangh Parivar agenda behind the current accusations.”

SDPI Kerala justifying Md. Shehzad’s crimes (Shehzad images courtesy bignewslive.com)

Had there been no visual evidence, radical Islamists would have used both these incidents as opportunities to unleash violence against the Hindus, especially in Malabar. Those who consider such global campaigns against Malayali Hindus a mere coincidence might have to pay a heavy price. How safe are Hindus in ‘secular’ Kerala?

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  1. As per the evidence, it’s clearly a got-up game played by Aboobacker Siddique. Islamic jihadists are looking for all possible opportunities to perpetrate crime against the Hindus, and diffuse fear psychosis in our society. Unfortunately, these jihadists receive patronage from Kerala police who openly flare up their anti-Hindu sentiments (frequently reported in The Hindu Post). And there is no dearth in the generation of fake news of Hinduphobia!


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