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Sunday, October 1, 2023

Individual Activists’ face off with Global Jihad

Let us scan these headlines:

Hindus attacked in Purulia, WB after youth arrested over pro-Pakistan Facebook comments
(, June 12, 2017)

Temple Priest, His Wife & 5 Others Brutally Attacked By Muslim Miscreants  in Mewat, Haryana
(, July 22, 2017)

Dalit Family Attacked by Muslim Neighbours for Refusing to Convert to Islam – Mewat, Haryana
(Jagran, Navbharat Times, January 26, 2018)

Plight of Hindus in Bangladesh: 55 Reported Hate Crimes in Jan-Feb ’18
(, March 14, 2018)

SWEDEN IN CHAOS: Number of ‘no-go zones’ INCREASED as police lose control over violence…55 areas have been labelled as “no-go” zones
(By LIZZIE STROMME,, Sep 22, 2016  )

Swedish women ‘terrified of sex attacks’ as migrants turn shopping centre into no-go zone
(By LIZZIE STROMME,, Jan 24, 2017)

Facing the Jihadi challenge for the last 1,000 years, Bharat needs to invent new methods to face this formidable challenge more effectively, perhaps by rediscovering unadulterated self-expression of its glorious past and by working in close coordination with the international counter jihad movement.  The military and economic powerhouse of Europe, now under the onslaught of an unprecedented Jihadi migration into its borders,  is now seen as a helpless entity by many topmost scholars and leaders of international repute.

According to Gianluca Marletta, Italian writer and author of  the book, ‘Manipulations Factory’ and ‘Unisex: The Loss of Sexual Identity’: “the West is already clinically dead and suffers from a severe demographic collapse…The Western man of today is, very often, reduced to a parody of himself, psychologically fragile, obsessively projected into a dimension of external vanity, incapable of assuming the traditional “state” responsibilities that are the roles of husband, father or defender of one’s own country. ..If the West doesn’t come around, it risks having what was once the heart of the Western civilization being colonized by younger and more prolific outsiders and migrants.”

Russia too finds Europe incapable of shielding itself from migrants now swarming the continent with impunity.  “A society that can’t defend its children has no tomorrow”, said Vladimir Putin in context of a case in Austria, where an Iraqi was convicted for raping a 10-year-old boy at a swimming pool in Vienna. Later the court  overturned the conviction. Slamming Europe’s state of affairs, Putin said: “In a European country, a child is raped by a migrant, and the court releases him…A society that cannot defend its children has no future…the child rape in Austria shows a dilution of national values,” (Jennifer Newton, MailOnline, November 3, 2016)

Global Jihad

Global Jihad makes its presence felt by the instruments of terror & demographic aggression, by formation of No-Go areas inside modern cities where law enforcement agencies are rendered impotent and ineffective, by unleashing violence against free speech, by ‘Love Jihad’ or ‘sexual grooming’–a phenomenon which entices non-Muslim girls to marry Muslims–mostly by subterfuge…Global Jihad gets  further fortified by the support it gets from a large section of mainstream media, ‘secularists’, human rights activists, left-liberals, communists, socialists and even feminists. With help of this traitor intelligentsia, Muslims continue to be projected as victims of a brute majority which keeps them perpetually as a suffering minority…

Counter Jihad Movement

There has been considerable resistance against Jihad of course! Individual activists in many parts of the world engage themselves in an ideological crusade against Jihadis. This is an area where the “politically-right’ State, unfortunately,  refuses to participate. The ‘Voice of India’ project’ of Sitaram Goel and Ram Swarup  was one of the biggest ideological wars ever waged against Jihad anywhere in the world.

The Counter-Jihad movement of the  American and European communities too offers a formidable intellectual challenge to Jihadism and its ally, mainly the leftist mainstream media. Eminent activists like Daniel Pipes, Robert Spencer & Pamela Geller of the US, brilliantly educate masses about Islamism and its ideology by scholarly posts and on-the button reporting of Global Jihad-related events on websites like and

Steve Bannon’s is another stalwart website doing commendable work to rejuvenate American nationalism to new heights: victory of Trump as American President being its stupendous achievement.  Tommy Robinson of UK, the co-founder of English Defence League (EDL), who reported extensively for the Canadian “far-right” online portal,  TheRebel.Media, is engaged in day-to-day confrontation with Jihadis in No-Go areas of Europe by raising questions on the tenets of Jihadi ideology at great risk to his life. He bravely fights Jihadi grooming gangs engaged in crimes involving rapes of young children in England which has happened on a large scale.

The politically ‘right’ British Police is no friend of Tommy Robinson and keeps sending him to jail quite frequently. Recently, Tommy Robinson interviewed Bharat’s Tapan Ghosh who is fighting a lone battle against Islamist and Secularist gangs in West Bengal. Apart from this, surprisingly, Bharat’s anti-Jihadi activists have little or no alliance with their western counterparts.

Female Genital Mutilation

Muslim themselves, especially women, have been at the receiving end of violence committed by Jihadis often under their perpetual shield of self righteousness. Any protection offered by the Counter-Jihad Movement to such victims of Radical Islam is frowned upon by the leftist establishment and the Islamists. The debate in Europe on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is a case in point where ex-Mulsim women victims of FGM get blamed for “hate speech” just for exposing the evil medieval practice…FGM is female circumcision practiced in many Islamic countries of Africa, middle east and Asia, where girls on attaining puberty get subjected to a savage operation to remove the clitoris in order to inhibit their sexual feelings. In 2016, UNICEF estimated that 200 million women living in 30 countries had already undergone FGM.

In one of his videos, Tommy Robinson pointed out that: “Almost 6000 cases of FGM were recorded in England between 2015 and 2016. And not one of the people involved have been brought to justice, even though FGM is illegal and can bring perpetrators up to 14 years in prison. Why? Because of political correctness…Feminists don’t care, either…”

Ms. Shazia Hobbs told Breitbart London that she was frequently called “racist” and accused of being “full of hate” for calling for the jailing of parents who subject their daughters to genital mutilation. Ms. Hobbs added: “Tweeting about rape of Pakistani children by Pakistani men is the new hate speech?…”

Breitbart reported about how Shazia Hobbs, a campaigner against FGM, was suspended indefinitely from Twitter: “Twitter users noticed the prolific writer and campaigner had vanished from the platform Friday. Hobbs had previously spoken at the ‘Unite Against Hate’ march in Manchester, where she spoke out against Muslim rape gangs preying on young white girls…

Surprisingly, when individual activists in UK point out that Islamists were not being punished for FGM, it was the activist who got blamed for “hate speech” and not the perpetrators of FGM, a punishable offence under the British law. Feminists along with other left-oriented liberals fashion themselves as self-appointed guardians of freedom and free speech. Surprisingly, when it comes to freedom of speech in the context of criticism of Radical Islam, the same people oppose it in the name of “hate speech and Islamophobia”. If this is not perversion, what is?

Grooming Gangs in UK

Grooming Gangs in UK have committed sex crimes against children in large numbers. “90% of grooming gang convictions are Muslims,” Tommy Robinson tweeted on February 25, 2018. He was then suspended from Twitter for rounding up the number identified by the Quilliam research, which found in December 2017 that 84 per cent of convicted groomers were Muslim. Quilliam Foundation is a think tank founded by British-Pakistanis, whose founder worked as an adviser to Prime Minister David Cameron on issues around Islamic extremism.

Talking about the appeasement of Muslim migrants by the west, Daniel Pipes writes:  “They (migrants) exploit this by acting badly – drug dealers ruling the roost, a gang raping 1,400 children over a period of 16 years, and promoting violent ideologies – with near-impunity because, after all, the Europeans have only themselves to blame”.

Love Jihad

In Kerala alone hundreds of  non-Muslim girls, mostly Hindus and Christians,  are said to have been victims of love jihad, while the all-Bharat figure is estimated to be between 4,000 to 10,000 hapless girls, mostly belonging to Hindu families.

According to national security expert R.K Ohri, former IPS: “The first focus of the Love Jihad campaign was on selecting and financing hand-picked handsome and jihad-committed Muslim youngmen, provide them motor cycles, cars and flashy clothes and freebies, including cash, for preying on unsuspecting Hindu girls. After feigning a sort of whirlwind romance,  the Muslim boys, pretending to be ‘Prince Charmings’,  elope with the girls after converting them to Islam, or convert them post marriage. The seduced girls were then taken from place to place and ultimately confined to hideouts in  cities having predominant Muslim population, say, Mallapuram in Kerala or Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh. Thereafter the neo-converts were brain-washed by showing them videos and documentaries eulogizing Islam and the glory and merits of jihad.”

One of the Kerala police reports highlighted that Muslim organizations such as the Muslim Youth Forum, Muslim Women’s organizations like Thasreen-e Millat and Shaheen Force, the Popular Front of India, the National Democratic Front and its student wing, Campus Front, were behind the ‘Love-Jihad movement’.

The Demographic Equation

According to the 2011 Bhartiya census data, percentage of Hindus in Bharat has dropped from 83.40 per cent in 1961 to 79.80 per cent. On the other hand, the percentage of Muslims has risen from 10.70 per cent to 14.20 per cent during this period. Hindus grew in numbers by 16.80 per cent in the decade 2001-2011, whereas the Muslim population rose by 24.60 per cent. Also, Hindus are now in a minority in seven States and one Union Territory. The 2001 census showed that the Hindus were in a minority in five States and one Union Territory. On the other hand, the percentage of Muslims rose in 27 of the 29 States in the country in the last decade.

Although, the Muslim population is rising rapidly in Europe and USA, the percentage of Muslims continue to be much less as compared to Bharat. Share of Muslims in Europe stood at 4.9% whereas in USA it is just 1.1% of its total population.

No-Go Zones

“Why can’t you clean the Yamuna?”, I asked an engineer of the Delhi Jal Board (DJB). “A complex issue, sir…all along the Yamuna in many places they have illegal slaughter houses. They dump the waste in sewer manholes which clogs them. Intestines of dead animals along with blood and other waste flows into the river”, the engineer told me on the condition of anonymity. He was talking about a ‘sensitive’ area called ‘Welcome’ in East Delhi. “Why don’t you challan them?”, I asked. “A team of DJB officers had gone there for prosecuting them. They were locked up in a room and threatened if they dared to venture again into that area. They never went to that place again”, the engineer replied with a sigh of helplessness.

These are the No-Go areas of Delhi, where even the police dare not raise its voice otherwise there could be immediate stone pelting, burning of police vehicles, gherao of the police chowkies etc. Long years of Nehruvian Secularism has created a system where the police has learnt not to ‘displease’ the residents of such ‘sensitive’ areas. Even beat constables in East Delhi, Okhla village, Batla House etc. would confirm to anyone who asks them about how they look the other way when crimes happen right in front of their eyes in these areas.

So cleaning of such areas would require re-establishment of the rule of law in these areas. The beat constable needs to be empowered with the support of his superiors and political leadership.

According to Daniel Pipes, Partial no-go zones in majority-Muslim areas are a part of the urban landscape from the Mediterranean to the Baltic, with the French government alone counting 751 of them. This shirking of responsibility foreshadows catastrophe and calls for immediate reversal.

The Solution: ‘Can’t We Talk About This?’

Pamela Geller’s brave film, ‘Can’t We Talk About This? The Islamic Jihad Against Free Speech’, released in September 2017,  details the intensive effort by Islamist organisations to coerce the U.S. and other Western countries to criminalize criticism of Radical Islam and severely restrict freedom of speech.

In addition to  Pamela Geller herself, the film includes Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Geert Wilders, Mark Steyn, Milo Yiannopolous, Raheem Kassam, Robert Spencer, Douglas Murray and many other individual activists involved in an ideological war against Radical Islam. Their aim is to shock the American & European audiences which could result in new awakening of the masses .

Let us talk about the inconvenient truth…

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