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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

How the West betrayed the Global South, AGAIN: Featuring Bharat, Canada, Israel, Palestine – Part 4

The Israeli ambassador’s response to Bharatiya support: 1 good and 1 bad takeaway from it.

He highlighted 2 points about importance of Bhartiya support.

1st was because of Bharat’s rising stature, because “India is very important country in the world” – a point about which I’m not terribly enthusiastic because it’s irrelevant and frankly demeans our history with terrorism. It’s almost as if in the sync with western approach when it comes to dealing with such a horror upon humanity. That “small, unimportant” nation’s solidarity and concerns about terrorism doesn’t matter to big, powerful, high-tech economies with equally robust militaries who nonetheless suffer from it. And similarly, these small nation’s own suffering through terrorism, too, remain unimportant. That back in the Muslim appeasement khangressi raj, when our nation’s back was broken through poverty and deadly insurgencies and frequent riots, when sickular socialism had crushed our nation’s spiritual and economical soul –  all through the blessings of oldest and most corrupt and anti-Hindu political dynasty…back then, a small, broken nation like Bharat’s concerns and issues about terrorism were irrelevant.

It’s an approach no self-respecting Bharatiya person who considers himself a citizen of Global South, and who sympathizes with the vast majority of neglected, oppressed and exploited people around the world – the “rest”, who’d suffered because of the “west”, would appreciate – when it comes to terrorism or other similar issues.It creates unnecessary divides between “important” and “unimportant”. And which in turns fuels resentment among “small, unimportant” ones. It will send a psychological subtle, separatism signal among the poor and underprivileged nations about Bharat being different from them. And Israel much too different.

Yeah, yeah, I get it. The fact is that its the truth. We are a rising power and we are a very important nation in the world. And I feel very proud and happy about it. That’s why,  in fact, we’re being courted. Heck, that’s why Mr. Naor Gilon is flattering us. Even if we weren’t any of that, its his job to flatter us!

But 1st of all, this should not be something that is phrased in a manner that shoves this “importance”  on the face of the rest of the world, especially that part from which Bharat earlier hailed the “important ones” helplessly, like a lot of the rest of the countries still do.

Secondly, if it was an issue like economy, military, GDP, or something other that is purely based on numbers, it’d still have been okay. Kind of. If it was about unemotional aspects of these matters.

A deeply shocking, extremely disturbing, quite emotional issue like a nation and its people’s suffering from terrorism, should NOT be something that’s measured in “Important” and “unimportant.”

The concerns, issues and sympathies of small, “unimportant” nation…they too, matter.

Thirdly, this is just not Bhartiya, Hindu way. Throughout our religious and civilizational history, even chkravarti samrats and avtar’s of Bhagwans had humbly and happily submitted themselves to service of ordinary, poor “unimportant” people’s issues. Ram ji was our Bhagwan. He was bhagwan vishnu incarnate, yet if you read Ramayana, you will find He regularly worshipped other Gods, sages, his elders and catered to smallest of people’s needs. He – nor for that matter other Kings and royals either, demanded royal treatment and a welcome befitting their “importance” when they visited different sage’s ashrams in forests. Whatever was available in forest, whatever sages offered even Kings – but respectfully, Kings and their cohorts humbly accepted it as welcome enough. For Bhagwan’s sake, Ram ji fought a 10-headed terrible demon Ravan  – that had won over all 3-realms, ruled from a Sone-ki-Lanka and had super powerful boons through Brahma ji’s and Shiv ji’s blessings – Ram ji fought that Ravan with the help and support provided by an army of largely small vanaras!

Even though it was not in original Valmiki ramayana, yet now these other incidents also are considered part of Ramayan through later version, different ramayanas. Becoming part of our cultural Hindu folklore:

1. Shabri offering the berries after tasting them herself, and Ram ji accepting them humbly enough.

2. The biggest symbol relevant to current issue at hand here is how, when Ram-Setu construction was in full-swing – by monkeys – a small squirrel, devoted to Shri Ram, saw the great commotion with great awe and decided to help in its construction in his own small ways. By bringing small pebbles and sand, holding them in its tiny mouth and hands, and filling the gaps between big-boulders brought by monkeys, who’d initially mocked the little thing for its paltry “unimportant” support. But Ram ji recognized the bhakti-bhav of the little squirrel as it was, and gently took it in his palms, and then, expressing his gratitude for the support the little squirrel had provided, one small pebble at a time, he thanked it for his service and stroked his back with affection with his 3 divine fingers…which became the source of 3 stripes on all squirrels since then. Becoming a legendary symbol and ringing the morals of the divine lesson of humility and gratitude across eons.

Point is: We Hindu do not consider anyone bigger or smaller than ourselves. Especially when it comes to giving or accepting expressions of solidarity, support and help. And I wish ambassador Gilon would find a way to express his gratitude for our admittedly massive support, that is NOT in some sort of comparative form, which indirectly demeans smaller countries’ expressions of support, concern and solidarity, while maintaining the “importance” of Indian support as well.

Perhaps he could’ve phrased it like “Bharat as a voice of reason whose voice is respected and trusted in both the west and the Global South.” but I don’t know the definitive answer to the exact phrasing and wording here for Mr. Naor Gilon…he is the diplomat here. It’s his damned job – as the highest Israeli diplomat here – to find the correct words, that are consistent with Bharatiya culture and civilizational experiences.

And it’s not like he’s not aware of it.

Because the 2nd reason he cited for “Israel’s appreciation of Bharatiya support”, directly relates to that.

He said, “India comes from the position of a country who knows terrorism. So it comes from a point of knowledge and not ignorance.”

This. is. What. Matters.

We know and understand terrorism much better than any of the western countries ever would.

Just like Israel does.

So when we say “this activity/person is about terrorism related stuff,” then west should better believe it.

Because we are NOT randomly going around throwing charges of terrorism and criminal activities about these types of things. We come at it from a point of knowledge. Deep and intimate, thousands of years of knowledge.

Unlike the west, which, having none of them gone through monothiestic extremist intolerance resulting in a bloody partition of their nations along religious lines, come at it from a point of rank ignorance! When it comes to defining terrorism.

Which is why, the most important marking-of-the-words for the west is:

This definitional warfare of the west against Global South will NOT be tolerated anymore.

We, the victims of terrorism which was funded and supported by west will decide who and what is terrorism, not you.

And if you employ double standards with even your own definitions on terrorism  – or anything else , for that matter, then….

Global South is watching.

And it’ll remember.

We, the People of Bharat, we will remember.

Most importantly we will remind you, till the end of the times, that its you, white western people, who had forgotten.

That you, the self-righteous, omniscient and all-knowing white west, you’d all tread on this path once before.

Because not that long ago, even Jihadi terrorism wasn’t a big deal for you people when we kept reminding you of its dangers.

How did it come to be included in the “definition of global and universal priorities” then?

(To be continued in the next part…)

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Abhinandan Pande
Abhinandan Pande
Abhinandan Pande is an aspiring Spy Thriller writer who sees the threats to Bharat as they are - An institutionalized Abrahmic/Left-Liberal revulsion for Hindus' Right to Exist.


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