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Friday, March 1, 2024

Leicester mayor’s meeting with Islamist Majid Freeman raises questions over fairness of ‘independent investigation’

The anti-Hindu bias of the Leicester mayor came across in a video shared (archived tweet) by FISIUK (Friends of India Society International UK) that raises serious questions about the fairness of the investigation ordered by him.

FISIUK also pointed out that the mayor spoke to only one side and that to Islamist Majid Freeman who fanned the Leicester riots with fake news designed to incite violence and hate against Hindus. Freeman took to Twitter on October 11 saying he had a ‘productive meeting’ with mayor Peter Soulsby where the latter reportedly made commitments regarding ‘rising Islamophobia’. Soulsby is also said to have acknowledged that it was the ‘Hindutva’ ideology that was causing chaos.


Reporting the conversation between Majid Freeman and mayor Peter Soulsby, OpIndia notes:

In the video published by Freeman, he said, “Today we met Mayor of Leicester Peter Soulsby and talked directly to him. We got some commitments.”

Mayor Soulsby said in the video, “There were a lot of tough questions. I mean, quite right that people are concerned about what happened, concerned about what it means, and concerned about the ideology behind it. But I hope I pick up the questions, I hope we give straight answers to them. And I think, more importantly, I was listening as well while just answering the question and I think just the beginning of a discussion about these issues, particularly now when they review as to what happens because I think when that review reports we need to talk about what does that mean?”

Majid continued, “I think we just wanted to communicate. These are kickbox exercises. Don’t need to come in today, don’t need to be the tough question. Hopefully, this is a step in the right direction and we have more meetings and hopefully.”

To which Mayor replied, “I very much hope so and I hope that the issues that lie behind these are ones that together we can look and tackles and make sure they don’t destroy what’s basically the guy who I think is probably going to be leaving on that tomorrow and see how long it would take. But what he’s says something in our hands.”

In 2013, when ISIS activity was at its peak in Syria Aid For Syria was one of the charity organizations involved on the ground in the country. Several scholars had exposed the organization for its fundamentalist Islamist link. At that time, Majid Freeman was in Syria along with ‘aid worker’ Alan Henning. It must be pointed out that ISIS abducted and beheaded Henning and Freeman was with Henning when the latter was kidnapped by ISIS.

As per reports, Freeman posted messages in support of ISIS a couple of weeks after Henning’s beheading. He also posted a ‘dua’ on his Facebook account for British ISIS terrorist Ifthekar Jaman charged with a Syrian terror plot. Furthermore, Freeman is said to have posted a video insinuating that the actions of ISIS were due to the policies of the west.

He had supported Al Qaeda terrorists and the Al Qaeda cleric who incited attacks against non-Muslims. “Majid has, essentially, encouraged European Muslims to do jihad in Syria, and has promoted ‘tributes’ to the late Al Qaeda terrorist Anwar Al-Awlaki on his Twitter and Facebook accounts”, wrote Islamist Watch’s Director Sam Westrop. 

“Given the involvement of Majid Freeman in the violence against Hindus in Leicester, the misinformation he spread to instigate Muslims to target Hindus, and his terror sympathising views and associations, one has to wonder if there is more to the violence than meets the eye”, says OpIndia.

The fact that the Mayor met with Freeman who was part of the Syrian convoy with which IHH was involved raises serious questions about his fairness and sense of justice. It must be highlighted that IHH has allied with the banned radical Islamist organization PFI in India which is openly anti-Hindu.

However, a mayor belonging to the Labour Party associating with Islamists is hardly surprising considering the party’s anti-Hindu stances and actions. In October 2019, the British Indian community was upset and angered by the Labour party’s anti-Bharat resolution in its annual conference. The anti-Bharat resolution on Kashmir seeks to interfere in the internal matters of another country and is drafted in a one-sided and divisive manner.

“In its attempt to unseat the Boris Johnson-led Conservative Party and grab power, the Labour Party has adopted the policy of appeasing British Muslims using the Kashmir issue. ‘Muslim appeasement’ seems to be driving the agenda and policies of the Labour Party in the upcoming elections, which is a cause of concern among British Hindus & other Dharmic groups who have been loyal supporters of the party for several decades”, HinduPost had highlighted in December 2019.

Last year, Sikh Labour party MP Preet Kaur Gill hurt the sentiments of Hindus by labelling the victim of the Golden Temple lynching ‘Hindu terrorist’ in a tweet that she was subsequently forced to delete after outrage at this blatant attempt to deliberately tag Bharat’s majority community without any basis. Mayor Peter Soulsby is simply continuing the party’s anti-Hindu tradition.

But apathy, even hostility, towards Hindu concerns seems to have become a bipartisan stance in UK politics. The Conservative Party is in power right now, and Home Secretary Suella Braverman blamed ‘newcomers not integrating’ for the Leicester violence, subtly aligning with left-liberal and Islamist propaganda that it is new arrivals from Bharat, especially from Daman and Diu, who ‘injected Hindutva’ into otherwise peaceful Leicester. Braverman’s anti-immigrant animus and love for Empire is somewhat ironical given that both her parents are of Bharatiya-origin – father a Goanese and mother a Tamil.

The harsh reality, which is gradually becoming clear to ordinary Brits however much their media and governments remain in denial, is that religiously-motivated terrorism, violence and other crimes are carried out in UK by second and third-generation British Islamists who have been allowed to operate with impunity for decades.

Insight UK has written an open letter, signed by several Hindu organizations, to the UK’s prime minister Liz Truss highlighting the plight of Hindus and appealing for a fair investigation and other measures ensuring the safety and security of the Hindu community in the UK.


(Featured Image Source: OpIndia)

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