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Monday, March 4, 2024

Bharatiya Parliament attack 2023 and the woke toolkit of Inqilab

Unemployed youth, revolutionary ideas, inspiration from Bhagat Singh, a love for revolutionary literature, and a burning desire to change the status quo and do something for society, this is the perfect plot of a woke Bollywood movie. The only difference is the script this time was enacted in real-time on the anniversary of the deadly terror attacks that shook the Bharatiya Parliament in 2001. The script was enacted by the educated youth of Bharat as the two accused Manoranjan D. and Sagar Sharma jumped into the Lok Sabha chamber from the Visitors’ Gallery and released smoke from smoke canisters. In the meantime, the other two accused, Neelam Azad and Amol Shinde opened smoke canisters outside Parliament to reportedly protest the current government and its policies.

Whether this was a sporadic act on the part of this motley group of educated Bharatiyas or a part of a larger conspiracy planned by bigger actors is for the police and authorities to investigate. But the timing and the nature of the actors involved certainly make it seem scripted. According to various media reports, the four accused reportedly met on Facebook about a year and a half ago and were part of a Facebook group named Bhagat Singh.

The four of them apparently hatched the whole conspiracy over social media and then there came the subsequent involvement of the fifth accused Lalit Jha who sent the video of the protest outside Parliament to a West Bengal-based NGO. The possible role of this NGO in orchestrating the attack and Jha’s alleged links with TMC are being investigated. According to the latest news updates when this piece was being written, Lalit Jha, the alleged mastermind behind the security breach has been arrested after surrendering to the police.

What is interesting is that the four main accused, when initially interrogated by the police for the prime facie reason behind the attack claimed that they were not happy with the working style of the current government and wanted to send a message to the country regarding major issues like the situation in Manipur, farmers’ protests’, rising inflation, etc.

If the accused indeed carried a spontaneous attack, there seems way too much similarity between their line of thinking and the line of thinking of the opposition and the anti-Bharat woke lobby! Educated citizens of Bharat disrupting the security breach of the brand-new Parliament Building of Bharat to draw the country’s attention to the supposed bad performance of a democratically elected government a couple of months before the country’s scheduled general elections, seems too much of a well-defined plot for a spontaneous coincidence.

The Khap Panchayat of Haryana has already voiced its support for Neelam Azad, one of the accused. The accused have been arrested under various sections including the anti-terror Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA). The local farmers and Khap leaders of Haryana’s Jind district are reportedly demanding that Neelam be released and the UAPA charges against her be dropped. Neelam Azad reportedly has a history of activism; she participated in the farmers’ protests and was detained along with Sakshi Malik’s mother during the wrestlers’ agitation in Delhi in May 2023.

According to various media reports, the local farmers and Khap Panchayat leaders supporting Neelam claim that she was just raising her voice against the prevailing unemployment situation in Bharat. Neelam’s mother has also reportedly said that her daughter was upset because she could not secure a job, despite clearing so many examinations.

Another accused Manoranjan Singh, one of the guys who jumped from the visitors’ gallery, hails from Mysuru and is an engineering graduate. Manoranjan has repeatedly worked with an IT firm in the past but is currently involved in farming along with his father. According to an article published in The Indian Express, Manoranjan’s father said that his son used to read a lot of books, and was a student leader during his college days and that he always wanted to bring a reform in society.

The other accused Sagar Sharma who jumped from the visitors’ gallery along with Manoranjan Singh hails from Lucknow and had reportedly written an Instagram post before jumping into the Lok Sabha Chamber, “ jeete ye hare, par koshish to zaruri hai”, (making an effort is important whether you win or lose).

According to various media reports, the four accused were apparently inspired by Bhagat Singh and wanted to replicate his actions by doing whatever they did. Now, the accused seem to be clearly influenced by radical leftist ideology. Whether this was a spontaneous action, they were brainwashed by somebody, or did it as a part of a larger conspiracy fully aware what they were getting into, is another matter.

But what stands out is the message their actions are sending to the people of Bharat- especially people in their 20s and 30s. The message is of overwhelming anarchy, that it’s alright to resort to violent means to seek redressal. If one is unemployed, you have the right to threaten democratically elected Parliamentarians and attack the Parliament. If one is not happy with their economic progress, they have the right to launch a “violent” revolution. This seems to be the implicit messaging of such an attack.

Now one might say that it wasn’t really a violent attack and the intruders were just making a point. They didn’t physically harm anyone and all that. But do you really think that people who have the guts to jump into the Lok Sabha Chamber and try and scare the Parliamentarians with smoke gas, wouldn’t have the guts to carry out a real violent attack tomorrow?

There is a thin line between protests and terrorism, and the woke lobby is stretching that line beyond redemption. The well-orchestrated Shaheen Bagh protests and farmers’ protests have now given way to a new template – make common Bharatiya citizens without any criminal record the instrument of spreading anarchy. This, if left unchecked, will have dangerous consequences for Bharat and its sovereignty.

The global leftist deep-state has used the template of citizen protests and anarchy time and again to topple democratically elected governments worldwide and further their agenda. Remember what the Bharatiya External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar said about billionaire investor George Soros a couple of months back – “old, rich, opinionated, and dangerous”.

News reports of the Bharatiya Parliament security breach have already started appearing in the international media. Back home, the opposition has already started making it into a political issue and very soon, we will see the global woke media carry opinionated articles on the apparent vulnerable positioning of Bharatiya youth who are compelled to do such things out of sheer frustration because of poverty and unemployment.

Like I said in the beginning, the whole incident and the background stories of the accused is an exercise par excellence in woke storytelling. With a lot of evidence pointing towards the alleged role of the opposition in orchestrating these attacks, what also needs to be investigated is the possibility of any foreign hand behind these attacks. Khalistani terrorist Gurpatwant Singh Pannu had also recently threatened to attack the Parliament Building., on or before 13th December, the anniversary of the 2001 Parliament attacks. While it’s too early to make any speculations on this front until further evidence emerges, whoever orchestrated the attacks certainly spent a lot of time giving it the makeover of a massive scandal embarrassing Bharat on an international platform.

While the security implications of such an attack are crucial, what is also important and worrisome is the larger message the woke lobby seems to be sending through such orchestrated attacks to the common people of Bharat. As time passes, more and more human-interest stories will emerge around the accused and their apparent zeal to reform the country.

The woke ecosystem will undoubtedly try to create a sympathy wave for the accused. With the Khap panchayat of Haryana and the local farmers already getting involved, one won’t be surprised to see another agitation on the lines of farmers protests and wrestlers’ agitation, this time to supposedly free the innocent citizens of Bharat who were merely protesting government policies.

The larger motive behind such attacks is to lend a greater degree of public legitimacy to the woke toolkit of inqilab. And that’s what should genuinely concern the government and the civil society.

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Rati Agnihotri
Rati Agnihotri
Rati Agnihotri is an independent journalist and writer currently based in Dehradun (Uttarakhand). Rati has extensive experience in broadcast journalism having worked as a Correspondent for Xinhua Media for 8 years. She was based at their New Delhi bureau. She has also worked across radio and digital media and was a Fellow with Radio Deutsche Welle in Bonn. She is now based in Dehradun and pursuing independent work regularly contributing news analysis videos to a nationalist news portal (India Speaks Daily) with a considerable youtube presence. Rati regularly contributes articles and opinion pieces to various esteemed newspapers, journals, and magazines. Her articles have been recently published in "The Sunday Guardian", "Organizer", "Opindia", and "Garhwal Post". She has completed a MA (International Journalism) from the University of Leeds, U.K., and a BA (Hons) in English Literature from Miranda House, Delhi University.


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