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Friday, September 17, 2021


Soft Power

Ten things Bharat must do to stop being a soft state

Like it or not, Bharat is the quintessential soft state. It is unable (or unwilling) to project power beyond its borders, even in its...

The Modi Years – Changing World View

Non alignment, the policy of not being aligned with any single particular power in the international geo-politics, has been at the centre of foreign...

The Magnetic Pull of Bharat’s Soft Power

The word “soft power” was first coined by Harvard scholar Joseph Nye. He described this term as the ability to attract and co-opt, rather...

Why Bharat’s Amazing Soft Power Doesn’t Have The Impact It Deserves

Recently, there was a conference in Delhi on the many different aspects of Bharat’s amazing soft power – like cuisine, Ayurveda, crafts, languages, dance...

Repositioning Bharat’s Brand

Brand Management by other countries in USA Bharat is under-represented in American academia compared to China, Islam/Middle East and Japan, among others. Even the study...

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