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Saturday, May 25, 2024

A message to Hindu diaspora in West/US who think Bharat and its Hindus are ‘becoming fascist’

To Hindu diaspora,

You chose to migrate to West/US due to “lack of opportunities in India” or to realize American dreams – This decision of yours was not dictated by Bharat’s national interests but your personal interests and we common Bharatiyas did not play any role.

Now, many of you find yourself more closer to West/US values than Bharatiya/Hindu values.

I understand you live under constant pressure to prove your loyalties towards West/US and that’s why you ask Bharat to take the side of West/US on every issue without even thinking about Bharat’s interests. I also understand you fear losing your jobs/green card, racial attacks or backlash like how Rishi Sunak’s wife faced in UK if you do not toe the line of your host country/US. But the responsibility of all these consequences lies on your own shoulders, not on Bharatiya citizens.

As you are now more closer to West/US values, your idea of Hindu Dharma is now influenced by Western liberalism – Your Hindu Dharma may even allow you to eat cow beef burger. Whereas, Bharat’s Hindu Dharma is based on वेद/पुराण/उपनिषद/महाभारत/रामायण – this does not allow us to eat cow beef burger.

Many of you do not even visit Bharat regularly, your children were not born in Bharat and neither can they speak Bharat’s local language or understand Hindu traditions. Still, you think you practice/know Hindu Dharma better than Bharat’s Hindus? You want to “civilize/modernize” Bharatiya Hindus by imposing your idea of Hindu Dharma which is based on Western liberal values – Just like how British Raj tried.

And, just like some Whites, you also think Bharatiya Hindus are not capable to decide their own future or well being. To justify your decision of migration, every single day one of you write/comment in West/US media/social media explaining how bad Bharat is doing or how we Hindus are going in the wrong direction.

Do you really think we do not know our well being or will destroy our own country? Jews speak for the Jewish community, highlight anti-semitism and support Israel; Muslim diaspora speak for Muslim community, highlight “islamophobia” and support Kashmir/Palestinian cause; Sikh diaspora speak for Sikh community and some fanatics support the Khalistani cause; But many in the Hindu diaspora never speak for Hindu community and neither highlight persecution of Hindus.

Instead of highlighting the atrocities Hindus suffered during Islamic/British rule, you say Islamic rulers brought Biryani and built Taj Mahal and British brought Democracy to Bharat.

You do not shy away from criticizing Hindu Holy Books and labeling them as “patriarchal/regressive” ignoring the fact that Hindus worship female/black gods and none of our Holy Books incite hate speech/violence against any community.

But you never criticize anti-idol verses of Quran.

Look, you and your children’s future lies with your host country/West/US and our future lies with Bharat’s future. We have different priorities.

You have your own values/worldview, we have our own.

You see things through West/US perspective, we see through Bharat’s perspective.So, it’s our humble request that if you cannot share our pain/feelings then please do not rub salts on our wounds.

There are a billion of us staying here in Bharat and we are committed to protect our thousands of years old Hindu civilization.

(This article is based on a twitter thread by @chasing_highs and has been reproduced here with minor edits to conform to HinduPost style-guide.)

HinduPost Note 

There are many Hindus among the Bharatiya diaspora in the West who are aware of the real challenges faced by Hindus across the world. Many of them are also doing great activism and advocacy work. The above article is directed only towards those Hindus who identify more with Western goals and values, and are willing to overlook the issues faced by ordinary Hindus in the Bharatiya subcontinent.

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  1. Majority of Hindu daispira appreciate Bharteey and Hindu view point but they remain sulent. A small minority only goes ither way under influence of leftism but are vocal. That creates wring notions. Somehing similar what has been happening in Bharat too.


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