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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Protest Politics – now, Chartered Accountants to lay siege to Delhi against ‘Black Budget 2021’?!

Perpetual protest politics has taken deep roots in the last few years. There is hardly a law passed in the country nowadays that is not subject to protests, PILs, angry op-eds and what not. If one were to believe the country’s left-liberal intelligentsia and activist cabal, it seems everyone but the elected representatives sitting in legislatures have a right to pass laws.

Courts are also only too eager to accept PILs from usual busybodies, issue notices to governments, and put a stay on laws and executive decisions while giving a long rope to the powerful liberal lawyer & NGO lobby. We are told that such endless dissent, activism and legal appeals are the hallmark of a ‘great democracy’, never mind the resultant governance paralysis. If all else fails, laws passed through the democratic process are shamed for being ‘expressions of majoritarianism’! And if you thought that electoral democracy is government of the people, by the people, and for the people, where the term ‘people’ means the will of the majority as expressed through elections….well, you are just a WhatsApp university philistine!

In such an atmosphere, the message from our secular state is clear – voting in elections is passé. If you want to make yourself heard and arm-twist the state into doing your bidding, you need to learn the art of protest politics. In particular, you need to learn how to choke and paralyse Delhi, the seat of power where whatever you do is amplified 100x by Lutyens’ media, and thus quickly picked up by Supreme Court, central government and everyone else that matters.

The recently Union budget has some provisions in interest of ‘ease of doing’ business whereby tax return filing has been simplified and the turnover limit for companies exempt from audit has been increased. But another way of looking at these changes is that they will negatively impact CAs (Chartered Accountants) as they reduce the requirement for their professional services. After all, any reform is a zero-sum game, and just like arhatiyas (middlemen) are protesting against the new farm laws, wouldn’t the CA community also be justified in similarly demanding a roll back to status quo?

A twitter thread by @accountantvarun provides a humorous and satirical take on they way ahead for his fellow CAs –

“Pre filling IT returns and no tax audit for businesses having turnover upto Rs. 10 crore is an assault on CA Profession. Government is hell bent on destroying one of the respected profession in Bharat by doing such useless things.

If Tax return filing is simplified, then how will CAs make money? How is a CA supposed to run his firm when government is taking such anti-CA decisions in the name of ‘Ease of Doing Business.’ This ‘Black Budget 2021′ ought to be resisted at all costs. Either government should ensure minimum professional fees for all CAs, or government should take back all such useless proposals in this ‘Black Budget 2021’.

I request all people from CA fraternity to gather at the Singhu Border. We should learn from our Annadata friends about how to blackmail an elected government. Ease of Doing business can go to hell. Restore our entitlements, otherwise we will hold the country for hostage.

I appeal all CAs, CA students, professors who teach for CA course and people from other fraternities who sympathise with us to gather at Singhu Border in huge numbers.

Already our Annadata brothers and sisters are present there. Our presence would increase pressure on government to repeal the ‘Black Farm Laws’ and this ‘Black Budget 2021′.

I am pretty sure that looking at our huge numbers, Che Guevara of Bharat- Arvind Kejriwal ji and his handsome Deputy CM Manish Sisodia ji will pay a visit to us and announce free water, free electricity, free Wi-Fi, free food, free travel, free leg massager, free ambulance services, etc., for those injured with assault of fascist Modi’s police.

He would stand with us no matter how much that Nazi Government tries to scare us. Ravish ji will make a prime time on our issue, Faye Desouza and Dhruv Rathee would help us get attention of whole country too. We can also take selfie with Swara Bhaskar, Yogendra Yadav, Medha Patkar, etc. Prashant Bhushan ji will fight for us in Supreme Court. And unelected Chief Justice Bobde may also stay implementation of ‘Black Budget 2021’ as government hasn’t undertaken enough consultations.

Looking at our resolve, we can hope to get Labour Unions, Trade Unions, PSU Employee Unions to join us opposing privatization policy and labour reforms of the government. Soon, it would become whole countrywide agitation with all dissatisfied people joining us.

This is just the beginning. This is precisely the spark that Bharatiya Revolution needed. We won’t stop at any cost.”

(Disclaimer: This is a satirical piece)

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