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Friday, June 2, 2023

Adv Ankur Sharma’s Ekam Sanatan Bharat Dal puts out its 7-point plan

Ekam Sanatan Bharat Dal, launched by IkkJutt Jammu Party’s Advocate Ankur Sharma as a pan-Bharat political alternative, has put out a 7-point action plan. Sharma announced the launching of the Dal in a press conference on Monday. Sharma is an advocate who is actively involved in the politics of Jammu and Kashmir.

“We formally declare ‘Ekam Sanatan Bharat’ as a Pan India National Political Sanatani Alternative. Our party shall contest the 2024 Parliamentary Elections across the country”, Sharma said in the press conference.

He said his Dal’s objective is to create a Sanatani political alternative representing the interests of all Bharatiyas irrespective of caste, region, or religion. He said the Ekam Sanatan Bharat Dal would focus on preserving and promoting the rich cultural and traditional values of India. He further emphasized that the party would work towards the development of the country with the focus being on the needs of the people.

The seven-point principle of the Dal is:

1) Constitutional amendment redefining minority as a religious or linguistic group that constitutes less than five per cent of the country’s population.

2) Putting an end to government control of Hindu temples & mathas.

3) Separating Hindu majority Jammu from Kashmir, dividing Kashmir into two union territories, and making Jammu a full-fledged state.

4) Total ban on cow slaughter, making Gaumata the symbol of national heritage and reconstructing Kashmir’s Martand Surya Mandir.

5) Repealing the Waqf Act, 1991 Places of Worship Act, Sachar Committee recommendations, and amending Article 30 of the Bharatiya Constitution to allow Hindus to establish and administer their Educational Institutions autonomously.

6) Reversing and arresting demographic invasion as well as immediate restoration of demographic balances in the worst affected areas.

7) Holistic sustainable development based on true history, Sanskriti, Spirituality (Adhyatma), and environmental consciousness.

PC: Advocate Ankur Sharma’s Twitter account

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    Is it pakistan ? vatican ? sorros ? opposition ? CORRUPTION ???
    We want Hindu Rashtra, BUT NOT ANOTHER KEJRUDDIN !
    Instead of starting a new party & DIVIDING HINDU VOTES TO MAKE INDIA ISLAMIC, go join the BJP yourselves.
    ANYTHING that divides Hindu votes is AGAINST HINDU INTEREST and we shall NOT SUPPORT IT

  2. I want to became a Part of Your Party. It’s time to unite all Hindus to have a Safe our Future generation.
    We must fallow our Hindu Laws to build a World Leader Nation with Indian Culture.

  3. This party is the need of the hour, at this moment when no political party and the government at the centre is unable to stop, control or mitigate the attack on the sanatan symbols. I advice not to treat the voters as vote bank, but to treat all the disturbances as law and order problems and stamp out the criminals and trouble makers with Iron hand so that all law abiding citizens live in peace. Unfortunately, the central and state governments are competing with appeasement of muslims and hence are going soft on criminals. I request the Ekam Sanatan Party to add in their manifesto that ” All those elements who disturb peace and tranquility will be dealt in such a way that they will have to think twice before committing any criminal act”. There are tough laws, but implementation is not there by the present Government. Best of luck.

  4. Keep up the good work. Time to rise up now. Stay United at all costs. Build your foundations rock solid. Don’t get divided. Unity is strength. It starts with your immediate family and then the extended family. Then your area and the neighbourhood. And then the district, the state, the country and eventually the entire world. Dharma and righteousness will be established all over the world and it is the duty of each and every one of us. Jai Shri Ram. Jai Bajrangbali. Jai Hind. Vande Mataram.

  5. All 7 points are great. Please add one more point.

    8. Create environment and facilites so that all Sanatani couples must have 2 kids atleast to protect the demography of this country. Even 3 kids per couple also welcome. Remove Anti-hindu marriage act 1955 which is brought to reduce hindu population and bring Indian marriage act to bring all religious marriages under one umbrella.

  6. I am for a party that works for Hindus, their upliftment and spread of sanatan dharma in India and around the world. Such hindus should work to assimilate Budhists, Jains and Sikhs in their fold to increase their number. Votes count!

  7. Good. BJP is a development oriented secular party and have done a great job at taking the country forward in a very challenging geopolitical climate. But it often takes Hindu votes for granted. The way BJP threw Nupur Sharma under the bus, gave Mulayam Yadav a national award, downplay jihadist angle to Kashmiri Hindus’ targeted killings, give Muslims unwarranted reservations/scholarships, take no strong position on Gyanvapi case, delay CAA implementation, not taking #FreeHinduTemple seriously, and not correcting history books has been absolutely disgraceful. They came to power by the votes of Hindus and promising to act on Hindutva priorities, but put the above listed issues on the back burner to appease Muslim voters. This has happened because they have no serious competition from other Hindutva-minded parties. I sincerely wish this party good luck; it seems to have its priorities straight. BJP needs to know there are consequences for taking its core voters for granted.


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