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Friday, June 2, 2023

RTE for dummies

People are worried – aloo, tamatar price increased by double in 10 years, but why has school fee increased by 3-4 times?

Well, you don’t pay RTE (Right to Education) tax on tomatoes. If RTE tax was applied on tomatoes, how would the world look like?

Suppose every time if you go to buy tomato, you buy 4 tomatoes at Rs 2 each. Now, if the Sabziwala takes Rs. 8 (price of 4 tomatoes) and puts 3 tomatoes in your bag, that is RTE. The following dialog happens:

You– why bhaiyya? Why steal one tomato from me, I paid for 4 tomatoes?

Sabziwala– one is for poor kids, ji.

Then you see a Christian/Muslim buying tomatoes from neighboring Christian/Muslim sabziwala – and he gets 4 tomatoes for Rs 5.

You– but why is he getting it for so cheap?

Sabziwala– he has minority quota, ji. He gets free land from govt, pays lower taxes, and he doesn’t have to give one tomato to the poor.

You– I pay taxes and govt does tamatar farming with that money. Why don’t they give tamatar to poor from their own farm. Why should I pay extra?

Sabziwala– their tamatars are all foul, even poor don’t want them. So government asked us to charge you extra for one extra healthy tamatar and give it to the poor.

You– so your business going well? Extra tamatars you sell.

Sabziwala– no ji. This government is thief.

You– why?

Sabziwala– Because the government now want to fix price at Rs 1.5/tamatar. At this rate I can’t make any money to feed my kids. I will quit tamatar business.

You– No. Don’t do that. Where will I buy tamatar then?

Sabziwala– from the next door minority wala shop. He sells cheaper tamatar.

You– but I have heard he applies some oil on tamatars before selling them. Chiiii.

Sabziwala– Sorry. Can’t help with that. You can always clean it at home.

You– well, government says it will give us vikas. So may be I will wash tamatar at home and support this nation building tax.

Sabziwala– Sirji, do you know anyone in government? They haven’t paid for my tamatar for six months that I gave for free to the poor. Please help me.

You– dont worry. You should be proud that you are contributing to the vikas of poor.

Sabziwala– but how will I feed my family if I keep giving tamatar for free and government fixes tamatar price?

Sabziwala– everyone except tamatar wala gets to fix his price. Hotel wala, car wala, barber wala. Why not me sir ji? Why not me?

You– you are evil. How can you charge Rs 2/tamatar? Government is right to help us prepare dal fry cheap by fixing tamatar price at Rs 1.5/tamatar, otherwise you will loot both rich and poor.

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Note: The article was first published here on YugaParivartan.

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