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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Revisiting the Marichjhapi Massacre, a mass-slaughter of Hindus by CPI(M)

Though they love to call it ‘Shonar Bangla’, in the 35 years of their tyrannical rule the communists swamped the land of Bengal with the blood of innocent Hindus. One such bloodbath was enacted in Marichjhapi in the late 70s and which was silently buried by the left-liberal intelligentsia which controls our national discourse.

During the partition of 1947, many Hindu Dalits stayed back in East Pakistan either because they lacked the resources to migrate or they fell for the mythical notion of Dalit-Muslim unity. Disillusioned after Jogendranath Mandal’s tragic return from Pakistan, the Hindus Dalit soon realised what life in an Islamic nation meant. The horrific East Pakistan riots of 1964 over alleged theft of a sacred Muslim relic in Hazratbal, J&K where thousands of Hindus were killed started a wave of migration to Bharat. In 1971, as East Pakistan gained independence to become Bangladesh after a brutal genocide by the Pakistani Army, the exodus swelled and lakhs of Hindus fled to Bharat and have continued doing so in the years since.

The central government of Congress, seeing how Tripura, Assam, and West Bengal were overburdened by the humongous migration flooding in to escape religious persecution in Bangladesh made provisions for them in parts of modern day Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra. But the poor living conditions gradually brewed up resentment among the refugees.

The communists of Bengal caught wind of this and exploited their miseries to unseat the Congress government in Bengal. Promising their resettlement in Bengal, the CPI(M) formed government in 1977.

Immediately after occupying the CM chair, Jyoti Basu took a 180 degree turn on the tall promises made to these refugees. But the cheated refugees wanted their due and started to settle down in the unoccupied vacant islands of Sundarbans.

They worked hard without the support of the CPI(M) government and made the islands inhabitable. They engaged themselves in fishing, garment making and bread baking. They constructed huts to shelter themselves and tried building their devastated lives again. But soon the existence of these hapless Hindu refugees of Namashudras and Rajbanshi caste started to irk Jyoti Basu.

The CM let loose his police who took direction from the communist cadres to harass the same refugees whom Basu had once promised rehabilitation. The police caught thousands of such refugees, beat them up, looted their scanty belongings and herded them on trains to send them away.

CPIM bloodbath

The police would also warn people against buying the produce of the refugees to cut their source of income. The communist cadres started a whisper campaign against these hapless people, and stories of them being Hindu hardliners who had come to establish Hindu dominance in West Bengal were set afloat.

Even when the communists cut them from the mainstream, these refuges refused to cower down. Where would they go? Bangladesh, where machetes awaited their necks? Or the camps bereft of water, food and basic amenities? And why should they go? Hadn’t the CPI(M) assured them a share in this land? Without the support of the government, without killing or harming any resident of Bengal, they had established a little life for themselves.

The repeated attacks from the state police, who regularly snuck in at night, demolished their huts, destroyed their harvest and fish, had forced them to survive on grass. Children started to fall ill, puke and suffer from green dysentery. Soon, they planned a defence and Marichjhapi with the largest chunk of the settlement became the epicenter.

On the night of 29th January 1979, two refugees trying to fetch some food supplies from an adjoining island were shot dead by the police, and flung into the crocodile infested Korankhali river. After learning of this heartless act by the state police, islanders decided to send women to the neighboring Kumirmari to fetch supplies. Sixteen women volunteered to row across the next morning; the refugees believed the police wouldn’t be as immoral as to attack womenfolk.

But, the state police not only shot dead two of these women, but together with the communist cadres, repeatedly raped the others. The next morning, on 31st January, with the nod of the Jyoti Basu government, they open-fired at the islanders. Men were slaughtered; women too, but not before being molested by the police and Marxist cadre. They didn’t spare babies either.

Children aged five, seven, twelve had hidden themselves in a school building which they had decorated to celebrate Saraswati pooja the following day – February 1st, 1979. The cadre sniffed out these children, decapitated them, and crushed the murti of goddess Saraswati to seal their triumph.

There are no reliable official reports, but unofficial accounts state the death-toll to be between 5000 to 10000 innocent lives, making it a greater massacre than the Gujarat riots and the anti-Sikh riots.

But Bengal doesn’t remember this monstrosity orchestrated in their state, and people of other states remain oblivious to the first state-sponsored mass-slaughter of independent Bharat.

Why, you ask? Because generations of communists in Bengal have collectively brushed their abominable stomach-turning act of inhumanity under the rug of assumed intellect. Pull off the Angrakha of these communist Bhadraloks, and you will find their kurta drenched in the blood of innocents Hindus.


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