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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Liberal Privilege: Dynasty prince’s entitlement to bigotry and hate-speech against all Modis – Part-III

Because when you accuse an entire micro-minority of getting rich only by exploiting others’ pain; when you say capitalism is evil and its evil because of the financial crimes committed by ALL members of that community – regardless of any evidence (or the lack of it)…

There’s a very big historical precedent of how that plays out in the end.

And it’s called Jews holocaust.

Because that was exactly the kind of anti-Semitic rhetoric that ultimately played a large role in the whole Abrahmic world (especially the 2 major militant proselytizing communities) disdainfully standing aside (even collaborating) while Hitler committed his holocaust.

To be sure, our very own treacherous urduwood, infamous for pushing Pakistani soft power in Bharat all the time, had been transposing that hateful stereotype – that successfully translates into genocides – on Bhartiya communities since decades, by translating it into ‘greedy, merciless Hindu sahukaar.’

He’d almost always be a Hindu. Almost always a ‘He’. Lusting after poor hero’s women – girlfriend, wife, mother, sister whatever… even as they’re forced to do Mujra in front of other evil Hindus in repayment of loans while struggling to defend their honor right there, while her lyrics cursing Bhagwan and the world (of course the ‘kaffir’ Hindu world, is what they mean here) for such injustice.

Which really begs the question: How strong is this Abrhamic influence on Dynasty Prince pappu? That he not only makes such disgusting remarks targeting an entire Hindu OBC community, exactly like the ones once made against Jews, but also stands by those remarks even after a court found him guilty.

And what does it say about those who refuse to even acknowledge the inherent bigotry in these disgusting remarks. Like the anti-Hindu congress and islamo-leftist intelligentsia, both foreign and domestic.

We all know that the Dynasty Prince pappu loves England and the place where he finished his ‘education,’ Cambridge – the original inspiration behind UPSC Jihad. To the point his alleged ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’s’ concept starts and ends with England and Cambridge! (let’s not even start worrying collectively as Bhartiya citizens about how very problematic on how many different levels that is.)

So it’s natural that I’d bring up an article depicting western, Anglo-Saxon and especially British anti-Semitism linking Big Money, capitalism and Jews – the whole institutionalized racist hatred, embraced especially by Labor Party with whom dynasty prince Pappu meets regularly, openly and behind closed doors. Written in our very own rabid anti-Hindu propaganda outlet and ISIS’s favorite Guardian.

It’s remarkable how the pirated copy of this foreign hate model is being replayed over and over again, by various khatara DVD players of congress as soon as their ‘High Command’ pushes the play button and then deliberately forgets to push the one named “Stop it”…The continuous blaming of Gujrati Businessmen.

One must ask: Given how all the Big Businesses of west has been fined, repeatedly, for corruption and anti-competitive practices in different countries – including the western ones themselves, why hasn’t dynasty Prince Pappu ever raised the kind of alarm he does against Bhartiya businessmen over it? Why does he always rail against Bhartiya Hindu businesspersons and wealth creators? If his aim is to protect small-guys, then no one has done more damage to small-businesses since Amazon and Walmart (Flipkart) burst open on Bhartiya E-Commerce scene. Why doesn’t he go after Big Tech like Google, Facebook and Twitter? Google was fined 1337 crore by our very own CCI, forget what’s going on in EU and US and the west on that score. As for his constant tirade ridiculing our brave armed forces and lowering their morale in the disguise of accusing center of being soft on Chinese expansionist treacheries, why has he never asked ‘tough questions’ to Chinese apps and phone-makers like Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo, who’d also been fined to the tunes of thousands of crores on different charges?

Why hasn’t congress party made public that MoU between it and CCP that bewildered even our Supreme Court? Because in the absence of it, one might get the impression that that’s precisely the sort of “understanding” reached in that unusual “Memorandum of Understanding” signed between these 2 Far-Left parties in the world, whereby congress and its ruling dynasty would keep its sacred silence in exchange for Chinese “donations” to RGF.

And if that’s not the reason, then what could it be?

Why does Dynasty Prince pappu always targets Bhartiya Gujrati Hindu businessmen? Why he hates them so much, while saying nothing against foreigners operating like modern day East India Company?

Coming back to his single minded castiest hatred for Modis, why aren’t LeLis and Islamo-Leftists, and abusive ambedkarite caste-warriors condemning such hate-speech? In fact, why hasn’t political parties born purely out of castiest-politics, taken a principal stand on a core ideological issue like that? Parties like DMK, RJD, JD, SP, Shiv Sean (the dynastic one), CPI etc. Why are they still standing with a bigoted OBC hater like Dynasty Prince pappu, instead of hitting the roads against him? In fact, in Bihar and Tamil Nadu, old hand castiest-political parties like RJD and DMK had been in ruling alliance with congress whose top-most leader has not just given a hate-speech against all OBC Modi caste people, but openly stood by it even in the face of a court finding him guilty for it. Why are they condemning even the court now instead of pappu? And forget the court verdict or legal aspects. Do they all find it acceptable for Dynasty Prince pappu to be calling “ALL Modi caste people as thieves?”

Goddamn his intention, nobody cares about it. What people want to know from a supposedly united opposition over Dynasty Prince pappu’s latest hateful stunt, is this: Is calling an entire micro-minority, an OBC Hindu caste, as “thieves” is okay if their self-appointed secular castiest-defenders do it? Is that the price they’re asking other lower caste people to pay as well for their co-called “Social Justice Crusade?” A modern day perversion of Neta ji’s famous quote, “Tum mujhe vote do, Mai tumhe galiyan dunga!”, is that what’s being spun by sickulers?

And when called out for it, instead of correcting themselves, sickulars doubling down on their hateful bigotry against only – and only – Hindu castes and even the law and constitution itself?

Is that the price Islamo-Leftist, sickular lobby wants the country and citizens to pay for their alleged project of “Saving Bhartiya democracy from Hindutva majoritarianism!”

Because that seems to be the case.

A classic case of Liberal Privilege.

And it’s not like it wasn’t transparent before, but congress sycophants, even the law-makers of the dynasty party who’d taken oath of a constitution whose article 14 is “Equality before the law!” even they’re shamelessly and openly asking the law to make exception and treat the dynasty as above the law itself!

Congress Rajya Sabha MP from Mirzapur, Pramod Tewari said that Dynasty Prince pappu’s family must be treated ‘differently’ by law! Why? Because his grandmother and father sacrificed their lives for the nation. Hence ‘minimum punishment’ must be given to any member of that family.

Keeping aside the question of how valid this assertion is, we must focus on another argument:

Sikhs constitute merely 2.3% in Bharat’s population but make up 7.7% in its armed forces, so naturally, as a whole community, they and their families have sacrificed much more for this great nation than Nehru Gandhi dynasty (not even counting the ‘sacrifices’ they madeduring the brutal partition hatched by and between OG Nehru-Gandhi congress with British and Islamists).

Does that make a valid case for Khalistani terrorists to be treated ‘differently’ with ‘minimum punishment’?

Does that justify the secessionist and traitorous demand for Khalistan itself?

Or quite simply, as long as we’re on sacrifice Olympics, does that make Nehru-Gandhi dynasty much more guilty and liable for nearly 4 times more punishment than what the law mandates for any crime for which they’re declared guilty, given what happened to Sikhs under their watch?

Because asking Nehru Gandhi dynasty members to be treated differently by law…that really is the height of entitlement, as correctly pointed out by BJP spokesperson Shehzad Poonawalla, when he said:

“Congress MP Pramod Tewari says there should be a separate law for Gandhis for sentencing ( he adds a caveat of conviction) but why should there be a separate law for Gandhis on sentencing? Are they above law & constitution? Are they monarchs? Gandhis want license to abuse OBC samaj?”

But what Mr. Poonawalla misses (naïve as he may be in assuming some kind of political integrity still remaining in their hearts) is that congress and its sycophants really do believe that.

Because that has always been the liberal privilege.

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Abhinandan Pande
Abhinandan Pande
Abhinandan Pande is an aspiring Spy Thriller writer who sees the threats to Bharat as they are - An institutionalized Abrahmic/Left-Liberal revulsion for Hindus' Right to Exist.


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