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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Liberal Privilege: Dynasty prince’s entitlement to bigotry and hate-speech against all Modis- Part-II

As for disqualification being a petty ploy by the ruling party and LS Speaker being biased, the law is clear on that regard. Representation of the People Act section 8(3) says: A person convicted of any offence and sentenced to imprisonment for not less than two years other than any offence referred to in sub-section (1) or sub-section (2)] shall be disqualified from the date of such conviction and shall continue to be disqualified for a further period of six years since his release.

“From the date of such conviction” means any convicted representative would stand disqualified automatically from the very date of the verdict. Speaker doesn’t get a choice here, except to disqualify them. Because there isn’t anything, anywhere in RPA that allows speaker of the House any sort of discretion in giving such a criminal a time for appeal against the said verdict and wait until it gets decided one way or another by a higher court, before they issue the disqualification notification in the house.

Even an arch anti-national like Kapil Sibal who has a history of defending other anti-nationals, had to concede this.

To be sure, under 10th Schedule which deals with disqualification of Representatives under anti-defection laws, the speaker does have their discretionary powers. Even here, our activist courts have once again encroached upon legislative arena in recent times (2020 and 2023 rulings), but that too, is in favor of deciding the matter at the earliest and no longer than 3 months, and not for delaying the decision to whatever date they may deem appropriate.

So when everything has been done in accordance with established law – especially given Dynasty Prince pappu himself has played a significant role in shaping the law the way it is (because a decade ago, in 2013, he had torn apart an ordinance in full public view, embarrassing MukMohan government, an ordinance that could’ve saved his own disqualification today) – why all this hullaballoo accusing ruling party of being petty, or offering unsolicited advice about being gracious with big heart like Atal ji, or wild fantasies about the BJP being afraid of Dynasty Prince pappu or what he had to say?

Trust me, if anyone has to be really afraid of what Prince pappu has to say, it’s those poor “ALL Modis”. Because if Prince pappu really believes that, and is not apologetic about it, then ALL Modis run the very real risk of being thrown in jail for theft – irrespective of evidence or due process (or the lack of both, more accurately) – if pappu somehow becomes PM.

So why do they want the speaker to violate the constitution just for giving protection to one man like that?

But more specifically, why him?

Why Dynasty Prince pappu needs to remain in Parliament of a democracy – despite getting convicted in a defamation case?

Several citizens get convicted for defamation in this country. Several politicians have also been disqualified from parliament or state assemblies for all sorts of reasons.

Why Bhartiya democracy is deemed to be in danger because of this one person’s conviction for defamation and subsequent disqualification from parliament – despite open hate-speech against a whole community?

And why no-one from Islamo-Leftist cabal is lamenting about the “hate-speech” part?

Because if you pick up the news head-lines of last few months, you’d see several of them from Islamo-Leftist presstitutes bemoaning alleged “hate-speeches” against Muslim community, in various parts of the country. To the point our activist My Lords have issued instructions that all rallies from Sakal Hindu Samaj – which is agitating against Love-Jihad – be videographed and be permitted only when no “Hate-Speeches” are made therein, and if they do get made, then police have to arrest the perps. 

I’m yet to see a direction like that for various Islamo-Leftist congregations or publications that frequently equate Hinduism or even Hindutva with fascism or terrorism or anything hateful despite a Court saying way back in 1995 that there’s no difference between Hindutva and Hinduism which is a way of life, a decision which a 7 judge constitution bench of SC in 2016 refused to reconsider.

Or for that matter, we are also yet to see Islmo-Leftists crying foul for the hate-speech or a court-order affirming their commitment to upholding the law and constitution for the same, over the issue of what is being taught in madarsas to impressionable young minds about what to do with kaffirs – without any caveat for modern interpretation that adheres to Bhartiya constitutional values.

There’s an even worse thing going on here.

No-one, none, from congress party has apologized or even disagreed with what Dynasty Prince Pappu had said about “ALL Modis”. They’re not even saying that ‘What he said is his personal opinion, with which congress party doesn’t agree; however for that statement alone, he shouldn’t go to jail.’

In fact, they’d come out ALL-guns-blazing in his support!

Dynasty Princess, after her brother’s conviction, again gaslighted the aggrieved OBC Modi community by peddling that hateful stereotype of listing economic offenses by all of 4-5 people, and saying PM is trying to protect them.

Even if she was right, and even if PM was trying to protect the culprits she listed, how does that justify her brother’s communal bigotry by calling ALL Modi as thieves? That too, a castiest one. In fact, I’m surprised that court didn’t do its suo-moto thing and invoked SC-ST Act or the litany of draconian sections that deal with “promoting enmity between groups” here.

And instead of apologizing for that hateful remark, Dynasty Prince pappu is brazenly gas-lighting ALL of the Hindus by his Gandhi-Savarkar-Apology 3-way link ridiculousness.

But notice one thing here:

When he said “His name is not Savarkar but Gandhi, and Gandhi’s don’t apologize!” not only is that statement – down to its last syllables perhaps – drenched in the all-pervasive stink of this rotten dynasty’s towering arrogance twice the height of Mt. Everest, but it also proves his bigotry for judging ALL the people by their surnames once again.

Forget the facts of Gandhis apologizing – especially regarding this Dynasty Prince pappu.

Let’s focus on the underlying assertion.

Is he saying ALL Gandhis are that arrogant, without a shred of humility, self-reflection or desire to learn from the past and correct those mistakes? (It may be so, in his specific case, given how he never seems to learn, but that’s beside the point.)

Or is he saying that ALL Savarkars, all around the world, don’t have a shred of self-esteem?

Going by that recent judgement which held him guilty for defamation, how is that particular statement after the verdict not equally defamatory to ALL savarkars – or indeed, ALL Gandhis?

Because who gave him the right to speak for ALL Gandhis and ALL Savarkars?

Or does he reckon that there’s no other Gandhi – or Savarkar – in this whole world except those he knows?

Do we, the people of India, want such narrow-minded coup-mandook of an entitled brat to be “our representative” from any constituency’s seat in parliament, let alone become “the representative” by sitting on PM’s chair?

Why can’t he apologize to “ALL Modis?”

He doesn’t have to apologize to PM Modi. (well, technically he should, but anyway…)

Surely, not all of them are thieves?

Surely, some of them may have voted for him too.

In fact, why shouldn’t he apologise to ALL Modis.

Or maybe I am emphasizing on the wrong word.

Why can’t, or shouldn’t, he, theDynasty Prince Pappu, apologize to ALL Modis?

Why is bigoted hate-speech alluding financial crimes to an entire particular community like that – without evidence or even “overwhelming trend” – is forgiven and completely forgotten by everyone … but especially by those involved in the business of “Social Justice” and “Eliminating Discrimination?”

Because let me tell you, this is the exact sort of hateful stereotypes which were deployed against Jews.

“The greedy, ruthless Jewish moneymen.”

(To be continued…)

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Abhinandan Pande
Abhinandan Pande
Abhinandan Pande is an aspiring Spy Thriller writer who sees the threats to Bharat as they are - An institutionalized Abrahmic/Left-Liberal revulsion for Hindus' Right to Exist.


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