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Sunday, May 28, 2023

Fascism? Intolerance? Cong-NCP-ShivSena govt. demonstrates what these words really mean

For six years, Bollywood liberals and urban chatterati have been telling anyone who cares to listen that a ‘dark curtain of fascism’ has fallen over the country since May 2014.

‘Rising Intolerance,’ ‘Lynchistan’, ‘Award Wapsi’, ‘Student Revolt’, ‘Not in my name’, ‘Speaking truth to power’,’Godi media’ – various epithets and buzz words have been used to project the image of a savage, authoritarian central government murdering civil liberties, crushing dissent, silencing all Institutions including media .

But yesterday’s demolition job by the Shiv Sena-controlled Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) at the Bandra bungalow of Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut shows how fascism really works.


The country has seen far worse examples of authoritarian and vindictive governments over the last 6 years in Communist-ruled Kerala and TMC-ruled West Bengal, but fascism in those states for obvious reasons doesn’t elicit much comment from our media and opinion makers. Even among the masses, happenings in Mumbai and Bollywood grab disproportionate mind-share, so what the MVA (Congress-NCP-ShivSena coalition) govt. has done will hopefully resonate and show up our self-appointed guardians of public morality for the frauds they really are.

The facts of the matter

Sushant Singh Rajput dies in suspicious circumstances; rumour mills plant stories about his ‘craziness and depression’; his family in Bihar doesn’t buy it and demands a thorough probe; Mumbai police drags its feet; Sushant’s room-mates and girlfriend issue shifty statements; media starts digging and uncovers possible evidence of financial fraud by girlfriend and her family; demands grow for CBI probe which Maharashtra govt. ignores.

Bollywood A-listers are hauled up for their nepotism which contributed to Sushant’s disenchantment with the industry; questions are raised over the post-mortem and injury marks on the dead body; Bihar police is not allowed to investigate freely; there is speculation over Sushant’s manager Disha Salian’s “suicide” just days before his death, and involvement of Aditya Thackeray and few others; Supreme Court orders a CBI probe; ED joins investigation and uncovers drug purchases.

NCB investigates and finds a chain of drug suppliers linked to Showik Chakraborty, brother of Rhea (Sushant’s girlfriend); Showik, Samuel Miranda (Sushant’s house manager) and 3 drug peddlers are arrested; 4 days later Rhea is arrested as well and sent to 14 days custody.

So where does Kangana Ranaut come into all this?

For quite some time, Kangana has been at the forefront of exposing the nepotistic, Pakophile mafia which calls the shots in Bollywood and ensures new-comers conform to the prevailing culture. She has disclosed how Bollywood treats an outsider like Sushant, and other artists have backed her claims. She has criticised the industry for its Hinduphobia, pro-Islamism and hypocrisy. She has also talked about the drug mafia’s hold in Bollywood.

Last week, the controversial Mumbai Police Commissioner Parambir Singh had ‘liked’ a tweet asking for public shaming of the actress. Kangana responded by asking for security from Central government as she did not trust Mumbai Police to expose the drug mafia in Bollywood.

This led to a ranting editorial in Shiv Sena mouthpiece Saamna by the foul-mouthed party spokesperson and Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Raut, calling Kangana ‘treacherous’ and asking her to stay away from Mumbai if she did not trust Mumbai police. Around the same time, a graffiti artist painted ‘Azadi’ slogans and a ‘Wall Of Shame’ denigrating Kangana and some other pro-nation voices.

Kangana responded by saying, “Sanjay Raut Shiv Sena leader has given me an open threat and asked me not to come back to Mumbai, after Aazadi graffitis in Mumbai streets and now open threats, why Mumbai is feeling like Pakistan occupied Kashmir?”

Actually, this statement by Kangana should have been welcomed by our Pakophile Bollywood gang which never tires of telling us how ‘good’ our neighbour is and why we should ‘leave politics aside and embrace Pakistanis’!

The statement was immediately pounced upon by Shiv Sena leaders who let a loose a torrent of abuse and threats of violence against the actress. Raut called her ‘haramkhor’ (he later claimed the abuse meant ‘naughty’). Shiv Sena MLA Pratap Sarnaik threatened that party workers would ‘break Kangana’s mouth’ if she comes to Mumbai. Home Minister Anil Deshmukh said she ‘has no right to stay in Mumbai & Maharashtra’ and action could be taken against her for ‘defaming’ Mumbai police & city.

In an act of pure vindictiveness, and flouting all law & set precedents, Shiv Sena controlled BMC (Mumbai municipal corporation) stuck a notice on Kangana’s office in Mumbai about “illegal alteration work.” Within 24 hours, they came and demolished parts of the office even as the actress claimed she had all requisite permissions and was on her way back to Mumbai. Even a small temple in the premises was not spared.

BMC’s act was in direct violation of earlier Mumbai High Court orders asking BMC to halt all evictions and demolitions in the city till 30 Sept due to ongoing pandemic. Now the court has pulled up BMC calling its action ‘malafide’ and ‘sudden’, and asking it to file a reply to the actress’ petition by 3 PM today.

Where are the feminists, liberals, Bollywood activists?

It is a question which may sound belaboured, but needs to be asked – what if the Modi Govt. had mocked the courts and demolished property owned by a Swara Bhasker or Barkha Dutt? The collective lament of our left-liberals would probably be heard in outer space by now. NYT, WaPo, Guardian et al would have come down like a ton of bricks, and Hindus would have been berated for electing Modi.

The utter hypocrisy of the woke Bollywood crowd, the Award-wapsi intellectuals and the assorted NGO / activist sorts, is brilliantly explained by this 2-minute Anand Ranganathan monologue:

On the contrary, Bollywood and our left-liberals have lined up behind Rhea Chakraborty, in a coordinated PR campaign where she is being built up as a heroic figure ‘smashing patriarchy’ who is unjustly subject to a ‘media trial’. Yes, this is the same industry where 55 year olds play the young hero role who romances heroines spanning 3 generations. The same industry where a serial woman abuser is talked of as a ‘bhai’ with a ‘heart of gold’.

They have now closed ranks, ditched outsiders like Kangana and Sushant, and are backing Rhea as a ‘victim of patriarchy’ – ignoring the fact that authorities are trying to solve a possible murder and that 5 men, including Rhea’s brother, have been arrested before her by the NCB!


Every day we see editorials and columns in our English-language dailies bemoaning, without slightest hint of irony, how ‘subservient media has become to Modi government.’ For these suave commentators, what matters more is the tone and style of making arguments, not the substance. They forget that ordinary people have seen likes of Swara Bhaskar, Naseeruddin Shah, Anurag Kashyap abuse and rant against the central govt, courts and the entire country with ZERO consequence.

The ordinary citizen has watched and listened as our elites ramble on in their ivory towers, wondering perplexedly why their real-life experience was 180 degrees opposite to what the celebrities and TV talking heads were saying. The Opposition, rent-a-cause activists, academics, editorial class, business class – all have freely taken potshots at and defamed the PM, senior cabinet ministers and Sangh leadership with nary a response, much less any legal action.

The reality is that BJP has exercised tremendous restraint, some would say timidity, in the way it has dealt with its opponents and over-ground workers of BreakingIndia forces. It shows that the Nehruvian establishment is still entrenched in positions of power and enjoys an asymmetrical advantage. Non-BJP governments in Maharashtra, WB, Kerala, AP can commit any excess and get away with it. While our ‘civil society’ protests perfectly legal action against enemies of the states like we saw in Delhi Riots or Bhima Koregaon case. Lutyens’ media like NDTV is in the dock for multiple financial misdemeanours – will the illegal way that MVA has gone after Kangana’s office, pave the way for Government to take legal action against foreign agenda peddling news channels and activists? Cynics may disagree with good reason, but in the bizarre realm of Indian politics it is the ‘liberal’ elites who deserve to feel the full weight of the state.

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