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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Non-Kashmiri Students At NIT Srinagar Thrashed By J&K Police, Hounded For Hoisting Tricolor

There has been a brutal assault by J&K Police on non-Kashmiri students at NIT (National Instititue of Technology) Srinagar. This crackdown came after non-Kashmiri students hoisted the tri-color and demanded action against local students who had celebrated Bharat’s defeat in a cricket match and shouted anti-national slogans. The non-Kashmiri students are fearing for their lives, facing harassment from college staff & local Kashmiris, and desperately seeking the intervention of the Union Government to ensure their security.

Below are some images and videos of the police assault on students. These videos have been shot by the students themselves, who have also created a FB page to reveal the truth of this brutal assault.

In this video, a student can be heard screaming that he is innocent as police assault him within the hostel

This video shows police brutally hitting a student who is sitting dazed on the ground –

The online petetion started by the non-local students provides the chronology of events –

“It all started on the night of the Bharat vs West Indies T-20 World Cup cricket match when local Kashmiri students came out of their hostel rooms to celebrate Bharat’s defeat and started shouting anti-national slogans, bursting firing crackers. The local canteen staff at the back of first year hostel started stone pelting at the hostel which led to minor injuries of non-Kashmiri students.

Reacting to this, a group of first year students went to the Director’s office next day and demanded immediate action against this and also the hoisting of Bharat’s national flag in the campus as is supposed to be done in every central university. The Director sent the students back with an assurance but with no fixed deadline. However, immediately after this, some local Kashmiri students including some and Ph.d scholars (who are also supposed to teach the students) formed a group and started hurling anti-national slogans.

Some non-local students intervened, in the reply to which one of the local students hit a non-local with a drafter leading to a blood spurt from his head. After this, all hell broke loose and there was a minor clash between these two groups. The non-local students afterwards raised Bharat’s flag and organised a rally in the campus shouting ‘Bharat mata ki jai’. The local police force was then called up, who threw tear gas and lathi-charged the non-local students. Moreover, the local mob who lives near the college campus started stone pelting from outside. However, no action was taken by the police force against the Kashmiri students and the local mob.

The college authorities issued a notice later on the same night stating that the non-local students should vacate the hostel, which was highly unexpected amidst this chaos. At the same time, there was a gathering of localites at the main gate of college campus who started shouting obscenities and were quite angry at the non local students. The college authorities decided to call the higher police officials to take control of the situation. The SSP and DM addressed the students later that night and made sure that the issue is cooled down and assured them that the students will be given security by the J&K police. But they also took the assurance from the non locals and local students, not to worsen the situation.

Still, on the next morning, some Kashmiri students entered the 2nd year hostel and threatened a non local student and warned him of dire consequences after the police force leaves the campus. That student was however caught and taken to the Director’s office, but it was not clear what action was taken against him. The non-locals, however, who stood by their ‘promise’ were now infuriated and then decided to call the SSP again; this time to put a non-negotiable demand of sending them to the airport safely. But this demand was also kept aside, and the students were told to give their details to the college authorities. The students however feared that they might be tortured academically (or may be given NFTE certificate- Not Fit for Technical Education), which might ruin their career.

The non-local students who demanded a safe passage to the airport, were told by the college officials that they were responsible for themselves and the college would not take any responsibility, whatsoever. The students have also started receiving death threats on social networking sites which is also adding to the tension of students as well as their parents.

The students are demanding the following things:-

1) Permanent strict security must be present at NIT Srinagar since students are being threatened continuously.

2) Administration should be revised and since it’s a National Institute, hence at least 50% of the staff should be non-local. Also strict action should be taken against teachers who are threatening students that they will be made to suffer academically.

3) The assurance that there won’t be any academic harassment of the students afterwards.

4) A basic students council should be formed consisting of students from each year.

5) Religious impositions should not be there on students during festivities.

The demands should be fulfilled with immediate effect or else the institution must be shifted to a more socially secure environment where the local students do not indulge in such activities. Also, where the teachers do not support and develop the feeling of revenge from other fellow students.”

This video provides an overview of the entire incident and shows the students expressing their palpable insecurity and appealing for help to the Union Government.

Situation Worsening Inside Campus

There are reports that there has been another assault on students today.

The central Government needs to take decisive action right away, before the situation goes totally out of hand, and some young lives are lost.

Truth Coming Out After 4 Days

Although this assault on students took place on 1 April, it is only now that the brutality of the attack is coming out; as per the psuedo-secular editorial guidelines prevalent in Bharat, initial media reports had downplayed the issue as a minor clash between two group of students, where police was just called in to ‘control the situation’.  If not for the brave students who shot these videos and organized themselves to fight for justice, the rest of the country would have been as clueless to events on the ground as we were when Kashmiri Pandits were driven out of the valley in 1989/90.

But even now, the gravity of the situation appears not to have sunk in for those sitting in Delhi. Routine calls to the State Government or local police will not work – it is the police themselves who are the perpetrators of this gruesome assault on students exercising their constitutional right of expressing their love for the country.

The situation demands that CM Mehbooba Mufti be hauled up at once, central paramilitary forces deployed in NIT Srinagar to give some measure of comfort to students, and a senior official from MHRD should fly out to the campus to assess the situation and work out a permanent solution.

What is happening in NIT Srinagar is living proof of what happens when the demographic balance in a region changes for good. If the Hindus living in denial still don’t see what fate awaits them unless they wake up and act to preserve their nation and civilization, no power on earth can save them. This line by the students at NIT says it best about the dangerously skewed narrative prevalent in Bharat today – “Students who try to be Anti-nationals are made heroes, but students who uphold nationality are beaten like dogs !!”

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