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Monday, May 29, 2023

How are Missionaries Dangerous to Bharat?

(This question originally appeared on Quora and we are reproducing the answer by Jeyo Sargunam)

Dear Seeker,

My name is Jeyo Sargunam…. and i was a Missionary…..wannabe.

Back Story – My ex-life as a Quasi Missionary

I come from a hard line Christian family and our family have done a decent job of producing Christian priests & missionaries over the last few generations. We have had 3 Bishops & a dozen christian preachers in our lineage. Since my teen i started drifting more & more toward hard-line Christianity and for obvious reasons my local environment was very conductive for my drift. I used to organize rallies, conduct church revival meetings, organize the youth & have outreach mission where you will expose the concept of Christ to poor people.

So basically i was not the affected party, however was the perpetrator as a quasi missionary.

Life had some other plans:

I had convinced my self that i will attend bible school and start my life as a missionary. However Life is funny in its own way. Thanks to an altercation at my church I ended up shipwrecking my faith in Jesus Christ. I prayed my last prayer on 25th April 2005 at 5:30 AM and renounced Christianity.

DNA of a Missionary organization

  • Believer greater than ‘Non Believer’: People who don’t have faith in Jesus are looked down upon. As if you have some disease that needs to be fixed. Some times it is very outright, however most of the time it is very subtle. This is the reason people act “holier than thou”
  • Missionaries are well a oiled marketing machine: Believe me, every missionary on field is properly trained on how to approach, present & influence a non believer (mostly Hindus) toward Christianity. They go through extensive training and coaching.
  • They have targets: Just like any corporate organization, they also have targets. Just like how a sales call center focus on conversion, these poor missionaries have targets for conversion…. oops .. to put in a polished way .. to get them redeemed by Lord & Savior Jesus Christ.

They are well funded: You cannot beat the Christian setup. It is well rooted and well funded. Most of these organizations are decades old and have good assets and money. They can outspend any other Ghar Wapsi gimmick that RSS can try.

Yes, Missionaries are dangerous

  • It is like a virus: They target people who are either poor or emotionally vulnerable. This is wrong at every level as people who need comfort & love…. get manipulated toward Christianity. Sometimes this process takes years to complete; however like a virus, once affected it will slowly start taking control.
  • They manipulate: It is no surprise that in Tamil, the holy bible is called Vedam, Christian priest is called Iyer. Church is called Kovil. Such dilutions were done so that they can attract and make Christianity more acceptable.
  • They pollute & destroy local cultures to their advantage. Local cultures are slowly displaced and replaced. For Example: Gurukul method of teaching.
  • They preach hatred in a very subtle way. They always teach about “us” and “them. They teach to ‘ tolerate’ however never to ‘accept’.
  • Screw every one in the name of secularism: Till the time they are converting, it is ok…the day they have resistance, they will play the secularism and minority card. For example, thousands of Hindu temples have been desecrated, however if one church got desecrated….it will become a symbol of oppression by the majority.


The slow destruction of Bharat’s culture, values and current life can all be traced back to the moral decadence bought by Missionaries. You will see this patterns repeat in Africa, Americas, Australia in the last 500 years where missionaries tried to replace a pluralist society with a religion that is one size fit all.

Looking back i am not proud of what i did…. however thank god (whoever it may be) that i am not a Missionary however ……only like the missionary position.

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