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Monday, June 5, 2023

Kerala censor board tries to block film on the true story of 1921 Hindu genocide

On June 27, the Kerala Film Censor Board refused certification for the upcoming Malayalam movie Puzha Muthal Puzha Vare (From One River to the Next) by filmmaker Ramasimhan Aboobakker. The movie is about the 1921 Malabar genocide of Hindus by Moplah Muslims, affectionately called the Moplah riots.

Ramasimhan now plans to approach the Central Board of Film Certification, headquartered in Mumbai. He hoped to release the movie for the Hindu festival of Onam (early September) and assured us that the movie would do justice to the victims of 1921. For the non-Malayalam speakers, he will launch a Hindi version simultaneously.

The Genocide

No riots took place in 1921. Around ten thousand Hindus were killed, and all the attackers were their Muslim neighbors. Lakhs were displaced and their assets seized by rampaging Islamist mobs. 

The same Muslims still live in those properties and enjoy the benefits, while displaced Hindus live in despair. Muslims account for more than 70% of Malappuram, even today. 

Even pregnant women, children and temples were not spared. Surprised by the betrayal, local Hindus could not resist back then. Hindus lost everything by the time they regrouped. The RSS was formed after the riots that followed all over Bharat during that period. 

Many films on the genocide have been made. They were mere propaganda props to show the Islamist radicals as nationalists who fought the British. To please their Islamist paymasters, many filmmakers shamelessly distorted history. The genocide began as part of the Khilafat Movement and was twisted into a communist revolution.

Those movies hid the truth that it was a jihadi massacre of the Hindus of Malabar. They failed to explain why Britishers were not killed, but Hindus were. Not many local rulers (Namboothiri’s) were among the dead since they bribed the Islamists and escaped. This proves that the communist revolution story is fake.

Once the genocide began, the 200 odd British generals and their soldiers ran away. Among those who abandoned their subjects and escaped in the nick of time were the ancestors of former Kerala chief minister EMS Naboothiripad. 

The mass murders began in August 1921 and ended in January the following year. Had it not been for the Gurkhas, radical Islamists would have wiped out the Hindus of Kerala entirely. 

It ended when the Islamist terrorist leader Variyamkunnath Kunjahammed Haji was captured and later shot dead. Congress and its evil ecosystem supported the terrorists back then and even provided the same Hindu killer’s relatives pensions till recently.

Back then, even radical Islamists did not deny what Annie Besant said about the Hindu genocide (or, for that matter, what supporter in chief Mohandas Gandhi did). Some still believe that the Gandhian idea of Ahimsa led to the Hindu downfall. 

Ali Akbar Returned to His Roots

Ali Akbar, director of the film, returned to his Hindu roots in December 2021 and took the name Ramasimhan. He decided to renounce Islam following the Hindu hatred that appeared following the sad demise of our Chief of Defence Staff of the Indian Armed Forces, General Bipin Rawat. When his helicopter went down, the General and his wife were martyred on the cold winter morning of December 8 near Nilgiris.

Ramasimhan, opened up to a local online media channel today, and here are a few excerpts from that interview. 

Fake communist theories about Haji being a nationalist are not historical. The last witness died in the 1980s. Local Islamist MLAs and ministers then started writing the new version of the riot in vogue today.

(The Hindu genocide primarily happened between two rivers and thus the name. Bharathapuzha in the South and Chaliyar in the north of Malabar.) 

For the entire duration of a year and a half of filming, local police denied permission for shooting. Per protocol, Ramasimhan applied to the police for shooting permits, but the reply denying permission mentions the district collector. He shot the movie in the vanvasi colonies of Wayanad without state approval.

Authorities not only denied permission but promised to interfere and stop shooting, citing Covid-19 as the reason. Ramasimhan said he would publicize details about the communist director Vinayan shooting with a 300-member crew in Ernakulam during the same time. Such is the state of affairs in Kerala that his counterthreat stopped the original ones. 

Two busloads of Islamists arrived from Kollam and Mysore to physically harm and stop the shooting. Ramasimhan’s crew contained 100 odd real-life warriors and experts in kalarippayattu. They are the ones who acted as the genocidal Islamists in the movie. 

Seeing these physically strong athletes with swords and shields, those who came to attack quickly vanished. There were guns too on the set. The foolish ones who came did not know that the weapons were dummies. 

This movie doesn’t have a producer. An amount of Rs.1.7 crore was crowdfunded from citizens who saw Ramasimhan’s Facebook post. Sponsors donated costumes, and the Sangh Parivar gave him khaki shorts. Those who acted as extras never took a single paise as compensation. The director said the total cash and kind budget would be around five cr. 

State and central intelligence agencies visited his house following threats to his life. They made him install eight cameras at home and asked Ramasimhan to inform them when he’s on the move. He’s got internal threats from radical groups like the Popular Front and external ones from ISIS. 

Ali Akbar to Ramasimhan – The Transformation

Ramasimhan admitted that his madrassa teachings made him hate Islam. He was taught to spit to his left when he saw a temple. He was asked to avoid Hindus since they were Kafirs who believed in and worshipped more than one god. Topics like manifestation are obviously beyond the reach of the one god supremacists. 

Four-year-old children are taught that those who do not pray to Allah five times a day should be killed. Ramasimhan was brought up near Meenangadi in Wayanad and had many vanvasi friends.

In his late school days, Ali Akbar was a communist who dabbled in Naxalism and worked in their theatre shows. He later moved into directing and acting in commercial theatre shows. Those shows were conducted in and around temples. This was when he understood that Hindus are the greatest promoters of arts. 

Ramasimhan agreed that Islam is the religion of peace but that peace exists only between Muslims belonging to the same sect. He accepted the Hindu way of life after un-patriotic Muslims rejoiced following the sad demise of CDS Bipin Rawat. Ramasimhan’s wife is a Christian lady, and learning the Bhagavad Gita attracted both of them to Hinduism.

The director loves Bhagwan Krishna, while his wife is an ardent Shiva devotee. Muslims turn towards the Kaaba when they pray, and Christians draw a cross while facing the cross. He added that our Hindu ancestors have been doing this for centuries, calling on Bhagwans and Devis and manifesting them in our deities. 

The father of two daughters, Ramasimhan said that, per Sharia laws, female children do not have inheritance rights. Fortunately, both are now married and well settled with Hindu boys. They married as per Hindu traditions and rituals. 

He added that Ali Akbar’s father, Aboobakker had two wives and 16 children. His family originally converted to Islam when the tyrant Tipu and his barbarian forces swept through Malabar. They are initially Hindu Brahmins from Chevayur near Kozhikode. 

Ramasimhan says that he is a BJP supporter but is not active politically. When questioned further, he said he concurs with other Hindus and accepts that the local BJP leadership is not headed the right way. 

The director says that he joined the Aam Aadmi Party when it first came into existence. Once he entered and started mingling with its leaders, he found that they are the biggest underworld characters in politics. Ramasimhan left the political outfit in just 15 days. 

He fought for the BJP under former state president Kummanam Rajaseharan’s leadership. Ali Akbar was the BJP candidate for the 2016 assembly elections from Muslim-dominated Koduvally in Kozhikode. He won 11,500 odd votes. Only 9,500 voters trusted the BJP candidate during the 2021 assemblies. 

The director smiled when asked about Muslims, saying Bharat is Islamophobic and the country is unsafe for Muslims. He reminded us that it had hardly been a week since the Gurudwara carnage in Kabul, yet we donated tonnes of rice and wheat for the Afghans. The Taliban started showing their true colors again after receiving assistance. 

Every Muslim received reservations at the expense of Hindus. All Islamists in Bharat enjoy subsidies, and their children receive OBC reservations. They say that it is their right since they are citizens of Bharat. Does that mean that Hindus are not, he asked? 

Marxists propagate Brahminical hegemony in Kerala. There are hundreds of Brahmins who live in extreme poverty. Except for Ravan, no other Brahmin has ruled Bharat, he added. Marxist leaders like EMS Namboothiripad distributed acres of land to the poor and needy, and still, the green communists opposed Brahmins violently. 

Ramasimhan has a simple reminder for Hindus. Unless they unite, the Islamists will destroy Kerala, he said. Even now, Hindus live in anxiety on Fridays, yet the Islamists say they live in fear in Bharat. 

Ramasimhan was asked about his opinion on Islamists calling RSS a terrorist organization. He reminded us that the RSS has not attacked or killed a single Muslim in Kerala or attacked a single mosque. He pointed out that the radical Islamists directly incited the Hindu genocide in Marad and Poonthura. 

The only reason such anti-nationals oppose the RSS is that they are the only ones stopping these rabid anti-Hindu forces from total Islamization of Bharat. Had the RSS not been there, Islamists would not have to wait till 2050. They would have achieved their evil goals by 2025, he said. 

Sangh Parivar was born out of the Khilafat movement and the Hindu genocide at the hands of Mappila terrorists. The Malabar Mappila riots happened in 1921, and Congress leaders helped spread it all over Malabar. Similar genocide took place in Bengal and other parts of Bharat as well. When Hindus started losing their lives by tens of thousands, the RSS was born in 1925. It was the need of the hour to protect Hindu culture and lives.

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