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Thursday, June 8, 2023

Justice Kirubakaran lambasts activists and NGOs allied with break Bharat forces

As woke Hindus were eagerly awaiting the tabling of the FCRA bill, Justice Kirubakaran the Madras High Court made observations about NGOs that have become the bane of the Indic society. Justice Kirubakaran was hearing the bail plea of one Kalai Lingam, accused of placing bombs in Madurai and Thoothukudi districts of Tamil Nadu beneath the car of Narayanasamy, current CM of Puducherry when he was a union minister in 2014.

Kalai Lingam was a member of the Tamil Nadu Liberation Army, a banned secessionist organization. Justice Kirubakaran, while rejecting the bail plea considering the serious nature of the crimes committed by Kalai Lingam, made some general observations about such organizations promoting secessionism and enmity among fellow Bhartiya based on race, religion, region, and language.

The main part of his observation reads, “This kind of fringe elements are stated to be more active in Tamil Nadu and wearing the masks of NGOs, Human Rights Organisations and political groups are trying to create unrest in Tamil Nadu by way of continuous propaganda through media especially social media instigating the people to protest, creating fear psychosis and spreading hatred among the masses”.

He particularly chastised the linguistic chauvinists who enable such anti-social and anti-Bharatiya elements to flourish and stated that, “When these elements take Tamil Culture, Tamil Race and Tamil Language as weapons for their sinister plans. Our country is facing more danger in the hands of elements within the country rather than enemy countries. Therefore, the government, as well as the people, should be very cautious about those elements”

He came down heavily on the human rights activists accusing them of supporting “Separatists, secessionist forces and those who celebrate our enemy countries and criminals in the name of violation of human rights. Sometimes these groups themselves make anti-national comments making use of the Right to speech and Freedom of Expression”. About those in the media peddling the narrative of China, he observed “The recent Galwan valley conflict exposed people who are lovers of the neighboring nation, as they openly support the enemy country. These are not giving straight forward news and only disseminate their views with the name of news to mislead people” and expressed worry that these people are a threat to the national integrity and unity and implied upon the government to nip them in the bud.

The judge is said to have made these observations in general. But there are certain organizations that fit every criterion mentioned in his ruling. One of them is Peoples Watch which is not even a registered entity but likes to go by that name while filing a PIL every other week. Perhaps justice Kirubakaran did know what he was talking about, for the Peoples Watch is based in Madurai, headed by one Henri Tiphagne, a well known human rights activist in the NGO and civil society circle.

The first and foremost thing to know about this organization is that it is not at all an organization but a program unit of the Centre for Promotion of Social Concerns(CPSC). CPSC used to be an FCRA registered NGO but its license was canceled in 2016 which was contested in the courts. As a human rights activist, Henri is close to Indira Jaisingh whose NGO Lawyers Collective is accused of violating the rules of FCRA in utilizing foreign aid. 

Tiphagne is said to have been adopted by a French doctor as his mother died during childbirth and raised as a catholic. His activist life began with All India Catholic University Federation, an organization founded by Jesuit priests to induct people trained on liberation theology into the social justice stream. Most of the liberation theologists work under the garb of civil society members. Xavier Dias, Vernon and Susan Gonsalves, Arun Ferreira, Peter D’Mello, and Niki Cardoso are some well-known liberation theologists fine-tuned by AICUF to sow seeds of secession and violence in Bharat. Peter D’Mello aka Pradip Prabhu’s name came up in the Palghar sadhus lynching when Kashtakari Sanghatana, an organisation founded by him, was said to be trying to bail out the accused.

Coming back to Henri Tiphagne and Peoples Watch, CPSC’s name is generally not associated with Tiphagne and his so-called social work. The real name of the organization surfaced only when it fought against the center’s decision to put it under a prior permission list and then consequently canceled its FCRA license in the courts.

Even though CPSC’s FCRA license was revoked in 2016, Tiphagne has been filing PILs in the Madras High Court and its Madurai bench in the name of Peoples Watch. Before its license was revoked, CPSC received funds from notorious international church-related organizations such as Bread for the World(BfW), Misereor, Danish church, United Church Foundation, Common Global Ministries, Catholic Organisation for Relief and Development Aid (CORDAID), and Swiss organization Enfants Du Monde.

Even though the financial records of CPSC from 1995, when it was found, to 2005 is not available, in the ten years between 2007-2017 for which CPSC’s FCRA returns are available it can be observed that the NGO has raised more than 45 crores from its foreign donors. Using People’s Watch’s Human Rights Organization status, Tiphagne protested against the Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 that aimed to fast track the process of providing citizenship to persecuted minorities from the neighboring Islamic countries, despite the fact that he and his organization are supposedly ‘human rights’ defenders.

When government child rights bodies NCPCR and SCPCR came down heavily on the Anti-CAA protesters for using children in protests, Tiphagne said that the children have the right to fight. However, when there was an issue of children wearing spears (it’s a tradition for Skanda devotees to insert Vel, the spear of the deity, in body parts such as cheeks, tongue, back, etc) Tiphagne felt that the parents were torturing children for their own purposes. His anti-Hindu nature as a liberation theologist came to light when he along with his friend Tamil Rajendran filed a petition that the consecration ceremony of Thanjavur Big Temple should be held in Tamil as against the Agamic traditions to conduct it in Sanskrit.

He is one of the key conspirators behind the closure of the Sterlite copper smelting plant in Thoothukudi which accounted for 40% of copper manufactured in Bharat. His hand can also be seen behind organizing protests against the Sterlite plant and inciting violence that claimed the lives of 13 innocent people.

It must be remembered that liberation theologists all over the world are known for their ability to spread anarchy and create unrest among the masses to always keep them on their leash with no peace on the horizon. This is exactly the kind of people and organizations Justice Kirubakaran warned of. 

Tiphagne has been actively participating in the campaigns against Methane and shell gas exploration in the Kaveri delta region, 8-lane greenways in Salem, the much anticipated Neutrino project in the hills of Theni, etc. He has been using politicians like Vai. Gopalasamy (otherwise known as Vaiko) as a front to these campaigns. It must be remembered that notorious evangelist Mohan C Lazarus once claimed that the whole family of Vaiko had converted to Christianity. Vaiko was forced to issue a clarification, but this only lent credibility to Lazarus’s claims.

Tiphagne was seen with fellow liberation theologists in a white robe when different denominations of the church came together to protest demanding Kaveri Management Board. One of them, Fr.Ezra Sargunam, a close associate of DMK and DK leaders, advised people to punch Hindus on the face till they bleed. Another one of interest is Fr.Jagath Gasper, a close friend of DMK leader Kanimozhi and mentioned in US official records for his support to LTTE.

Tiphagne has also been campaigning against the New Education Policy since 2016 when it was first introduced. He has been organizing meetings, reach-out programs, etc to spread canards about the NEP 2020. Here it must be remembered that his organization conducts human rights classes for school and college students from way back in 1997.

He also found one Institute of Human Rights Education (IHRE) through which college students, especially law students are trained in the field of activism. As per a paper published in the research journal Elsevier in 2010, IHRE was the largest NGO working on human rights education in India. Then itself it worked in 18 states, offered a 3 year course through IHRE to 3,00,000 students, and had access to more than 2000 government and government-aided school teachers and children.

Recently Peoples Watch figured in a circular sent by the Archbishop of Madras-Mylapore inciting teachers and students of schools run by the church to protest against NEP. The Archbishop has recorded the reason for his displeasure with NEP as yoga being included in it. Tiphagne has also been vociferous in supporting DMK which is trying to revive its anti-Hindi campaign in view of the upcoming assembly elections.

The rights activist that he is, Tiphagne’s facade fell off when he tried to gag Dinamalar, a vernacular daily, for reporting that CPSC’s premises were searched as 2 thieves were believed to be hiding there. However, the court found no merit in his accusations and thus the petition was dismissed.

Tiphagne went as far as to defend one Berlin Jose, the founder of one Russ Foundation, and John Prabhakar who were accused of sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl residing in their orphanage and condemned their arrest. John Prabhakar to this day can be seen mocking Hindu practices and posting in support of Tiphagne in social media.

Henri Tiphagne projects himself to be the loudest voice against the suppression of human rights, especially ofDalits, but he and his family members were accused of using derogatory language against a Dalit lawyer who worked for Peoples Watch after he cut ties with them. The lawyer, Vanniyarasu has accused Henri and the family of running the organization as their family fiefdom and forcing the interns and students as protesters in their campaigns. Tiphagne has also been accused of withholding an employer’s certificates and demanding money to return them. 

Hilariously Tiphagne could be seen almost in tears during his speech in a protest where he vows to vote out the Modi government in 2019. He also calls for the participants to build the resolve to take part in every protest thereafter in opposition to the Modi government. He can be heard saying that the Modi government snatched the rights of Thoothukudi Archdiocese to receive foreign funds by canceling its FCRA license and that it has been 1200 days since his own organization’s FCRA license was revoked. After this tirade, he promises to organize a slew of protests by saying dramatically that “the protests will continue! Continue! Continue!”.

Thus Peoples Watch, CPSC, and their founder Henri Tiphagne are a classic example of the kind of organizations and activists that Justice Kirubakaran warned about. The judge has also cautioned the government and the people to be wary of such obstructive forces in our midst who have brought this malaise called FCRA NGOs that work as agents of the West in deteriorating the culture and development of Bharat.



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