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Friday, June 9, 2023

Local Jamaat hounding Muslim entrepreneur for his ‘unIslamic views’

Tolerance is certainly not a term Islamists are familiar with as the incident of a Muslim entrepreneur being hounded for his ‘unIslamic views’ shows. Entrepreneur Jahid Hussain has earned the ire of the local Muslim Jamaat on account of his views which the clerics consider unIslamic. He appears to be a logical Muslim and a nature lover as is evident from his profile.

Hussain took to Twitter to highlight that his family had been threatened with jamaati notice banning his family from the locality because of his ‘activities’ on social media. He further said that although he doesn’t stay at home, these threats have made it clear to him that he is on the right path while adding that such acts will make the youth of the community seek more freedom.

Reference – https://twitter.com/JahidHussain2/status/1493254355956371456

He had recently put out a video on the ongoing Hijab row bringing to the fore Islamic patriarchy. In the video, he said that Islamic patriarchy dominates the psyche of a woman in ways that she herself may not be aware of. He also said specific religious leaders, organizations, and ideologies are using this as a tool to dismantle power and democracy.

He further opines “Muslim women should realize how their psyche is being dominated since decades in the name of fear of God, fear of faith to control the expression of a woman. It is time we realize this”.

In another video he has shared, a Muslim lady is seen condemning the Islamists while stating that the Quran makes no mention of the veil. “Allah ka Islam maniye, Mullah ka Islam chhod dijiye…Kyunki hum kimti saman hai isliye dhak kar rakhna chahiye…main saman nahi samman hoon desh aur duniya ka (follow Allah’s Islam not that of clerics…I should be kept veiled because I am a precious commodity…I’m not a commodity but am the honor of the country and the world)”, she says among other things.

“With my observation, I can bluntly say that the only hope for Islam to evolve in a progressive society is the debate between liberal, moderate Muslims & those possessed by radical orientation. To Believe that #Islam can be truly secular is a fantasy change can only be gradual”, reads one of his tweets.

He comes across as a follower of Isha Foundation’s Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. It is probably this aspect, in addition to his views that are in disagreement with those of radical Islamists, that has irked the jamaat.

Lawyer and activist Subuhi Khan while speaking in the debate on Republic TV opined that it was all about promoting separatism in the name of religion. She also stated that it doesn’t stop at asking women to cover their heads. She also had some hard-hitting questions to ask on the entire Hijab row. It is progressive views like that of hers and Hussain’s that bothers Islamists because they challenge the authority of the Islamic clerics.

Hussain isn’t the first one to be targeted for his views and unfortunately won’t be the last one because Islamists never tolerate opinions that are not in sync with their radicalized views. Recently, class 12 topper Aroosa Parvaiz was attacked and even given death threats for not sporting the Hijab. “My religion, my hijab, and my Allah are my personal issues. What I should wear or not, should not bother people if they believe in the greatness of my religion. These comments do not matter to me, but my parents are undergoing a trauma”, Aroosa told some reporters.

Sadly, instead of supporting these sane voices from the Muslim community, the left-liberal HINO elites are empowering and mainstreaming the very same Islamic extremists like PFI, JIH, Owaisi, and other Islamists that these progressive and open-minded Muslims are fighting against.

(Featured Image Source: Twitter)

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