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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Hinduphobes gang up to harass ordinary Hindus in UAE

Corona Virus pandemic has unleashed the Hinduphobes among the Bharatiya Muslims residing in Bharat and the Middle East who are running a coordinated propaganda against Hindus working in Gulf countries simply because the latter are expressing their honest opinions on Social Media (SM). This coordinated attack was started by a gang of Bharatiya Muslims including a Gulf News reporter Mazhar Faroqui working in Gulf countries.

This gang scours SM accounts to check out comments/posts which are pro-CAA, expose Tablighi Jamaat’s (TJ) role in spreading the Covid-19 virus or against those Muslim criminals who are attacking health workers involved in dealing with the pandemic. Often these comments are taken out of context, twisted to suit their propaganda and projected as if these are meant to offend Islam and Muslims. This gang is using ‘insult to Islam’ as a weapon to target these Hindus and either get them fired from their jobs or worse get them deported or jailed. These Muslim handles don’t bat an eyelid before putting ordinary Hindus in the dock and branding them Islamophobes simply for expressing their opinions.

These people who are quick to ‘advise’ non-Muslims not to equate terrorists with Islam are happily equating TJ miscreants with ‘Islam’ only because they want to target Hindus. Some double standard that! These people are compiling lists of ‘targets’ and ensuring that employers of their targets and police are informed. Leading the attack are Hinduphhobes such as Irena Akbar, Mazhar Farooqui and someone who goes by the handle OpusofAli among others.

These handles who are attacking Hindus are sanctimoniously lecturing Bharat for allegedly ill-treating ‘Muslims’ when in reality Muslims and minorities in Bharat enjoy privileges. On the other hand, Hindus cannot even dream of basic equality in Gulf countries let alone special privileges. Gulf residents making false accusations should take a good hard look at their own backyards where migrant workers are treated inhumanely. Made to work overtime, many of these workers are subject to physical and sexual abuse as well. What can be more monstrous than depriving food and rest to workers? This modern day slavery is cheered by this ‘Hinduphobic’ lot. Contrast this with the privileges and immunity Muslims enjoy in Bharat and the difference would be apparent.

Leftists and so called liberals in Bharat never stop cheerleading Hinduphobic Islamic bigots. Whenever Hindus are attacked the usually suspects can be seen clapping and cheering from the galleries. AAP, communists and Congressis along with their supporters are wringing their hands in glee at this coordinated harassment of ordinary Hindus. Some of these people are digging out old tweets and posts to show how ‘Islamophobic’ Bharatiyas are. Sonu Nigam and BJP MP Tejasvi Surya have been at the receiving end for their comments on loud speakers in mosques and five year old tweet quoting Tarek Fateh respectively. And for the record neither of the comment is remotely Islamophobic.

Freedom of speech and expression seems to be the sole privilege of liberals and Hinduphobes. Secularism today is taken to mean ‘anti-Hinduism’ and this virus is so deep rooted that even the Bharatiya government machinery is infected with it. Instead of standing by its citizens who are victims of targeted online hatred and harassment, the Bharatiya ‘secular state’ has not just left them to fend for themselves but has instead pulled them up for harming ‘communal harmony’. It is time the ‘secular state’ stops bending over backwards to appease Hinduphobes.

Make no mistake, Hindus have been and continue to be tolerant. However, secularism is used as a mask to propagate Hinduphobia. Muslims who enjoy all privileges including religious freedom don’t think twice before harassing Hindus working in Muslim nations just because the latter are putting forward their unbiased view on opinions and that too without offending any religion. Left-liberals (which include congress, communists, alleged secular media, secular parties etc.) have time and again spewed venom against Hindus. Now this Hindu hatred has taken the form of online lynching of common Hindus. Freedom of speech can never be the privilege of a select few. Also those enjoying all kinds of freedom must bear in mind that this has been possible because Hindus are tolerant. Moreover, secularism has been used as an excuse for a long time now to extend privileges to minorities while Hindus are often left in the lurch and even harassed both in Bharat and abroad. It is about time that Hindu rashtra replaces the so called secular state which has been unfair towards the tolerant majority.

(Featured Image Source: ChakraNews)

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