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Monday, April 15, 2024

Hindu culture’s only contribution to the world is deep-rooted violence: Things you can learn at JNU!

One good thing which has come out of the entire JNU episode that Lutyens media has been hyping as some kind of student revolution, is that ordinary citizens of Bharat have now got a peek into the deep-rooted Hinduphobic and anti-Bharat discourse in this university. Below is a must watch video of JNU Professor Nivedita Menon (Centre for Comparative Politics & Political Theory) addressing her students on two topics –

1.) Bharat’s contribution to world culture & nature of Hindu society

2.)”Illegal” occupation of Kashmir by Bharat

Professor Nivedita Menon says,

“Hindu society must be one of the most violent, to the roots violent society in the world. Surely, nothing in the world can compare to the deep-rooted violence and intransigence of the caste system.”

She then tauntingly adds,

“That is something we can proudly claim India has contributed to world culture”

With this level of bigotry and indoctrination against Hindu civilization being rampant in JNU, is it any surprise that leftist students at JNU support separatists of all hues & violent Naxalites, and organize events like ‘Mahishasur Day’ where Ma Durga is presented as a prostitute who murdered the good Mahishasura? Our national media and Lutyens intellectuals were in the know when this poison was being fed to students over the last few decades – why didn’t any of them raise their voice? Why do these same voices that claim to be champions of free speech and liberalism fall silent when anyone who questions Islam or Christianity is silenced like was done to Sanal Edamaruku, Taslima Nasreen, Shireen Dalvi, Kamlesh Tiwari and countless others?

Are academics like Professor Menon blind to the persecution of Hindus like the Kashmiri Pandits who were driven out of Kashmir valley in 1989-90, the ongoing persecution of Bengali Hindus both in Bangladesh and West Bengal, or the brutalization of Hindus and other minorities in Pakistan? Why are such left-leaning professors trying to foist a failed ideology (communism – either Marxist or Maoist) on Bharat that has murdered millions in Russia, China, South East Asia, Latin America etc.? Can the future of our children and Hindu civilization be safe in the hands of such teachers?

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  1. Hindu fundamentalists are no better than these communists…..and what hindu civilisation do you talk about?? India has always had an inclusive culture.If the communists fail to see the contribution of india to the world so the hindu fundamentalists are wrong in propounding the idea of a hindu rashtra. By proclaiming a hindu civilisation you only limit the vastness and the diversity of our culture and people.

    • how do you arrive at the conclusion that the terms Hindu Civilization or Hindu Rashtra are non-inclusive? Hindu Dharma originated in Bharat, and from that emerged various other paths, cultures etc – which existed in far greater harmony than any other place in the world with such diversity. We have always been accommodating and respectful of all external belief systems, provided the others return the favor. Confusion of your sort arises when Hindu Dharma is incorrectly translated as a religion in the narrow sense of Abrahamic faiths. Hindus truly believe there are many paths to the divine, but that does not mean we hide our own identity and live in self-negation in our homeland, just to prove that we are tolerant to those who criticize us. Every civilization has a core – Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Persian, Egyptian, Inca – and for ours, it is Hindu Dharma.

  2. I am ashamed that she carries surname Menon. This naxalite crony has no idea of Hindu culture, traditions or history. At least she must know what the Jews have to say about India. She should have known that India is the only country in the world, where human trade as slaves never took place.

  3. The problem with JNU is it has been breeding like mosquitos. This is just one example. To keep the police out of campus even with anti national activities is surely not a desirable trend.


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