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Monday, May 29, 2023

Don’t Just Condemn Uri, Snap All Ties With Pakistan

17 soliders were killed and 20 injured, some critically, in a pre-dawn attack on an Army base yesterday by Pakistani jihadis in North Kashmir’s Uri district.

As per this report

“Located barely a few kilometres from the Line of Control (LoC) and some 70 km from Srinagar, the base was subjected to the brazen attack by four terrorists at around 5.30 AM, causing heavy casualties in the Dogra regiment which lost 17 of its men. 20 more army personnel were injured, some critically, and were airlifted to the army base hospital in Srinagar.

Here is the full list of jawans who died in the Uri terror attack

(1) Subedar Karnail Singh, r/o Vill Shibu Chak, Teh- Bishnah, Dist Jammu, Jammu & Kashmir.
(2) Havildar Ravi Paul, r/o Samba, Dist Jammu, Jammu & Kashmir.
(3) Sepoy Rakesh Singh, r/o Vill Baddja, Dist Kaimur, Bihar.
(4) Sepoy Javra Munda, r/o Vill Meral, Dist Khuti, Jharkhand.
(5) Sepoy Naiman Kujur, r/o Vill Gumla, Chainpur, Jharkhand.
(6) Sepoy Uike Janrao, r/o Vill Nandgaon (Kh), Dist Amravati, Maharashtra.
(7) Havildar NS Rawat, r/o Vill Rajawa, Dist Rajasmand, Rajasthan.
(8) Sepoy Ganesh Shankar, r/o Vill Ghoorapalli, Dist Sant Kabir Nagar, Uttar Pradesh.
(9) Naik SK Vidarthi, r/o Vill Boknari, Dist Gaya, Bihar.
(10) Sepoy Biswajit Ghorai, r/o Vill Ganga Sagar, Dist South 24 Parganas, West Bengal.
(11) Lance Naik G Shankar, r/o Vill Jashi, Dist Satara, Maharashtra.
(12) Sep G Dalai, r/o Vill Jamuna Balia, Dist Howarah, West Bengal.
(13) Lance Naik RK Yadav, r/o Vill Balia, Uttar Pradesh.
(14) Sepoy Harinder Yadav, r/o Vill Ghazipur, Dist Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh.
(15) Sepoy TS Somnath, r/o Vill Khadangali, Dist Nashik, Maharashtra.
(16) Havildar Ashok Kumar Singh, r/o Vill Raktu Tola, Dist Bhojpur, Bihar.
(17) Sepoy Rajesh kr Singh, r/o Vill Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh.
Sepoy HN Bala Diag and L/NK Ram Krishna remained critically injured

After the three-hour gun-battle, four terrorists were killed and army was combing to ensure there were no other terrorists. Most of the army casualties resulted from the fire in tents in which jawans were sleeping.”

Pakistan, the terrorist state

The Uri attack is not new – in terms of the target and the modus operandi. Pakistani Army and ISI, with full knowledge of their civilian Government, have engineered many such attacks providing weapons, training, manpower and military tactics for their State sponsored terror organizations like Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) and Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT).

These terror groups also have deep roots in Pakistani society, and join hands with Pakistani Army’s special forces to execute these strikes on Bharat’s territory. Here is a partial listing of other such attacks on Bharat by Pakistani jihadis-

Jan 2016: Pathankot airbase attacked by heavily-armed terrorists, resulting in death of 7 soldiers and 1 civilian

Nov 2008: Mumbai coordinated attacks by LeT killing 164

Apr 2006: Doda massacre – 35 Hindu civilians (including 3 year old girl) murdered by LeT jihadis

Mar 2003: Nadimarg massacre – 24 Hindus (including 2 year old boy) shot dead by 3 LeT jihadis

May 2002: Kaluchak massacre – Pakistani jihadis attacked an Army camp killing 31, including  Army family members (10 children)

Dec 2001:  Parliament of Bharat attacked by LeT and JeM terrorists; 14 killed

Oct, 2001 : J&K legislative assembly car bombing by JeM killing 38

Dec, 2000: Red Fort Army camp attacked by LeT jihadis, killing 3 soldiers

Mar, 2000: Chittisinghpura massacre – 36 Sikhs killed by LeT jihadis.

The usual strong condemnations, vows to bring attackers to justice, and sabre rattling are meaningless. It is time to openly acknowledge that we are facing pure unadulterated jihad from Pakistan (the entire State, not just alleged non-State actors) and deal with it accordingly.

Sideline the usual suspects

Bharat has come full circle in dealing with Pakistan, ever since that nation adopted a policy of perpetual low-intensity conflict with us through cross-border terrorism starting from late 1980s.

For close to 30 years, we have gone through the entire gamut of responses ranging from talks, suspension of talks, limited war (i.e. Kargil, where Bharat did not cross over into Pakistan), track-2 ‘diplomacy’, people to people contacts (Aman ki Asha), appeasement (Gujral doctrine), cricket ‘diplomacy’, sending dossiers to Pakistan, joining hands with Pakistan for a ‘joint war on terror’ etc.

None of these options have deterred Pakistan from pursuing its policy of cross-border terror.

Still, we continue to have influential elements in our polity – from media, politics, bureaucracy and security policy ‘experts’ – who will peddle either one of the failed options listed above in response to Uri. These Intellectuals Yet Idiots (IYI – an apt term coined by Nassim Nicholas Taleb) have created the muddled thinking which has reduced our Pakistan policy to a joke.

Scan the newspaper headlines and you will realize that we first have to sideline this powerful fifth column who continue to keep us confused with their sly whispers. Media can’t even come to a common understanding on how to label the jihadis sent by Pakistan – why on earth are they referred as ‘militants’ by so many media outlets? Why do we continue to obfuscate the Islamic jihad religious motivation driving these attacks on Bharat? If we can’t even identify our enemy and its motivations clearly, how will we ever defeat them?

Media of Bharat reporting Uri jihadis as 'militants'

Here is the latest line which the IYI of Bharat are pushing –

Bobby Ghosh is editor-in-chief of Hindustan Times, and even Barkha Dutt has echoed his views. Many Pakistanis have picked up on this argument to speculate whether Uri was a false-flag operation conducted by Bharat itself to implicate Pakistan.

Muddying the waters & creating false equivalence is a specialty of Bharat’s IYI – you can expect the following arguments from them in the coming days- ‘Pakistan is a victim of terror too’, ‘These attacks must not deter us from talks’, ‘We must not do anything rash’, ‘Why did we provoke Pakistan with Balochistan?’ etc. The threat of a nuclear winter will be whispered in the background.

What we must do

Our political leadership needs to develop the mental strength to ignore the IYI crowd and take common sense steps to deal with Pakistan. The IYI gang like to project that the only two options to deal with Pakistan are : (1) engagement in spite of repeated terror attacks. (2) Outright war. As outright war between two nuclear nations is not advisable, it leaves us with only option (1) – says the IYI crowd.

But there is a third option – immediately cease all ties with Pakistan and declare it a ‘Terrorist State’. Recall our ambassador, send their ambassador back, suspend all talks indefinitely, seal the border, stop the Wagah rigmarole, snap all trade links, stop issuing visas to Pakistanis, impose a complete economic embargo on Pakistan.

This is not as radical as decades of conditioning by the IYI crowd makes it sound. Many countries have adopted this tactic to deal with those who are hell-bent on harming their national interest. The entire Cold War between US-USSR saw this tactic being used, and the West only thawed diplomatic & trade relations with Soviet bloc countries after USSR disintegrated. Iran and Israel have severed all links with each other since early 1990s. North and South Korea have negligible ties since Korea was divided in 1945. 

Unless there is a radical change in Pakistani Society, Army and Government (in that order), there is no point engaging with that nation at any level. We should continue to extend moral support to those elements within Pakistani society who are fighting Islamic radicalization and to those who are fighting for their human rights against the oppressive Pakistani Army-jihad industrial complex. 

Bharat is a vibrant democracy and this new policy would not mean any kind of clamp down on bleeding heart, head- -in-the-cloud liberals who peddle for ‘soft borders’ and ‘people to people’ contact with Pakistan. Such elements are free to spout their theories but they should be sidelined by the State, and treated as the loony wing they actually are. They can hold their mushairas, peace meetings etc in a third country or in Pakistan – but not at the taxpayer expense or with support from the State of Bharat. 


Snapping all ties with Pakistan is the first, immediate step that we need to take in response to Uri. Other options like military counter-measures can be employed at the appropriate time as deemed fit by our security forces. Our conflict with Pakistan will take decades to solve – it will be a war of attrition that will be fought on many fronts. We have to fight to win and defeat the radical Islamist forces that Pakistan represents. But the first step is to have complete clarity on the nature of the enemy & the existential threat it represents. 

Even a lightening counter strike to take out some terrorists camps in PoK to avenge Uri is pointless, if we don’t follow that up with the step of snapping all ties with Pakistan.

(Disclaimer: This article represents the opinions of the Author, and the Author is responsible for ensuring the factual veracity of the content. HinduPost will not be responsible for the accuracy, completeness, suitability, or validity of any information, contained herein.)


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