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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Asianet News uses Christians for vile anti-Hindu anti-Bharat propaganda in news debates

BJP MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar-owned Asianet News used Christian converts in Kerala to whitewash and defend their radical Islamist paymasters. Moderated by Vinu V John, the guests included KP Fabian, Bharat’s former ambassador to Qatar, PP Mathew, former editor of Sharjah-based Gulf Today, and local ‘journalist’ Regimon Kuttappan. To appear secular, they included political observer Sreejith Panickar in the panel. 

Kuttappan said that 85 lakh Bharatiyas work in the gulf, of which barely 5 lakh are Yousuf Ali (Lulu group) rich types. The rest are there to sweep and clean, it seems. Those housekeeping staffs have Arab supervisors. These supervisors will ask “are you Indian?” and when the reply is yes, the next question will be “are you a Hindu?” and if the reply is yes again, abuse will follow, he said.

Kuttappan’s rant was vile and was aimed at Hindus and the Sangh Parivar. All the Christian panelists agreed that what Nupur Sharma had said was wrong and that thousands of workers in gulf countries would lose their jobs over this issue.

Fabian began by stating that the central leadership in Delhi had let down Bharat in front of the Islamic world. Mathew said that ‘abuse of the Prophet’ is punishable by death in Pakistan and some African countries. He claimed that gulf countries like Qatar, Kuwait and Oman had boycotted goods from Bharat. He compared the same to the ban on Israeli, French and Danish products. 

Kuttappan claimed that a manager from Bharat told him that his Arab sponsor (who employs 200 from Bharat) had asked him to prepare a list of Hindu workers with BJP RSS radical connections and terminate them. Kuwaitis generally hate migrants and they spoke to him in an ‘unfriendly’ manner, Kuttappan added.

A Saudi social worker told him that Saudi Arabian sponsors and supervisors visited labor camps and enquired about the workers from Bharat who support BJP policies. Netizens later exposed him and asked him to reveal the names and identities of those who allegedly contacted him from foreign countries.

Kuttappan said that the Qataris approached a Christian who owns a gas agency and asked him about his religion. He replied that he was a Christian. The Qataris replied, okay, we are okay with you. They wanted to know whether Kuttapan’s Christian friend agreed with the policies of the BJP government, and the friend said no. Kuttappan then claimed that Saudi and Qatar do not prefer labor from Bharat since they have cheaper options from Muslim-brotherhood countries like Bangladesh and Pakistan!

Kuttappan opined that Qatari aggression resulted from the ‘immature and irresponsible’ statements of the BJP leaders. The vicious propaganda was that Christians from Bharat are not safe in gulf countries because of the Hindus back home.

Sreejith was under the impression that Asianet had invited him to speak about the Qatar Bharat geopolitics. Asianet moderator John began to interrupt as soon as he began. Kuttappan and John cut in several times, when Sreejith finally got time he denoted that the Bharatiya government had asked the Qataris and the OIC to indulge in themselves (in the kindest of words). 

Kuttappan became aggressive when Sreejith said that MF Hussain (who painted nude portraits and scribbled the names of Hindu Bhagvatis below them) fled Bharat when Hindus opposed it. Kuttappan stated that Qatar provided political asylum to the persecuted blasphemest, but Sreejith corrected him and said that providing asylum and nationality are not the same.

Sreejith reminded Kuttappan of what his leader said about the whole earth trembling when a huge tree fell back in 1984. Sreejith asked the panelists to check with Islamist pandits about the veracity of Nupur’s statements. But moderator John never allowed him to continue.

Journalists in Kerala have now become mere pawns in the hands of their Arab paymasters. Self-proclaimed journalists like Kuttappan know that the Congress is on its way down and are now scrambling to join the Qatar-based paymasters. They now use blatant lies.

Journalists in Kerala are well known for their anti-BJP rants, but now it borders on anti-Hinduism and anti-nationalism. They openly incite communal violence, and things might go out of hand unless the state steps in. Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan has his hands full of dollars and gold controversies and would rather see the state burn than step down from power.

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