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Monday, June 5, 2023

Thai Hindus protest Hindu-bashing article in Bangkok Post written by NYT ‘journalists’

Dear Editor – Bangkok Post,

In your Monday 28th February 2022, you have printed a very virulent article – “India’s Hate Speech Problem” purportedly written by – Mujib Mashaal, Suhasini Raj and Hari Kumar.

This is an extremely one-sided article written against a nation and people who are traditionally and culturally connected with the Thai people and nation in a very positive manner.

Freedom of Expression (FOE) is just not a prerogative, it is a right and privilege that has to be exercised responsibly. In this instance, We are sure that the Bangkok Post was unaware of the one-sided exercise of FOE in this article otherwise as a responsible and mature publication it would definitely have invited alternate views.

In this letter and on behalf of all Bharatiye (Indians), we wish to provide the realistic picture of Bharat that these so-called journalists have hidden.

The writers –

  • Have concentrated all their diatribe based on one event in Haridwar, and they have not mentioned about the action taken, the “hate speech” speakers were booked and arrested almost immediately and FIR registered.
  • Have not spoken about “Owaisi” brothers hate speeches against the Hindus.
  • Have not spoken about the oppression and persecution of minority communities in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan
  • Have not spoken against the genocide and ethnic cleansing of Hindus from Kashmir – to note the Hindus are the original inhabitants of Kashmir since time immemorial
  • Have not spoken about one girl who could shout “Allah ho Akbar” against a group of Hindu youths and could walk safely to her school because of the Hindu culture and upbringing, they have not speculated on the outcome if it was a lone Hindu girl shouting “Jai Shree Ram” in the midst of Muslim Youths as this would go against their narrative
  • Have not spoken about the second largest Majority in Bharat (India), defines itself as persecuted minority and alongwith the Naxals (brothers of convenience) has been involved in the most violent expressions of FOE, listed below since 1990

➢    1990 – ethnic cleansing, rape and murder Hindus in Kashmir Valley

➢    1993 – Mumbai bomb blasts

➢    1998 – Coimbatore bomb blasts

➢    2001 – Godhra burning incident

➢    2002 – Akshardam attack

➢    2002 – Jammu Attack

➢    2003 – Mumbai blasts

➢    2005 – Ayodhya attack

➢    2005 – Jaunpur bombing

➢    2005 – Delhi Blasts

➢    2005 – IISc attack

➢    2006 – Varanasi bombing

➢    2006 – Mumbai train bombings

➢    2008 – Jaipur attacks

➢    2008 – Rampur attack

➢    2008 – Bengaluru bomb blasts

➢    2008 – Agartala attack

➢    2008 – Imphal attack

➢    2008 – Assam attack

➢    2008 – Mumbai attack

➢    2009 – Guwahati blasts

➢    2009 – Assam blasts

➢    2009 – Pune bombing

➢    2010 – Varanasi bombing

➢    2011 – Mumbai bombing

➢    2011 – Delhi bombing

➢    2012 – Pune blasts

➢    2013 – Hyderabad blasts

➢    2013 – Srinagar blasts

➢    2013 – Bengaluru blasts

➢    2013 – Srinagar attack

➢    2013 – Bodh Gaya bombings

➢    2013 – Patna bombing

➢    2013 – Jalpaiguri bombing

➢    2014 – Budgam blast

➢    2015 – Gurdaspur attack

➢    2016 – Pampore attack

➢    2016 – Uri attack

➢    2017 – Amarnath yatra attack

➢    2019 – Pulwama attack

➢    2020 – Delhi riots

  • Have not spoken about public disturbance caused by Azaan on loudspeakers 5 times a day when with today’s technology an app could have done the duty with less intrusion and dis-harmony.
  • Have not spoken about public spaces being blocked for Friday’s Namaz especially when the Waqf board is one of Bharat (India)’s largest land-owner after the GOI
  • Have not spoken of the fatwas issued and executed against Hindu’s exercising their FOE while the boycott of a third grade comedian denigrating Hinduism is treated as serious international incident while planned murder of Hindus are trivialized as incidents.
  • Have not spoken about protection of rights of 50% Muslim population by revoking instant triple talaq.
  • Have not spoken of the “pro-choice pro-hijab” protest that is a fundamentalist ploy for future subjugation of Muslim women.
  • Have not spoken of the fact that the Muslim population that was 10% in 1947 in Bharat now exceeds 15% in 2021, while the Minority population in the former parts of Bharat has reduced – in Pakistan from 10% to less than 3% and in Bangladesh from 24% to less than 8%, due to murder, rape and forced conversions.
  • Have not spoken of the fact that the CAA that was to relieve the beleaguered minorities was opposed by the Muslims – while they want violent Muslims (Rohingyas) to be resettled in Bharat. To note even in Bangladesh, a Muslim country – the Rohingyas are kept in barbed wire camps.
  • Have not spoken of the fact that no Bharatiya Muslim seeks asylum in any Muslim nation – apart from some criminals and terrorists – who have been given asylum in neighboring Islamic nation.
  • Have not spoken of the fact that Muslims seek refuge in Bharat from neighboring Islamic countries. They have a choice of 50+ Islamic countries in the world, yet they choose to cross the border into Bharat?
  • Have not spoken of the fact that the Bharat’s constitution gives special rights and privileges to minorities that are not applicable to the majority.
  • Have not spoken of the fact that the minorities want conversions in Bharat to be one way, – from Hinduism and not – into Hinduism and have passed fatwa against the converts and at times publicly executed them.
  • Have not spoken of the fact that this is one of the only nations in the world where all sects of Islam and Christianity live at peace with each other, freely practice their faith because Bharat is a Hindu majority and believe in the “Law of the Land”

The Authors of this article Mujib Mashal, Suhasini Raj and Hari Kumar are not independent journalists but employed by NYT and are based in New Delhi. NYT in the recent past is known for its venomous anti-Hindu and anti-Bharat articles.

Bangkok Post is a respectable and influential publication, while accepting that everyone has a right to express their views – when such inflammatory articles are published, we expect the BP to also give opportunity for views by eminent journalists/writers such as Vikram Sampath, Sai Deepak, Rajiv Malhotra, Arti Agarwal to present a factual view of the situation in Bharat.

While we express our strong objection to the one-sided views expressed by the writers, we do look forward to a very balanced and factual presentation of the situation as per the best practices of journalism,

Thanking you,

Executive Committee

Vishwa Hindu Parishad Association Thailand

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