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Sunday, December 3, 2023

Swara Bhasker goes on abusive Hinduphobic rant over criticism of Urdu poem

A poem by Pakistani poet Faiz titled ‘Hum Dekhenge’ being read out in IIT Kanpur during an anti-CAA protest was objected to by an IIT faculty on grounds that the poem was communal and anti-Bharat. A complaint has been lodged to the institute’s director along with video evidence.

As per latest updates, the IIT director had set up a committee to look into the complaint and the deputy director had sent an email to all students to not make inflammatory speeches. A journalist shared the video of the event which was ostensibly held in ‘solidarity with Jamia’ –

But what took many on Twitter aback was actress Swara Bhasker’s abusive tirade in response to the above tweet –

This is the English translation of what Bhasker tweeted in Urdu/Hindi –

“Illiterate Sanghi (pejorative term used for those affiliated to RSS). How will they recognize Faiz ‘sahab’ after all – If they were really educated, their minds would not be filled with cow-dung of hate!!! (yes, now along with cow-urine list the qualities of cow-dung as well)”

While left-liberals of every hue hurl abuses at ‘Sanghis’ at the drop of a hat, the ‘Gau-mutra’ slur shows a clear Hinduphobic mind as the cow is dear to all practising Hindus. This slur resonates with the what Adil Ahmad Dar, the brainwashed Jaish-e-Mohammed jihadi who carried out the Pulwama suicide bombing, had said in a video recorded before his ‘martyrdom’ –

“O, you impure mushrik (non-believers) of Hindustan, listen carefully. You cow-piss drinkers do not stand a chance against us.

Painting Hindus as regressive, backward and in urgent need of ‘reform’ is something the Anglicized and Urduized liberal Hindu (in name only) strongly believes in. Hence this mindset is reflected in most liberal vocations like ad industry, artists etc.

Swara Bhasker is the daughter of Commodore Chitrapu Uday Bhasker, a retired Indian Navy officer who is currently the Director of Society for Policy Studies – a New Delhi think-tank, and Ira Bhasker, a professor of cinema studies in Jawaharlal Nehru University. Swara Bhasker too is a JNU alumnus. Incidentally, Mr. Bhasker too has taken a stance against CAA and the proposed nationwide NRC, going to the extent of supporting the Islamist politician Asaduddin Owaisi ‘sahab’.

Faiz’s poem was also tweeted last year by Afra Khanum Sherwani, a Hinduphobic journalist and AMU alumna, in reaction to ex-President Pranab Mukherjee’s visit to RSS headquarters in Nagpur.

What is Faiz’s poem about?

Faiz Ahmad Faiz (1911 – 84) was a Pakistani Marxist, poet, and author in Urdu. As a child, he studied Islamic studies at the local mosque and learned Arabic, Persian and the Quran. He graduated with Honors in Arabic language, under the supervision of the same Professor who had taught the pro-partition poet & ideologue Muhammad Iqbal. Faiz joined the British Army during World War 2, and at the time of partition chose to move to Pakistan.

He promoted the communist cause in Pakistan, and was close to Pakistan PM Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. When Bhutto was deposed after a coup by military dictator Zia-ul-Haq, Faiz left Pakistan and penned the poem ‘Hum Dekhenge’ in 1979 while in USA.

Image credit: @onkarmantra

The poem draws upon Islamic imagery to offer a thinly-veiled criticism of Zia’s dictatorship. It begins by talking of a revolution against oppressive tyranny. It then talks about something which resonates with every Muslim heart – the removal of ‘false idols/deities’ from Kaaba and the establishment of monotheism i.e. worship of Allah alone.

Kaaba is the most sacred site in Islam, a cuboid building at the center of Islam’s most important mosque, Great Mosque of Mecca, Saudi Arabia. It earlier housed idols of Hubal and other gods worshipped in pre-Islamic Arabia, particularly by the Quraysh tribe. In 624 CE, the Quraysh fought followers of Islamic prophet Muhammad at Badr. After defeating the Quraysh, Muhammad entered Mecca in 630 and removed idols of all ‘pagan gods’, ending what Muslims called the jahiliya (ignorance) prevalent in Arabia at the time.

Likewise, Faiz’s poem talks about throwing away ‘false idols’, re-establishing rule of the ‘pure-hearted’ and of only the name of Allah surviving.

While communists the world over treat religion as an impediment to the utopian classless society their ideology strives for, it is instructive that a Muslim communist like Faiz decided to use such deeply religious imagery to stir the Pakistani masses to rise up against Zia-ul-haq’s Islamist dictatorship.

Whatever the context of Faiz’s poem, it is clearly a call to revolt and establish a utopian Islamic society. Hence, it is natural for knowledgable Hindus to take offence, even if we ignore questions like why a law democratically passed by parliament to offer citizenship to persecuted minorities from our Islamic neighbours is drawing calls for ‘revolution’?

Further proof of the anti-Hindu nature of the CAA-NRC ‘protests’ emerged at the Bengaluru protest when the sacred Hindu symbol of OM (ॐ) was presented as the Nazi hooked cross along with the words ‘F**k Hindutva’ – in the past the Swastik symbol has been misrepresented by Islamists to create Hindus=Nazis imagery, but this appears to be the first time OM has been desecrated.

Swara Bhasker’s tweet also reveals the mindset of left-liberal elites who consider Urdu and English literature to be more refined, cultured and aspirational compared to that in any Bharatiya language like Hindi, Tamil, Bengali etc.

Such tweets display the blatant double-standards in play when the same elites criticize Hindus for being ‘majoritarian’ and ‘communal’ for merely displaying Hanuman stickers on cars, but want us to ignore chants for “Only Allah’s name will remain” which believers of such Islamic fundamentals openly interpret as motivation to carry out their anti-Hindu attacks.

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