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Friday, June 2, 2023

Culture Ministry flags The New Indian Express’ misleading report on ‘racial purity’ study, Rahul Gandhi peddles false propaganda

Recently, The New Indian Express published a misleading report insinuating that the Bharatiya government’s Ministry of Culture (MoC) was about to conduct a ‘racial purity’ study of Bharat’s citizens. As is their wont, Congress peddled the same false propaganda using the TNIE report.

Rahul Gandhi furthered the propaganda despite the fact that the Ministry had already flagged the report as misleading. The article also said that the Ministry was acquiring state-of-the-art DNA profiling kits and machines to trace the genetic history and ‘purity’ of races in the country.

In this regard, OpIndia reports:

The ‘Purity of Races’ angle in the article comes from the quote of Prof. Vasant Shinde, who serves as the adjunct professor at the National Institute of Advanced Studies in Bengaluru. Shinde notes that his team wants to study the mutation and mixing of genes that has happened in the last 10,000 years. While genetic mutation talks about the interaction of Indians with other populations of the world, studying the same will give us a clear-cut idea of our genetic history.

In the TNIE article, the news of the investigation to trace the genetic history of the Indian population was conflated with researchers studying the ‘purity’ of races in India. While the concept of ‘race’ remains purely a social concept and has no biological basis, purity here meant tracing the origins of DNA haplogroups among the Indian population. The deliberate contestation of the two led quite a stir among readers who were perplexed at the unscientific claims of the article. Soon, The Ministry of culture categorically dismissed the article as ‘misleading’…

…Noted Genetic Scientist Neeraj Rai has lashed out at The New Indian Express for deliberatively publishing a misleading article. Describing the article as ‘mischievous’, he said he is upset about his research being described as studying “racial purity”. DNA research has great potential for improving our understanding of human health and history and should not be used to support discriminatory ideas, he added…

…Author and economist Sanjeev Sanyal, who has written several books on Indian history and geography, has noted that this is a classic case of deliberately misleading a scientific study. “Archaeo-genetics is a well-established field and attempts to trace the human journey. If anything it establishes that there is no such thing as “pure race”. Indeed, we are not even a “pure” species,” he wrote.

However, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi used the report to target the Modi government despite the fact that it had already been labeled factually incorrect. Gandhi used this as an opportunity to indirectly imply that the Culture Ministry was repeating Hitler’s policy of racial profiling and purity. Using a misleading article to simply score political brownie points is another low that Congress has hit.

The Ministry termed the report misleading, mischievous, and contrary to facts. Its statement also said that the Anthropological Survey of India (AnSI) proposal merely deals with upgrading the existing DNA lab in Kolkata to next-generation sequencing facilities for certain ongoing projects.

It is apparent that Rahul Gandhi deliberately chose the misleading report to vitiate the atmosphere. His aim seems to have been to capitalize on the fake news alleging ‘racial purity’ research and thereby polarize sentiments.

“Prior to Shri Gandhi’s tweet (probably from somewhere abroad), the Ministry of Culture, GoI had already flagged this article as ‘misleading’. Is he oblivious to this or has he intentionally chosen to further propagate such fake news?”, Culture Minister G Kishan Reddy tweeted.

(Featured Image Source: OpIndia)

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