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Monday, April 15, 2024

Bloomsbury saga shows Indian liberals are hopelessly colonised, morally corrupt and dangerously anti-Hindu

‘Delhi Riots 2020: The Untold Story’, a book written by 3 authors – Supreme Court lawyer Monika Arora, and DU Professors Sonali Chitalkar and Prerna Malhotra – has been withdrawn by Bloomsbury India, the Indian arm of a major UK publishing house.

A factual account about the riots based on investigation and interviews conducted by the authors, the book was going to be released in September and was already available for pre-order on e-commerce site Amazon. The official reason offered by Bloomsbury for the withdrawal – “A virtual pre-publication launch organised without their knowledge, with participation by parties of whom the Publishers would not have approved.”

So what was it about this virtual launch event which triggered the outrage among left-liberals and Islamists? The presence of BJP and ex-AAP leader Kapil Mishra – who has been anointed as the ‘villain’ of the Delhi riots by this lynch mob ever since he made a speech demanding police clear blockades by anti-CAA protestors in North East Delhi to prevent more Shaheen Baghs from inconveniencing citizens.

This frothing-at-the-mouth cabal expects the rest of us to forget:

  • The incendiary speeches made from December onwards (ever since CAA was passed by Parliament) by likes of AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan, ‘activist’ Harsh Mander, ‘student leader’ Sharjeel Imam, sundry speakers at Shaheen Bagh, PFI radicals across the country and many more.
  • The anti-CAA violence and threatening mass protests which the country witnessed at hands of Islamist mobs across the country – UP, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Rajasthan to name a few.
  • The clear-cut evidence of Muslim mobilization before the anti-CAA riots erupted to coincide with Trump’s visit: the sling-shot frames installed, and molotov cocktails, stones and other projectiles amassed on Muslim rooftops. The money trail unearthed by ED and others showing crores being funnelled to ‘protest’ sites.
  • The first-hand accounts of shocked Hindus who faced rampaging Muslim mobs, forcing many to abandon their houses and escape, and some of whom were callously turned away by Muslim MLAs of their areas when they pleaded for help. The reports of minor Hindu girls returning from tuition being disrobed, assaulted and sent home naked.
  • The video of AAP corporator Tahir Hussain leading a rioting mob from the terrace of his house.
  • Confessions of Tahir Hussain, Jamia students Asif Iqbal Tanha and Meeran Haider and others about the Islamist rage and planning behind the Delhi riots.
  • The lynching of constable Ratan Lal and ACP Amit Sharma by violent anti-CAA mobs, including burqa-clad women – all of it captured on camera.
  • The image of murdered IB staffer Ankit Sharma, with his hand sticking out of the sewer behind Tahir Hussain’s house where his body was dumped.
  • List of 53 dead which includes both Hindus and Muslims.

So try as they might, the cabal and their international backers cannot paint the Delhi riots as a ‘Muslim pogrom’. And this inability to impose their narrative on others, to make their version as the only acceptable truth, is driving them mad with rage.

The truth is that Bloomsbury agreeing to publish this book was an anomaly. As Sanjeev Sanyal, Kanchan Gupta, Vamsee Juluri and others have explained, the publishing industry is dominated (much like academia, arts, cinema) by those who view the world through a Western, liberal-secular lens. In this world, ‘Hindu’ is a dirty word.

One of the leading members of the lynch mob that ensured Bloomsbury withdrew from publishing ‘Delhi Riots 2020: The Untold Story’ has been revealed to be the Scottish ‘historian’ William Dalrymple, a known Mughal apologist and a shining example of the neo-colonial Sahib who still believes he knows what’s best for the natives. A director of the annual left-liberal jamboree, the Jaipur Literature festival, Dalrymple was recently caught trying to whitewash the colonial-era abduction, sex slavery and forced conversion of a minor Hindu girl.

But who allows the likes of Dalrymple to come to Bharat, negate our history and lecture us on morals? The India liberal elite. This rootless class consisting mostly of prosperous, self-alienated Hindus, is so utterly in love with Western constructs and ideologies that their hatred for Hindu Dharma and Hindus has crossed all bounds. All that matters to them is their self-image as emancipated, liberal beings.

Sample this tweet from 2010 by Rajiv Beri, Managing Director of Bloomsbury India, who was formerly MD, Macmillan Publishers India (Beri’s twitter account is now protected) –

If the 26/11 attacks of a little over an year ago at the time could be forgotten and forgiven by Beri and others of his ilk, what hope is of their ever empathising with Hindus being driven out of their ancestral lands by belligerent Islamists and hounded by the Christian conversion mafia? As long as they can live comfortably in their personal bubbles while seeking libertarian utopia, the world is one family and life is good for them.

For long, we Hindus, especially our leaders, have held on to the hope that these elites can be reasoned with, that their minds can be opened up to the ground reality of anti-Hindu and anti-Bharat forces who pose an existential threat to all of us. But it is time to abandon this false hope. The liberal Hindu lives in a parallel universe, having burnt whatever bridges which connected them to the lives of ordinary Hindus. We are no different than laboratory specimens to them – to be treated and tested with new theories, to change our fundamental form.

The liberal, Westernised Hindu elite’s hold on our institutions must be ended for the project of decolonising the Hindu mind to begin in right earnest. Only then can Dharma survive and prosper, and our civilisation regain its rightful place in the world.

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