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Barkha Dutt hits new low for sensationalist coverage of Covid-19 second wave surge

Barkha Dutt, a leading member of the Lutyens cabal, has time and again been caught peddling anti-national agenda for which she was even pulled up by the judiciary. The judiciary had made scathing observations against her when she put the lives of NSG (National Security Guards) on the line by telecasting the operation live when Islamist terrorists from Pakistan attacked Mumbai in 2008.

Now, as the country is faced with the second wave of the Chinese Virus, Dutt parked herself outside crematoriums in what appears to be an attempt to revamp her almost dead career and make the most of the opportunity to regain her lost reputation. She has been sharing images of Hindu funerals and family members of dead Chinese Virus victims.

In one of her tweets posted on 18 April, Dutt said:

Among toughest moments I’ve reported ever, waiting with families at a mortuary in Civil Hospital, Surat, as they’re instructed to identify bodies wheeled up a ramp, to be taken away then for COVID protocol funerals. No goodbye hug, no touch, just- “He’s mine” from afar.

Her tweets are a clear indication that Dutt is carefully trying to rebrand herself and indulge in tragedy porn in the name of journalism. In doing so, Dutt has also turned a personal tragedy into propaganda. Dutt is using her father’s death as a chance to spew venom at PM Modi-led Bharatiya government. This is another drama on her part along with the one she has been playing by using bins, tin cans, and cardboard boxes as desks in her ‘ground report’ images.

Dutt has hit a new low by using her father’s death to peddle her anti-Modi agenda. However, her own tweets and Twitter conversations as well as tweets by alert Twitterattis have caught Dutt’s lies and given away her agenda. Dutt has been going around giving interviews to international channels in an attempt to blame the administration and Central Government for her father’s death. However, dig a little deeper and read between the lines of her Twitter conversations and a different picture will emerge and Dutt will have to answer several questions.

Conversation b/w Dutt & Tyagi showing’s Dutt’s father’s hesitancy to get treated. PC: Barkha Dutt Twitter Account

Read between the lines of this conversation and one would learn that Dutt’s father was hesitant to get treated and even feared that he would fall more ill rather than recovering. This begs the question as to whether this hesitancy arose from the negativity spread by his own daughter. Moreover, couldn’t this hesitancy have actually delayed the treatment thereby proving to be fatal?

Also, note how Tyagi points out that her parents had been hospitalized on time and supplies had been procured easily while additionally noting that a delay by even one week could’ve proven costly. A look at the sequence of events would raise doubts about Dutt’s statements to the international media insinuating the government.

By her own admission, on 21 April Dutt said that her father had been admitted to Medanta Hospital and was in safe hands.

PC: Barkha Dutt Twitter Account
PC: Barkha Dutt Twitter Account

A couple of days after the death of her father, in an interview with Kim Brunhuber of CNN, Dutt stated, “My father’s last words to me were I am choking. Please give me treatment. And I tried my best. Even being a journalist, who knows doctors and can pay for the best private medical treatment. The private ambulance that ferried him to the hospital had an oxygen cylinder that did not work.”

She added, “It got delayed because there is no green corridor for the ambulances in the city in the Capital eve now. By the time we reached the hospital because the oxygen (cylinder) had failed/faltered, his levels had fallen precipitously. He had to be taken into the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). He never made it back.”

Dutt also said “I feel personally orphaned today. With my father gone both my parents are now dead. I have nobody left. I feel alone. But what about those who are the orphans of the Indian state?”

It is an undeniable fact that Dutt has been using a personal tragedy to spin tales of government failure in keeping with her agenda. Medanta is a world-class hospital, therefore it is highly impossible that there were shortages. In fact, Medanta is all set to establish a Covid care facility in the unused lawyers’ chambers on the apex court’s premises. Would a hospital facing shortages be able to fulfill such a demand?

It has now emerged that Dutt had been lying about the shortage of oxygen in the ambulance. A video put out by The Pulse suggests that Dutt’s allegation to CNN’s Kim where she claimed that the ambulance had no oxygen may not be true.

The video put out by The Pulse has the ambulance driver Sonu confirming that there was no shortage of oxygen in the ambulance and that Dutt herself had checked the oxygen supply. He further claimed that Dutt wanted to know why there was a big cylinder in a small ambulance. Dutt is even said to have interrupted the journey several times to check the oxygen supply. He said that they reached the hospital without any difficulty and were accompanied by two of Dutt’s vehicles in addition to her father’s caretaker.

Sonu claimed “I had even stood outside the emergency department for 15-20 minutes. The patient also got down from the ambulance without any difficulty. I had personally carried the patient from the first floor of his house to the ambulance. Why is she lying? I had shown her that the mask, oxygen cylinder were working properly. There were several witnesses including Barkha Dutt’s two drivers and a security guard. I am not lying.”

PC: Barkha Dutt’s Twitter Account

Many people did point out to Barkha that her father had received the best of treatments to which she retorted that she was questioning the government and not frontline workers. Even if she was questioning the government, then shouldn’t she have been asking questions of Arvind Kejriwal’s government?

Instead of replying to questions by genuine users, Dutt conveniently uses the “trolls” jibe rather than answering. However, it is too much to expect morality and accountability who rushed to interview a slain terrorist’s ‘headmaster father’.

PC: Barkha Dutt’s Twitter Account

The entire sequence of events as confirmed by Barkha Dutt from her tweets shows that her father was hesitant to get admitted on 20 April but the very next day was receiving the best of treatments at the top-notch Medanta Hospital. If he was on a ventilator on 24 why would he say he was choking and needed treatment on 27 April (the day he passed away)?

These are questions Dutt must answer rather than resorting to jibes such as “right-wing trolls” etc. Furthermore, she must also clarify if her father had taken the vaccination. It must be pointed out here that 88-year-old Manmohan Singh, the former PM & senior Congress leader was recently discharged after testing positive for the Chinese Virus. Singh had received both the doses of the Covid vaccine and his recuperating indicates the effectiveness of being vaccinated.

There are many important questions that Dutt’s interview to international media and tweets raise making one suspect her motive. She has been caught turning a personal tragedy into propaganda and considering her contempt for PM Modi, there seems to be a sinister plan behind her using her grief as a weapon against the Central  Government.

There are too many unanswered questions and several doubts that Dutt needs to answer.

(Source: ANI tweet)

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