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Sunday, May 19, 2024

A young media reporter claims she was not paid for LDF’s election PR work in North Kerala

Information emerged that funds were embezzled by journalists who did Public Relations (PR) work for the Communist Party of India-led Left Democratic Front (LDF) during the elections. A journalist revealed she was not paid for her work, which is now creating a controversy.

Aparna Sen, a former anchor of Reporter Channel (owned, managed and edited by Hindu-hating communist Hindus In Name Only (HINOs), is the alleged mastermind behind the scam.

Media reporter Mangad Linisha made this profound revelation against Sen. The junior reporter who has worked with News 18 Kerala revealed that they cheated her by not paying her for PR work related to the Lok Sabha elections. Sen had approached Linisha to do PR for the Left parties.

Linisha said that she was not provided with a cameraperson. She was instructed to hire someone at her own risk when needed. Later, Sen did not give Linisha her salary, saying she did not receive the promised party funds. Linisha disclosed on social media that Aparna had cheated the party and her comrades.

Linisha disclosed this through a Facebook post on 30 April. The 2024 Indian general election was held in Kerala on 26 April 2024 to elect 20 members of the 18th Lok Sabha. 

Tomorrow, 1 May, is International Workers’ Day (Labour Day/May Day). In solidarity with the workers of all countries, I felt I should say something to my dear colleagues and friends, especially my media friends. Aparna Sen, who previously worked at Reporter Channel, first contacted me on 10 January through an acquaintance. Before this, I only knew her (Sen) as an anchor on a Reporter channel and social media.

Sen told Linisha she was handling PR work for LDF for the election and asked if I could participate. Sen informed us that the LDF gave her the PR for three constituencies: Kasargod, Kannur, and Vadakara (North Kerala).

Five days later, on 15 January, I also became a part of it (PR campaign), and on that day, I was introduced to a man named Sonal Santhosh, the company’s Managing Director. The company was said to be managed by Aparna Sen, Santhosh, and Govind.

The first problem I faced was being alone in a parliamentary constituency. They said there would be a camera team, but no one came. I constantly asked but was told to call someone at my own risk when necessary.

From then on, everything was done according to their instructions. Right from the beginning, I told Aparna and Sonal that there were problems with the poster design and video, but they did not give me the proper working atmosphere and equipment. I also mentioned the issues to the party.

Naturally, those who entrusted the work pointed out these quality issues. The senior comrades in Kannur told them they were not satisfied with it. But when it came to us, this quality problem became our problem.

I did not get an answer when asked how to promote without even a cameraperson. The question of how to work with only one laptop in seven assembly constituencies also remained unanswered. Twice, I called a cameraman at my own risk.

After a month, two members of the Kannur team withdrew when they realized that they could not cooperate with the team management. Later in March, I also resigned. They (Sen) said that the party did not give the funds, and now they cannot give the salary. I was also in the hospital at the time with a ligament problem in my leg.

Not only the salary but also the office rent has not been paid yet. I am in a situation where I have to appease debtors and the cameraman while lying in the hospital.

When I asked for my salary, they blocked me on WhatsApp and said they would pay me when they got the money. The last answer I got was that there was nothing else they could do. But I am facing huge issues on my own.

In the Kasaragod constituency, Sen’s team is called Mission 20. Even when no one was working, Sen claimed four people were working and took the money. When I watched posts and comments (on social media), I saw all the party comrades greeting her with Lal Salam.

To you, dear comrades. They have betrayed not only me but the party and my comrades.

To point this out, I have written to Comrade Satheesh Chandran KP, Kasargod Constituency Committee Chairman. I do not know if any action has been taken. It is not that I can change the world with my salary.

I am writing this post because I feel that it is a big problem that my comrades still believe in them. We should be wary of such characters.

NB: I still have one of their laptops with me. If I get the money, I am ready to give it back.

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