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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Liberals and Islamists join hands out of anti-Hindu animus to target CJI Bobde

CJI Bobde is the latest target of the Islamist and liberal cabal combined. While some are bothered simply because being a Hindu he has visited a temple and prostrated before Bhagwan, others are upset that he dared to sit atop a fancy motobike.

The video of CJI at the temple was posted by one Syed Usman who seemed to be extremely bothered by the fact that Shri Bobde chose to express his devotion as many Hindus do. Some of the replies to the tweet are downright disgusting. Some people were upset when PM Modi said that ‘rioters could be identified from their dresses’; well, these Islamist bigots can be clearly identified from their language.

One Michelle Maxon contemptuously opined that prostrating like this meant subservience which was the source of several problems that the country was facing – “Indians really need to get rid of this mentality of worshiping and losing their spine” was her view.

Others passed nastier comments like ‘cheap justice’. There were also Twitteratis who wanted to know if Bobde was prostrating before Amit Shah or Savarkar.

There were also the regular jibes of ‘bhakt’ or ‘sanghi’.


If anyone still had any doubts about why a profound Dharmic word like ‘bhakt’ has been turned into a pejorative political jibe, this should clear up the acute anti-Hindu bigotry behind it.

For all these Islamists a Justice Kurian being a devout Christian or a Hamid Ansari being a devout Muslim is acceptable but a Hindu practising his religion is troublesome. If double standards had a face it would probably look like Islamists or their so-called liberal friends.

Talking of liberals, CJI Bobde seems to have caused them some heartburn as well. PIL star and alleged lawyer Prashant Bhushan was frothing at the mouth after seeing a photo of the CJI sitting on a Harley Davidson bike. Ranting about the CJI ‘riding’ the bike without mask or helmet, in his blind hatred he even forgot to notice that one cannot ride a bike which is parked on its stand.

For the record, CJI Bobde was merely checking out the Harley Davidson bike and did not ask for his photo to be taken.

Unsurprisingly, liberal outlet The Print agreed entirely with Bhushan’s rant against the CJI – making Bhushan out to be some public-spirited crusader at a time when people are ‘being swayed by powerful people being photographed with swanky things.’

What Prashant Bhushan is really riled up about is that the veto over socio-political legal issues he and others of his ilk like Sibal, Dave, Dhawan, Jaising, Hegde, Grover thought was their birth-right, no longer exists. While they still exercise an outsize influence on the country’s judiciary and manage to get fast-track access to the highest courts, they are outraged that some recent decisions like Ram Mandir, Justice Loya, Rafael case etc. have not gone in their favour.

This jet-setting elite lawyer cabal which manipulates the legal ecosystem, and shills for all sorts of foreign-funded special interests, cannot digest that a nationalist government with a mind of its own is refusing to toe their line, and that the judiciary they are accustomed to browbeating is refusing to encroach into the executive domain on every matter at their bidding. Ex-CJI Ranjan Gogoi has revealed how this lobby tries to pressurize and manipulate judges with impunity.

The likes of Prashant Bhushan and Harsh Mander believe they are above the law. They can berate any institution they want, commit contempt of court and get away with it…and they have, till now. One hopes that at least now the judiciary recognises the danger posed by this legal lobby undermining the country from within, and takes them to task.

Every Bharatiya citizen has been granted the fundamental right to practice one’s religion by Article 25 of the Constitution. If it applies to Hamid Ansari and Justice Kurian, then there is no reason why CJI Bobde should be exempted from such a right.

At the same time, the judiciary should realise that the secular state has no business frivolously interfering with religious practises of the majority like it tried to do by completely banning the Puri Ratha Yatra, and that it is time to reform Articles 25-30 of the Constitution to grant equal rights to Hindus as enjoyed by the minorities. The judiciary must recognise the civilisational roots of this country and reform their overly-Westernised outlook.

What an individual does in his personal space cannot and should not be dictated by others. Why should it be anybody’s concern whether CJI Bobde goes to temples or prostrates before a Devi-Devata of his choice as long as he is objective in delivering justice?

(Featured Image Source: Twitter)

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