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Saturday, August 20, 2022

11 days after authorities asked Twitter to remove terror outfit Tehreek-e-Taliban India’s account, it still remains active

An account in the name Tehreek-e-Taliban India (TTI) was opened on Twitter last month and posted its first tweet on February 9. A quick glance at the account’s timeline leave no doubt that it is a terrorist group that wants to wage a ‘war of liberation’ in Bharat. By February 12, there were reports that Bharat’s law enforcement agencies had asked Twitter to shut down this account.

Yet, 11 days later, the account is still active on the US-based social media platform.

In fact, TTI themselves have put out two tweets on the communication they received from Twitter after objections were raised by Bharatiya law enforcement. The screenshots of communication from Twitter were mockingly shared by TTI with threats to the ‘fascist Indian government’-


For the uninitiated, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) is an offshoot of the Islamic terror factory created by Pakistan in its tribal areas adjacent to Afghanistan. Ironically, TTP has now turned on the same Pakistan state which spawned it.

TTI is clearly inspired from TTP, although they tried to obfuscate in a tweet, “Taliban is a common name. And it has nothing to do with the Taliban in Afghanistan or Pakistan. The Indian Taliban is made up of Muslim scholars. And created for peace in India and Kashmir. And so far thousands of Indian and Kashmiri Muslims have joined it”.

With the ‘map’ they have shared of Bharat along with this tweet, they couldn’t have made their intentions any clearer.

Another tweet talks of an impending announcement of the emir (leader) of TTI. The attached image promotes the ongoing ‘hijab in classroom’ demand stoked by PFI. “Hijab is Haya, Haya is Emaam” (Hijab is modest, modesty is faith) “We can die but we can’t surrender”, “Allahu Akbar”, “We Stand with Girls in Hijab” are slogans on the banner that shows a group of women clad in black-grey burqas and niqab.

Another tweet is standard jihadi rhetoric on “fighting polytheists and unbelievers” (like Hindus) to “bring them out of darkness” and “exalt God’s (Allah’s) word and make it supreme in the whole world”. It provides an unadulterated meaning of what ‘jihad’ means to the groups who live and die by it, and not the watered down meaning told by terror apologists. Just to make their message even more clear, TTI has helpfully attached an image of gun-toting men.

TTI has also retweeted a tweet by an official of the Afghan Taliban government, glorifying Mullah Mohammad Omar, the Taliban founder who became the head of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan after Taliban first seized power in 1996. Omar had allowed Osama Bin Laden to operate his Al Qaeda terror camps in Afghanistan.

It is staggering that the Government of Bharat has allowed this flagrant violation of our laws and sovereignty by TTI and Twitter to go unpunished for so many days! Nations across the world are cracking down on big tech firms and levying significant fines for relatively minor infractions of their sovereign laws.

What is Bharat waiting for? Why haven’t MeitY, I&B ministries and security agencies cracked the whip on Twitter yet?

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  1. Following the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban’s hands, there has been a spike in terrorists and terror activities in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India & Bangladesh. Pakistan bears the brunt of it as reported in The New York Times:
    Amid a spike in terror attacks in recent months, Pakistan faces a tough decision: how much to help the new Taliban government in Afghanistan while contending with growing risks to its own citizens.

    The group’s rule in Kabul has emboldened the Pakistani Taliban, which has extorted traders and senior government officials with threats, and killed scores of police officers. But Pakistani officials stress that a stable Afghanistan is essential for a stable Pakistan.

    “Is there a chance that if the Taliban government is squeezed, there could be a change for the better? No.” Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan said in an interview this month.

    Some analysts say such views are overly optimistic now that the U.S. is no longer a major counterterrorism partner there — and, reflecting the country’s dilemma, Pakistan has not diplomatically recognized the Afghan Taliban.

    Rising attacks: Pakistan witnessed a 42 percent increase in terrorist attacks in 2021 compared with the previous year, according to the Pak Institute of Peace Studies, based in Islamabad, with a significant surge after Kabul fell. The report noted that the takeover had made it harder for Pakistan to stamp out militant activity at home. [Source: The NYT, Feb.23.2022]
    Pakistan Govt. has to make a compromising deal with TTP [Teherek-e-Taliban of Pakistan] to maintain its survival and maintain a precarious law & order in the country.
    The Jehadist groups are popping their heads in India too from deep south to north-west & central India. By waging violence and terrorism, they want to spread their Jehad against the state as did ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Both these countries have been devasted, their economy ruined, education & culture are at stake. The same is going to happen in India. The Jehadist movement is steadily heading in this direction. If the Govt. remains silent these terrorists will sprout like anything and wage terrorism in the name of Islam. Islam should stay. But the violence in the name of Islam must be quelled at any cost. These misguided souls (Jehadists) are just tarnishing Islam and its noble spirits.


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