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Saturday, June 3, 2023

Violence against Hindus on Ram Navami has a recorded history of at least 300 years

Hindu festivals have become an easy target for the radical islamist and liberal gang. We can see, there is an growing trend of repeated violence during the Hindu festivals, and we got many such incidents across the country this year on the occasion of Ram Navami.

These communal and anti-Hindu violence have been started from West Bengal, and then tensions further escalated in Bihar. As per the news sources, the communal clashes took place in several cities on the occasion of Ram Navami 2023. Incidents of looting, arson, and firing were reported in Sasaram, Nalanda, and Bihar Sharif, which has created a sense of insecurity among the Hindus.

The violence commences a day after the Ram Navami Shobha Yatra, when Muslim mob started attacking the Hindu procession, and since then situation has only further escalated. A bomb blast also took place in Sasaram, leaving five people seriously injured.

As expected, the liberal-secular cabal is trying to shield the radical islamist and calling it a provocation from the Hindus. Someone is accusing Hindus of using festivals to showcase their strength, use weapons such a knife and swords. Whereas a large section of media and civic society is putting the blame on the BJP for orchestrating such attacks, as they feel that BJP plans such acts to avail electoral benefits.

An alleged journalist Rajdeep Sardesai tweeted that, “Sunday musing: the 3 states where the unfortunate Ram Navmi violence has taken place are also 3 key states where (as per most polls and observers) the BJP faces its biggest challenges in 2024 general elections: Bihar, Bengal and Maharashtra. How should one read this folks? “

In a way or other, Rajdeep is linking these violence with the 2024 elections, and indirectly blaming BJP for orchestrating riots in Bihar, Bengal, and Maharashtra.

However, he forgot that Rama Navami violence on Hindus has a recorded history of 300 years. In 1680, Sambhaji Maharaj issued strict orders preventing “Turks” from burning pandals and creating disturbances. There was no BJP back then, isn’t it?

In 1871, Bareilly – Hindus planned to celebrate Rama Navami festival, even the route for the procession was agreed upon by all the parties. But then what Muslims did was even recorded in 1872’s Allahabad official administration report. The report stated that, “a portion of Mahomedan community had resolved at all costs to attack and plunder the Hindu procession”.

The report explained how Muslim groups stealthily laid in wait to attack the Navami procession. The Muslim mob carried out a violent attack on the Hindu procession, that was carried out near the temple, and they burnt the Hindu priest to dεath.

The report further added that, “Mahomedan mob fell back upon the city, causing much rape and bloodshεd”. They plundered the entire city. Many were killed including a Hindu Sadhu. The Military had to called out to quell the disturbances.

This happened in 1871, almost 150 years ago. There was no BJP or Hindu Mahasabha back then, and there wasn’t even any Hindu political organization back then. It was few innocent Hindu pilgrims who wanted to celebrate their festival, but Muslims didn’t allow them.

They are repeating the same now and attacking Hindu festivals, killing Hindu devotees, and creating law and order situation. However, the secular-liberal and islamist are blaming Hindus when they have been victims for 300 years only makes them shameless propagandists.

(This article has been compiled from the tweet thread posted by @TrueIndology on February 18, 2023, with minor edits to improve readability and conform to HinduPost style guide)

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  1. Shall apreciate if you could provide the exact title of the report from which these excerpts have been taken. Violence on account of the Hindu festivals has a pretty old history.

  2. Hindu Post ka yah kahna ki Jihadion dwara bahut lambe samay se Ramnavami ke awsar per danga kiya jata hai aur hinduon ko maara jata hai aur unki sampatti ko nasht kiya jata hai bilkul sahi aur satya hai Durga Puja ke awsar per bhi kai Rajyon mein Jihadion dwara danga karaya jata hai aur kai rajyon ki sarkar bhi in dangaion ka saath deti hai Sanatanion ko ab purntah jagrit hokar in jihadion aur aatankion ka nirmul nash karna padega Sabhi rajyon mein Yogi model ko lagu karna hoga aur jihadion aur aatankion ki samarthak sarkaron ko bhi badalna hoga jai sriram har har Mahadev jai hindu rashtra Bharat


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