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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Indian State has suppressed truth and denied justice to Hindus to maintain ‘secularism’

When Pakistan Army was selectively killing Hindus in East Pakistan, then Indian govt deliberately suppressed that news fearing Hindu reaction in Bharat & instead peddled that Pakistan Army killing ALL BENGALIS. Similarly, they suppressed Kashmiri Hindus genocide due to the same reason.

The Indian State & so-called Liberals think that suppressing TRUTH & denying JUSTICE to Hindus are NECESSARY to maintain “secularism” in India. But how is this different from a family who suppress rape of their daughter & deny her JUSTICE due to fear of SHAME in society ?

Innocent Hindus have paid a VERY HEAVY PRICE to maintain ONE SIDED SECULARISM in India. There are so many WOUNDS to talk about – Moplah, partition horror, East Pakistan/Bangladesh,etc. And, WITHOUT acknowledgement, apology, reparation & correction – These wounds would NOT heal.

(This post has been compiled from a short tweet thread by @chasing_highs)


Excerpt from this OpIndia article:

Scholar Shrinandan Vyas, in his research paper at IIT Kanpur, stated that of the 3 million killed in 1971, 2.5 million were Hindus. Senator Edward Kennedy and Pulitzer winner journalist Sydney Schanberg noted that Hindu houses were marked with a bright yellow ‘H’.

Vyas notes, “Nearly 2.5 million Hindus were killed during the 9 months of Pakistani Army repression of East Pakistan in 1971. Thus it was a Hindu slaughter in 1971.”. “Indian Government controlled ‘secular’ media deliberately hid the sinister truth of Hindu Genocide in East Pakistan,” he added.

Excerpt from Hindu American Foundation post

‘Genocide’ applies fully to [this] naked, calculated and widespread selection of Hindus for special treatment…From outset various members of American community have witnessed either burning down of Hindu villages, Hindu enclaves in Dacca and shooting of Hindus attempting [to] escape carnage, or have witnessed after-effects which [are] visible throughout Dacca today.” 

— Archer K. Blood, American Consul General in Dhaka, 1971

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  1. 100 years ago, Gandhi had played with the lives of innocent Hindus and caused them to be killed, tortured and raped by Muslims during Moplah rebellion in Kerala and in Bengal during partition in 1947. Now, worse is being done by PM Modi. He did nothing when Hindus were subjected to all kinds of atrocities in May 2021 after assembly elections in Bengal.

    Separately, he has enabled Urdu as a medium for UPSC exams, added ‘Islamic Studies” as a subject for IAS and other UPSC competitions, providing them with free coaching for competitive exams, has made provision for interest-free finance for Muslim businesses, giving huge scholarships to Muslim students, and also planning to set up 4 AMU-like universities in the country for Muslims. Separately, Mohan Bhagwat of RSS is harping on common DNA with Muslims and urging us to embrace them whatever the odds. Do you need any more enemies for Hindus? The future of our children is not bright.

    In our secular country, Hindus are wailing in vain for equal benefits as doled out to minorities but nobody (govt, courts, media) listens. Only the collections of Hindu temples are usurped by govt without ever touching mosques, churches and others. Is it really a Hindu govt?


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