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Friday, December 8, 2023

Razakar movie trailer evokes a multitude of reactions, left liberals deny genocide

The trailer of the Razakar movie has stirred a diverse range of emotions, including anguish, compassion, apprehension, denial (from expected quarters), and probably even a sense of guilt. The film’s primary objective is to narrate the chilling and atrocious acts perpetrated by the Razakars against the Hindu community in Hyderabad during the reign of the Nizam.

Who were the Razakars?

The Razakars, led by Kasim Razvi, were the private militia of the Majlis-e-Itihadul Muslimeen (predecessor to the AIMIM) and were authorized by the Nizam of Hyderabad to suppress a civil uprising advocating for Hyderabad’s integration into the Indian Union.
Under the Nizam’s orders, the Razakars embarked on a violent campaign, systematically looting, abducting, and murdering people as they moved from village to village. Their actions amounted to an ethnic genocide of Hindus in rural Telangana, with the Bhairanpally massacre being a grim example.
The formation of the Razakars was meant to serve as the armed arm of the Majlis-e-Itihadul Muslimeen – MIM (a former version of what is today the AIMIM), with the objective of upholding Islamic dominance in Hyderabad. In 1948, as the sentiment among Hindus in favour of Hyderabad’s accession to Bharat grew, the Nizam instructed the Razakars to brutally suppress the Hindu population. Qasim Razvi was appointed as the leader of this jihadist force, and they mobilised a force of 2 lakh Jihadis to raid Hindu-majority villages in Telangana.
Historians document atrocities such as rape and kidnapping of women, imprisonment of thousands, and the suffering endured by the population due to the oppressive administration among the atrocities committed by the Razakars. Due to this several Hindus were forced to flee the state, seeking refuge in various camps.
The brutal actions of the Razakars pushed more than 150 villages in rural Telangana into a state of Islamic brutality, leading to over 40,000 civilians seeking safety in the Central Provinces of Bharat. These refugees eventually launched retaliatory raids to reclaim their land in the bordering areas between the Central Provinces and Telangana.

Kharge & his Razakar connection

Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge, born in 1942 in Varavatti village, Bidar district, lost his mother and sister to Razakar violence in 1948 when their house was set on fire. He and his father narrowly escaped. They were left alone as no one in nearby villages dared to offer shelter due to fear of the Razakars. They eventually started a new life in Gulbarga, with Kharge’s father working at MSK Mills. This is the lesser-known tragic story of the current Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge.

Operation Polo

Following Bharat’s independence on August 15, 1947, the Nizam of Hyderabad, Mir Osman Ali Khan, faced a challenging decision regarding the union his state should join. Initially, he consented to a “standstill agreement” in which the Republic of Bharat would handle external affairs and defense for Hyderabad but refrain from intervening in its internal matters. However, Hyderabad breached this agreement when it covertly extended a loan of 15 million pounds to Pakistan and established a semi-private military force, known as the Razakars, within the region.

Razakar movie trailer release

When the trailer was released, several descendants of survivors of the Razakar genocide and violence opened up to knowledge of such history as narrated by their grandparents. Here are some of those posts made on X.

With so many personal accounts coming out after the trailer release, how can anyone deny that the genocide did not occur? But the left liberals and supporters of minorities have the same agenda to propagate. They did not fail to surprise us with their reactions.

Denial of the genocide from expected quarters

Telangana Minister for Municipal Admin & Urban Dev, Industry & Commerce, KT Rama Rao posted on social media platform X claiming that the film was propaganda material for the BJP and that the film would incite communal violence.
“Some intellectually bankrupt jokers of the BJP are doing their best to instigate communal violence and polarisation for their political propaganda in Telangana We will take up the matter with censor board and also the Telangana police to ensure that the law & order situation of Telangana is not affected”.

A supporter of the AIMIM had posted a picture of Qasim Rizvi comparing him with Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose and thus making him a “hero”.

Leftist mouthpiece The News Minute’s Dhanya Rajendran, as expected called it a propaganda movie “similar to The Kashmir Files and The Kerala Story”.

Her propaganda website which calls itself a news website The News Minute published an article by Yunus Lasania who had also written a thread on X trivialising the genocide to a communist-led peasant rebellion.

Vice President of the Telangana Youth Congress, Aamer Javed said the film being made was for “petty politics of polarisation”.

A journalist from the Siasat Daily that reports news from AP & Telangana called it a “fake propaganda movie”.

A political management consultant from Crimson Media also posted that the movie was “hatemonger’s political propaganda”.

A member of the AIMIM said “even teaser of that movie is creating hatred between communities”.

All those who called it propaganda and hate-mongering seem to be guilty and want to deny the horrendous incidents of the past, a history that the majority of Bharatiyas are unaware of to date. Denying a genocide is a crime and that is what these left liberals and supposed minorities are doing.

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