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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Baloch freedom fighters termed ‘terrorists’ by IANS

Indian media, especially the English-language media, is overflowing with fifth-columnists who can barely hide their Hinduphobia and are secretly working for the ‘Breaking India’ dream.

News agency IANS is deemed one of the more ‘neutral’ ones, especially when compared to the more nakedly propagandist PTI. But ever so often, IANS reveals symptoms of the same debilitating disease which renders Indian (not Bharatiya) media clueless about our national and civilizational interests.

Pakistani Army officer Lieutenant Colonel Laiq Baig Mirza was killed after Baloch freedom fighters shot him dead on the night of July 13, as per Pakistani news reports. Balochistan province of Pakistan is witnessing a fierce insurgency for many decades now. The Punjabi-dominated Pakistani state exploits the region’s natural resources and brutally oppresses the indigenous people through forced disappearances, torture, rape, illegal executions. Pakistan is now even settling outsiders in the region in a desperate attempt to change demography.

This is what IANS tweeted on Mirza’s death –

It is natural for Pakistani media to brand the Baloch fighters as ‘terrorists’, but why does Indian media follow that nomenclature? Would any Pakistani media outlet ever refer to jihadis operating in Kashmir as terrorists? Surely, Indian media can at least go with more neutral-sounding alternatives like Baloch militants/insurgents/gunmen/separatists – just like they often use when describing Islamic/Maoist/Naxal/Christian terrorists operating in Bharat?

One just has to see how both liberal and conservative American media outlets are painting Russia as the unambiguous villain in the NATO-precipitated conflict with Ukraine, to see just how twisted and divorced from the pulse of the nation our media has become.

If our media cannot even openly condemn the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, a country which has sworn to bleed Bharat with a 1000 cuts, then whom do they represent? Certainly not the people of Bharat, or the ideals of our ancient civilization. This is something Sandeep Bamzai – MD,CEO & Editor in Chief of IANS, who also happens to be a strategic affairs Fellow at ‘nationalist’ think tank ORF – and all other ‘Indian’ news editors must ponder upon deeply.

For the uninformed, Balochistan was forcefully merged with Pakistan after Jinnah deceitfully invaded the princely state of Kalat in March 1948 with backing of the devious British. The ruler of Kalat even wanted to accede to Bharat, but Nehru and co turned him down. Just imagine how the entire geopolitics of the region would have changed if our leaders had acted on that request! But then again, what else can one expect from a delusional, deracinated man – who accepted a UN ceasefire just when our Army was beginning to drive the Pakistani invaders out of Kashmir – forced upon us by the ‘mahatma’.

As a disclaimer, let us add that HinduPost has subscribed to the IANS news feed. Yes, such is the paucity of choices facing a Dharmic news outlet like ours when it comes to choosing a news agency! To be fair, IANS does generate some good content, including the syndication agreement it has with India Narrative. And when a propaganda outlet like NewsLaundry attacks IANS and Bamzai, it makes you think they must be doing some good. But when IANS calls Islamic terrorists in Kashmir as ‘militants’ and brands Baloch fighters as ‘terrorists’…all the goodwill dissipates.

A few days back, IANS had also started a series of articles to malign Hindutva, and like everybody else in our news industry and politics (including BJP), they have been glorifying and running sympathetic pieces on pro-Khalistani singer-politician Sidhu Moosewala, who was gunned down recently.

The need for a news agency which covers local and global issues through our civilizational lens has never been more pressing. The blame for this abject state of our media should also be shared by our synthetic and rootless secular state, whose Adharmic spirit has now infested every institution.

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