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Saturday, June 3, 2023

Quran not recited at Belur temple festival in Karnataka: A small victory for Dharma

The forces of Dharma recently had a small victory, which demonstrates yet again how a clear-minded, awakened group of Hindus can affect larger society with persistent, unwavering commitment based on true understanding of Dharma.

The management committee of Chennakeshava temple in Karnataka’s Belur said verses of the Quran were not recited during the annual Brahmarathotsava that ended on Tuesday amid tight security, following Hindu demands to do away with a few centuries-old custom of a moulvi (Muslim cleric) attending the event and saying portions from the Quran, a text that clearly and repeatedly labels ‘idol worship’ (what murti puja is pejoratively referred as by Abrahamics) and worshipping any god other than Allah as ‘unforgivable sins which lead to everlasting hell’.

“After accepting cash and grains handed over by the temple committee, he only offered ‘mujure’ (thanksgiving prayer),” said Narayana Swamy, head of the committee. He said moulvi Sajjad Basha Khadri Saheb had issued a written confirmation that he didn’t recite the Quran. Hindu groups had earlier submitted a memorandum to register their opposition to the ritual of reciting Quranic verses during Rathotsava.

It is not clear why the temple committee thinks its a good idea to hand over money donated by Hindu devotees to a moulvi, but such is the mental colonization of the Hindu mind due to centuries of ossification, and especially the indoctrination undertaken by the current Republic, that it will take time for us to recover our self-respect in totality.

At a time when Hindu festivals are under unprecedented attack all over the country from fanatical Islamists, and when Abrahamic missionaries/proselytizers are spouting hateful anti-Hindu poison from every available forum and preying on vulnerable Hindus to fulfill their conversion targets, you would expect Hindus across the country to put up a united front, and end such meaningless customs of their own volition.

But unfortunately, keeping Hindus in a deep slumber and making them pay for their own ultimate demise is something that our Secular State has mainstreamed. All ‘secular’ parties thrive on such ‘secular’ customs and superficial shows of unity, while sweeping the atrocities against Hindus and their religious cleansing under the carpet.

So it is the responsibility of each Dharmic awakened Hindu to explain the differences between Dharma and Abrahamic religions, and to make others understand that true harmony is never going to be achieved unless Hindus rediscover their self-respect.

What mainstream media like Times of India labels “hardline groups” is actually sensible, self-respecting Hindus who live according to concept of MUTUAL respect. When your entire theology is based on declaring ‘idol worship’ as a sin that will lead to everlasting hell, what business do you have in a mandir?

It is high time we realized that there can only be TOLERANCE between Dharma and Abrahamic religions. From the Vatican to New York, all inter-faith dialogues talk about ‘religious tolerance’ and never ‘mutual respect’ because the leaders of these dominant global religions know that their core doctrines just do not allow the possibility of accepting other religions as equally valid. The best they have to offer is a grudging tolerance of the other. And even that tenuous tolerance goes out the window when they control the reins of power, as the situation in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kashmir and West Bengal shows.

Bit by bit, drop by drop, we have to chisel away at the mental colonization and secular fog that has clouded the Hindu mind. What Hindu activists have achieved in Belur deserves to be celebrated and replicated.

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