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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Jahangirpuri Muslim woman wants Allah to send a calamity that would affect only Hindus

Islamists in Delhi’s Jahangirpuri have again resorted to spewing venom against the Hindus with greater intensity. This hate comes as a reaction to the MCD’s anti-encroachment drive against illegal constructions in the area from where mobs of radical Islamists had unleashed violence at the Hindu processions during the Hanuman Jayanti.

After the violence, when it came to light that the establishments in the area were illegal, the MCD bulldozed the encroachments leaving the Islamists seething. They are now peddling the propaganda that the anti-encroachment drive was a ploy to exact revenge against the Muslims in the area.

In the wake of this ongoing controversy, a video has surfaced online that shows a resentful Muslim woman wishing deadly calamities like the Coronavirus on the Hindus. She also claims only Hindus died due to the pandemic, and it had not affected the Muslims.

Panchjanya was interviewing the middle-aged woman; when quizzed about the bulldozer action in the area, she alleged, “We were not given any notice. The authorities are taking these steps as per their wish. They are only targeting the Muslims, they are threatening and assaulting them also, taking their women, and destroying their homes. What kind of justice is this? Allah is seeing everything,” the lady said.

Directing her anger toward the Hindus, she cursed, “Humans can’t do it, but the Almighty will be the one to decide on this,” she went on a rant. The reporter asked if the stones were hurled at the Hindus during the Hanuman Jayanti by the Muslims. Instead of responding to the question, she continued with her tirade. “Like how only Hindus suffered during corona times and Muslims were not affected. Such a calamity will strike with Allah’s will again. Only the Hindus will be affected, not the Muslims.”

Though this may appear to be an ad hoc incident of a Muslim linking the global pandemic to some supernatural phenomenon, if we look back at the happenings of the last couple of years, we will find that this is a part of a pattern.

A similar video emerged on social media in 2019 when the pandemic had just begun. In the video, a burqa-clad woman claimed that the pandemic is the grace of Allah and asserted that the Quran has a mention of Corona. She had also stated that they (the Muslims) were ready and strong and that the Corona could not scare them. “Death can come anyway. Don’t assume you can scare us with a disease.”

Again, in April 2020, Abbas Siddiqui, a Pirzada from Bengal, was captured on camera while he addressed his massive audience. He roared that Allah had sent a terrible virus to Bharat that would kill fifty crore people in Bharat. “Am I saying something wrong? It is blissful,” said the Pirzada while spewing hate at the Hindus and the entire country when the world was faced with the threat of the first wave of the global pandemic.

Apart from these, dozens of Tiktok videos featuring Islamists had shown them, claiming that the Covid-19 pandemic would not affect them as they pray to Allah regularly. A viral video from Nashik had shown a Muslim man licking the notes of a bunch of currency with his tongue, wiping his nose on them. He, too, claimed that Allah sent the Coronavirus. 

During the second wave, when Bharat was struggling to save its citizens from the deadly virus, Islamist photojournalist Danish Siddiqui had preyed on burning pyres of the Hindus to project to the world that Hindus were succumbing to Corona.

The Islamists from all walks of life had used a global tragedy, a health concern that had affected the whole world, to further their hate for non-Muslims using every platform they had. The Muslim woman from Jahangirpuri wishing for Allah’s calamity that would only take down the Hindus is just another one in a sequence of this hate and bigotry. Of course, it is known that such curses are just wishful thinking of a bigoted mind and will have no effect in reality. However, it highlights the hate for the Hindus that plagues the Islamist mind.

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