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Monday, June 17, 2024

Indian Muslim writer gives lie to the discriminatory treatment narative

Amana Begam Ansari’s June 2, 2023 article in The Print compares the lives of Muslims in India and Pakistan and observes that Indian Muslims are fortunate to live in a secular and democratic nation that upholds progressive values.

Ms. Ansari is a proud member of the Indian Muslim community, a writer, and a TV News Panelist. The title of her article is ‘I am an Indian Muslim Watching Pakistan Fall Apart. I am Glad my Family didn’t Migrate in 1947‘.

Excerpts from Amana Begam Ansari’s article

“As an Indian Muslim today, I observe the unraveling of Pakistan.” …

“I am grateful that my family opted not to migrate to the newly formed Muslim nation in 1947 and instead embraced India. As a proud Indian Pasmanda Muslim woman, I enjoy the freedom to express myself through my choice of clothing, singing, speaking, praying, eating, writing, and voicing my opinions in India.” …

“I find it commendable that in India, despite certain problematic mindsets observed among sections of the Muslim population, the successful democratic government has managed to prevent these issues from overshadowing society at large.” …

“India’s pluralistic ethos and commitment to secularism have fostered an environment conducive to diverse communities living together in peace.” …

“Pakistan’s pursuit of an Islamic identity has created an environment where even minor differences in religious practices can lead to excommunication and persecution. Sectarian conflicts persist, and minorities face various forms of oppression, such as the abduction of non-Muslim girls, the mistreatment of Ahmadiya Muslims, and countless other instances.” …

“Indian Muslims are fortunate to reside in a secular and democratic nation that upholds progressive values. They enjoy the privilege of active participation in the country’s development, reaping economic benefits, accessing secular education, contributing to scientific advancements, and experiencing good governance.” …

“As an Indian Muslim woman, I cherish the rights and freedom to make my own choices regarding wearing the hijab. The State does not engage in moral policing, granting me the autonomy to decide whether to wear it or not.” …

“…unlike in Pakistan, Indian Muslim women are not subjected to the Zina Hudood Ordinance, which has received criticism for its discriminatory treatment of rape victims. Indian laws do not require the production of eyewitnesses in rape cases, alleviating the burden of proof for survivors.” …

“India has witnessed stable parliamentary democracy, substantial economic growth, and global influence, whereas Pakistan has grappled with political instability and developmental challenges.”

The editorial staff of Hindudevsha.Org lauds Ms. Ansari for putting forward her views in an honest and forthright manner and admire her fortitude in going against the false narrative of “rampant discrimination against Indian Muslims” that many vested interests are peddling with the aim of disrupting India’s unprecedented rise in the last few years.

(The story was first published on on June 6, 2023 and has been republished here with permission)

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  1. Thanks Madam Amana. If you could inculcate your ideology to your fellow Muslims, India would have been a much happier place to live in. People of all religions must love and resspect secularism, freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom to follow any religion, freedom of profession, and freedom of movement.


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