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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

TN HRCE minister threatens seer who criticised DMK government’s anti-Hindu activities

The HRCE minister has threatened a seer for exposing the misdoings of the department in managing temples in Tamil Nadu. The seer had accused HRCE of corruption and sought the HRCE board to be dissolved and temple management be handed over to seers and dharma gurus. In response the minister threatened him saying he knows how to silence the seer.

Vishwa Hindu Parishad had organised a conference in Madurai in which seers and dharma gurus of different mathas and sects took part. Madurai Aadheenam(a Shaivite math) Srila Sri Desiga Paramacharya Swami also took part in the conference and spoke in length about the wrongdoings of HRCE in the name of managing temples.

Asking Hindus to not put money in temple Hindus he said, “You call our Gods ‘demons’ but are fond of its undiyal (donation box). Earlier there used to be five idols in a procession. But now, there’s a sixth one, an undiyal”. He accused the HRCE of corruption in handling the money collected through hundis.

He pointed out that by appointing politicians as trustees politics has entered temples as well and seers like him cannot help but talk about politics. He mocked CM MK Stalin saying, “Politicians eat Ramalan porridge and wear the skull cap but spill the Vibhuti given in temples”. Stalin had on multiple occasions wiped Kumkum, Vibhuti, etc applied on his forehead during temple visits and campaign rallies. Once while paying respects to Muthuramalinga Thevar he spilled the Vibhuti offered there like it was hot coal.

During the issue of Pattina Pravesam(a tradition of carrying of Dharmapuram Adheenam on a palanquin), Madurai Adheenam had vociferously criticised the DMK government accusing it of meddling in Hindu traditions. He has often asked why the government wants to handle temple affairs while it doesn’t touch church or mosque affairs even though there is corruption in the latter. So he has been in the bad books of the DMK government for not toeing the line as they expect religious leaders to.

His exposes about mismanagement of HRCE and anti-Hindu stances of DMK met with “religious figures should not do politics” counter from the government. But this time the DMK government went a bit far as the HRCE minister Sekar Babu threatened the Adheenam in not so veiled terms. He said that they are suppressing their reaction following CM MK Stalin’s guidelines.

The minister said, “Don’t mistake our crouch for fear, we also know how to pounce. HRCE will not allow Madurai Adheenam to continue speaking like a politician”. BJP hasn’t taken this lightly and state president K Annamalai dared the HRCE minister to try touching the Madurai Adheenam.

Heads of Shaivite, Vaishnavite and other maths who took part in the conference organised by VHP talked about the importance of freeing temples from government control and suggested that the HRCE board should be dissolved and given over to a committee of dharma gurus.

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