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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Evangelist Mohan C Lazarus explains how children are converted through tuition classes and sent out to proselytise

A new video of evangelist Mohan C Lazarus revealing how tuition centres are used to proselytise and young children are brainwashed into working for evangelists. In a live televangelism program, the pastor described how evangelists, under the guise of helping weak students through tuition classes, convert them and coerce them to convert others.

Tamil evangelist Mohan C Lazarus has a notorious history of asking his followers to convert 6 lakh Hindus in the temple town of Tiruchendur. He had also called temples as forts of Satan and later apologised for the same. Now, in a video shared by twitter user @HLkodo, he can be heard describing how evangelists lure children into conversion in the guise of helping them with their studies. He talks about a tuition teacher “introducing” Jesus Christ to children who come to study.

He says, “There is a Christian teacher in Tirunelveli. He is a very devout Christian. She taught well and told about Jesus to her students, the ones who come to her for tuition. Many students were “saved” this way, especially young boys. So many 8th, 9th, 10th standard boys were “saved” and they sincerely started praying for their school to “rise”, everyone in the school to be “saved” and their teachers to be “saved” as well.”

The teacher encouraged them saying they prayed really well and asked whether they’d be interested in doing “missions” for Jesus, Lazarus says. The teacher further brainwashed the boys into believing that if they go on these “missions” and pray for others, Jesus will do miracles. When the boys expressed interest the teacher said, “There is a government hospital nearby. There are many patients, poor people who have no one to look after them. Can you tell them about Jesus and pray for them?”.

Then he took 20-30 boys to the hospital and advised them to “Go as a group of 2 to each ward, don’t go in large numbers. Go to those who are diseased with no one to look after them and tell them about Jesus and pray”. On one hand, missionaries beg for funds from foreign countries to propagate Christianity and convert people on a large scale. On the other hand there are people like the teacher Lazarus talked about, using their position and power to proselytise.

While adults are free to choose or change the religion they follow, except when they are lured with incentives or forced, using Children to proselytise may attract charges under the Juvenile Justice Act. In light of the issue of a Hindu girl dying by suicide to avoid harassment in her Christian school for refusing to convert, Lazarus should be investigated by Child Welfare officials in this regard. NCPCR should take note of this and look into whether Lazarus’ FCRA-NGO Jesus Redeems spends funds accrued from foreing donors is used for such illegal activities.

Recently there was an incident in Orchids International School, where a Muslim teacher tried to surreptitiously infuse Islamic beliefs into the minds of Hindu children. When the children had issues in solving and understanding a math problem, the teacher asked them to pray to “Allah, the better god”. Such incidents of abrahamics instilling shame about Hindu dharma and coercing them towards accepting the “One True God” are on the rise. Hindu parents should be vigilant about where they send their kids to whether it is school or tuition and make them aware of Sanatani beliefs.

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