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Monday, April 22, 2024

Communists ban RSS Shakhas in Kerala temples

The anti-Hindu green communist regime ruling Kerala has banned the functioning of RSS Shakhas in temples under the Travancore Devaswom Board (TDB). TDB officials issued a circular in this regard. All TDB officials have been assured of strict action if the RSS branches continue to operate, violating the ban.

Activities ‘unrelated’ to the temple ceremony are not allowed. The TDB directive states that no actions other than rituals and traditions will be allowed. Weapons and martial arts training will not be allowed inside temple premises. Are Marxists trying to eradicate one of Bharat’s oldest surviving martial arts, Kalaripayattu?

The circular also states that flags will not be allowed inside or near Hindu temples. Islamist terrorists associated with the Popular Front of India and local Hindus In Name Only (HINOs) have resisted saffron flags. HinduPost has reported how Hindu devotees confronted this trend and won recent battles.

TDB officers and employees are instructed to monitor whether Shakhas continue their activities violating the instructions. When they find any, they should prevent it. Otherwise, there is a warning that strict action will be taken against the TDB employees. The circular also states that local police should act against the RSS members and leaders who run branches violating the ban.

In April 2021, TDB issued a similar circular banning Shakhas in the temple. But the Devaswom officials did not attach importance to this. It is in this context that the circular has been reissued.

In early February, HinduPost reported how a few Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI) members threatened and tried to interrupt the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Shakha at Kottakkal Venkitta Thevar Shiva Temple in Malappuram district.

Kerala police protected these hecklers and did not intervene even after they turned provocative. Around 20 DYFI activists marched into the Shakha and announced they would not allow it inside the temple yard. It later became clear that the mob was led by radical Islamists posing as communists.

The RSS Response

Kerala RSS leader Ka Bha Surendran said that TDB’s circular to stop RSS branch activities in Devaswom temples is rejected with disdain. Surendran reminded us that RSS is not temple-centric but community-centric. Out of 1,000 Shakhas, even 50 do not occur inside Devaswom Board temples. Most occur at places owned by the RSS themselves.

This TDB circular is a ploy to mobilize Muslim votes. Surendran said that the government is trying to make it appear that they are the most opposed to the RSS through this order. The leftist government was moving to curry favor with its ranks and among the jihadists and termed the move silliness.

Surendran stated that the government is trying to avoid corruption issues (the latest being the AI cameras controversy) and insults (Pinarayi Vijayan was not invited to the Karnataka government swearing-in ceremony) by creating arguments. He said that in the past, Chief Ministers, including K Karunakaran, had tried to ban RSS, and even then, nothing happened to the RSS Shakhas.

Hindu Aikya Vedi state President K P Sasikala Teacher, too, came forward against TDB’s ordinance to ban RSS branches from operating in temples. She said that the RSS prevented temples from turning into abattoirs. Do not think this circular will stop RSS, she added. Sasikala stated that the Hindu community should reject the jihadi philandering undertaken by the CPM.

Incidentally, despite continuous attacks and killings of Sangh workers in Left-ruled Kerala, 4,500 shakhas are held in the state daily, said RSS Joint General Secretary Krishna Gopal. This is the highest in the country. A shakha, a congregation of Sangh workers, is the smallest unit of the saffron organization and its backbone.

The government is usurping Hindu temples and is now curtailing RSS shakhas. The same regime has no issues with radical Islamist terrorist leaders giving provocative speeches against Hindus while speaking at Muslim mosques, especially after Friday prayers. Do Hindus need such a democracy leading us into a Leftist-Islamist nexus trap?

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