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Saturday, June 3, 2023

Today it was Bhuneshwar Sahu, tomorrow it could be you

It is hard for an ordinary citizen to comprehend the hate & rage that is bubbling under the surface among the Indian Muslim community due to centuries of non-stop indoctrination by their clerics, community leaders and secularists. This rage can explode at a moment’s notice, for seemingly trivial reasons, as the goal is to terrorize the non-Muslim population into subjugation.

There is no let up in anti-Hindu bigotry and acts of vicious mob violence even during the month of Ramzan, where one is supposed to ‘fast in devotion to God and do good deeds’.

On Saturday, two school kids, one Hindu and the other Muslim, were riding their cycles in Biranpur village, Bemetara district of Chhattisgarh, when one cut in front of the other. A quarrel ensued and some Muslims gathered and broke a glass bottle over the hand of the Hindu child, fracturing it.

When the news reached the village, Hindus protested this brutal attack on a child. But instead of apologizing and holding the offenders accountable, an Islamist mob unleashed mass violence. Stones were pelted and lathis & swords were wielded.

A few Islamists entered the house of Ishwar Sahu and hacked his son Bhuneshwar Sahu to death with swords, reports Nai Dunia. A police force that rushed to quell the violence was also attacked and pelted with stone by the Islamist mob. ASI BR Thakur suffered serious injuries and had to be referred to Raipur for treatment.

Bhuneshwar Sahu (Image Source: Twitter/@SahuYeshsahu31

Here is a video of Bhuneshwar’s shocked mother sitting with her son’s body in her lap.

An Organiser report says that the violence occurred after two school kids accidentally collided with a Muslim youth who assaulted them; an armed Islamist mob later dragged Bhuneshwar Sahu away to their area and murdered him.

Around one dozen people were injured in this mob violence, some of whom were also referred to Raipur for treatment.

Additional police force from neighbouring districts had to be rushed to the area. Police has lodged a case against 20 men – Jaleel Khan, Nawab Khan, Raseed (Kallu), Baseer Khan, Raseed Khan, Shera Khan, Abdul Khan, Akbar Khan, Nazir Khan, Janab Mohammaed, Ayub Khan, Aalim Khan, Shakeel Khan, Ismael Khan, Zahed Khan, Kalaam Khan, Anwar Khan, Hafeez Khan, Aamir Khan, Judgu Khan – out of which 9 have been arrested till now.

Biranpur village has almost equal population of Hindus and Muslims. Cases of Love Jihad too have been reported from here and a school of thought claims that the current violence was unleashed to teach a lesson to those who protested one such case 4 months back.

A heart-rending video of Bhuneshwar’s final rites has emerged on social media.

While Hindu elites sitting in plush housing societies guarded by private security indulge in propaganda about ‘rising Hindu intolerance’ and ‘threat of majoritarianism’, the lived reality of ordinary Hindus like Ishwar Sahu and others living cheek to jowl alongside deeply radicalized Muslim populations is the exact opposite.

Hindu organizations like VHP have announced a state-wide bandh today to protest Bhuneshwar Sahu’s murder and to demand a judicial enquiry.

But as in the past, one can expect this latest incident of brutal Islamist mob violence to be brushed under the carpet. Even though the police too was attacked, neither the Congress state government or our judiciary will accord any priority to this matter. The accused will likely be out on bail in a few months and cases against them will drag on through our labyrinthine legal maze. English-language media, which still sets the terms for national discourse, will give only cursory coverage to this crime, and Bhuneshwar Sahu’s name will not be splashed repeatedly on front pages like Junaid Khan’s or Tabrez Ansari’s were.

Anti-Hinduism is the fuel that drives our Republic’s secularist and socialist ideals. So negation of Hindu persecution is a natural corollary.

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