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Shocking tale of police apathy towards a Love Jihad victim

I am writing this with great pain, hoping it gets the attention of CM Yogi Adityanath and UP Police. All my efforts in get a meeting with any senior officer in Noida police have gone in vain. Case is of the same pattern that the CM calls “love jihad”.

This is Mona’s story, as narrated to me and police:

Mona was divorced and living with her family in Faridabad, when she came in contact with a man in 2021 over phone for a job opening. Mona’s father had died recently and she was looking for a better job. He said his name was Sameer.

He helped her get a job. They began talking and grew closer. She told him she wanted only a serious relationship. Sameer made her talk to his sister and mother on phone. One day, he took her to a temple, put sindoor and mangalsutra, and declared they were married.

Mona objected saying no one was in attendance, but he assured her he would take her to his family and have a formal but private ceremony. He made physical relations with her saying he was her husband now. He eventually took her to his home in December.

Mona says there, she found out about his real name and religion. She says she was pressured by his family to convert and have nikah, but she refused. She left them and filed a case against him at a PS in Faridabad in Dec 2021 (I have copy of FIR).

As Haryana has no law against “love jihad”, case was filed under 376 (rape) and 313. She says Faridabad police did not arrest him and instead kept asking her how she did not notice circumcision, to which Mona replied she did not know about all that.

As police delayed the arrest, Murad went absconding and managed to take stay order on arrest in May. Same month, Mona filed another case in Faridabad against his family for assaulting her for her police case against Murad (I have FIR ). In second case, some from Murad’s family were arrested, but soon given bail.

As usually happens in these cases, her own family is unsupportive, asking her to withdraw both cases or fight on her own.

Now, Mona works and lives in Noida. She says she has been attacked twice on her way home from office by unknown men asking her to take back the case. She believes they are Murad’s men. The last alleged attack was on 26 June. She dialled 100 and police arrived. Mona created a new Twitter account and tweeted it too, tagging Noida police. She says no action however has been taken.

She gave a complaint to a Police Station in Noida, but not converted into FIR (her allegation) and Murad remains a free man.

I have met her once, and recorded her entire statement (a small clip below). I have tried meeting two senior officers through references but none showed interest in in taking up the case.

I offered Mona monetary help to change her location, but she says it’s of no use because “Murad will find out”. It’s up to the police and government now to show they take safety of women seriously

Please note that cheating and false identity are not her only accusations against Murad. She told me about being violated physically in words that left me horrified. She was also made to undergo abortions at late stages several times, medical copies of which she showed me.

This article has been compiled from the tweet thread originally tweeted by Swati Goel Sharma (@swati_gs) on July 14, 2022.

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  1. Ironic that Hindu Post titles their story “shocking apathy towards LJ victim” and then posts a comment calling the same victim “an idiot.” Very poor journalism. The person who posted such an insensitive commented perhaps knows nothing about LJ. LJ perpetrators are masters of deception. The Hindu girl is duped completely into believing the assumed identity of the perpetrator Muslim man.

  2. How can any girl fall in love with someone and marry him without confirming to his identity, religion, working place, friends and family… If any girl don’t know about love Jihad in today’s time’, then it seems she is a real idiot.


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