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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Karauli violence gets liberal spin to save Islamists

Despite the hand of Islamists clearly emerging in the Karauli violence, footsoldiers of Islamists have sprung into action to twist the entire issue and run their anti-Hindu propaganda. Social media was abuzz with fake claims of ‘Hindutva’ violence. The Karauli violence was pre-planned just like the anti-Hindu Delhi riots.

Karauli violence pre-planned by Islamists

It has now come to the fore that not just Congress ally councillor Matloob Ahmed but also his family members were part of the armed mob that unleashed violence during the bike rally on the occasion of the Hindu New Year. Video evidence also brings out the role of the Gehlot government’s ally, administration, and police officials in the entire conspiracy.

Despite evidence to the contrary, the Rajasthan Congress government has conveniently blamed the BJP for ‘instigating riots’. Rajasthan BJP Deputy Leader of Opposition Rajendra Rathore highlighted the fact that despite police officials being injured, no FIR has been filed in the case as yet.

“In another massive revelation in the Karauli violence case, Republic Media Network accessed five clinchers which clearly indicated that the violence that erupted on April 2 was pre-planned. Moreover, the recent videos showed rioters’ unceasing violence in Rajasthan’s Karauli. A team of police officers was seen in the violence-hit area as they tried to bring the situation under control, however, miscreants were seen running around with sticks and vandalising several vehicles. A curfew was imposed soon after the incident”, said a Republic TV report.

Amid all the violence emerged the news of 31-year-old Rajasthan police constable Netresh Sharma saving a precious life when he ran past buildings that were afire with a child in his arms.

PC: India Today

The FIR (First Information Report) filed by the police confirms that violence was initiated by Islamists who began pelting stones as the bike rally passed by the mosque. According to the police, 100-150 people came out of the gym and started violence and arson. It has also come to light that the Islamists had prepared in advance by collecting stones and keeping them on the terrace a day before the rally.

The role of the Islamist organization PFI has also come to light. Reportedly, a letter from the PFI stated that tensions could rise during the Hindu Shobha yatra. The PFI is said to have ‘alerted‘ the local administration and the police about the sensitivity of taking out a Hindu new year procession through the Muslim-dominated locality in its letter to the Gehlot government two days before the procession.

Eyewitnesses have confirmed that Muslims shut their shops before the violence began. Even more shocking is the discrimination Hindus were subjected to after the violence. Chandrashekhar Garg, who lost three of his shops in the attack, said that the fire brigade deployed three to four teams to help Muslims but not Hindus.

“We run around eight shops, all close to the shops run by Muslims. At around 15:30, they suspiciously closed the shops and left the area. They were assembling at a place. But, we did not worry much as we all know them very well. However, they took out a rally and at around 19:00 hours, they forcefully removed us from stores. My father and brother were thrown by the angry mob out of the stores forcefully, who then looted the entire shop”, OpIndia quotes Garg as saying.

Garg also accused the Islamists of meticulously planning the attack targeting Hindus and highlighted that all Muslim-owned shops are safe while shops of Hindus were specifically targeted and set on fire by the mob. Karauli is now staring at a Hindu exodus from Muslim dominated areas.

Fake propaganda by Islamists and their supporters

Despite such overwhelming evidence, including the FIR filed by the Rajasthan police, both Islamists and their apologists used this as an opportunity to run their Hindudveshi (Hindumisic) propaganda. Wild, unsubstantiated allegations including Muslim shops being set on fire and a minor being physically assaulted for not chanting ‘Jai Shri Ram’ did the rounds on social media.

Among the propagandists was Washington Post‘s Islamist journalist Khaled Beydoun, who was seen spreading lies and blaming Hindus for the violence. “Khaled Beydoun posted, 40+ Muslim homes + businesses were set on fire in 24 hours’ time, during Ramadan in Rajasthan India. Hindutva is terrorism. He also posted a video in the same tweet”, noted OpIndia. Not satisfied at having shamelessly lied, he went on to instigate the western media to report against PM Modi.

Images from Karnataka and Telangana were used to spread Islamist propaganda. The propaganda was spread to such an extent that even Pakistan, which continues to persecute its Hindu minorities let alone protect them, issued a letter ‘condemning Hindutva elements’ and pointing out the ‘failure of the state to protect the lives and properties of its citizens’. Coming from Pakistan it is hilarious, to say the least.


When speaking of propaganda, how can The Wire be left behind? The propaganda website put out a video showing a man waving a saffron flag standing atop a mosque. The same video was shared by one Arjun Mehar to push the ‘Hindutva violence’ propaganda.

A fact check report by Only Fact says:

After analyzing the video thoroughly, we found out that some clip of the viral video is not even from Karauli, Rajasthan. The clip of the alleged video was found to be from Ghazipur, UP. Ghazipur SP Ram Badan Singh also confirmed that the video is related to the Ghamar village present in Ghazipur. Besides, the district collector of Karauli, Rajasthan also told the press that the video shared by Arjun Mehar on Twitter is not from Karauli. The Collector also instructed the police to take strict action against those spreading fake news and rumours in this regard.

A clip in the viral video of The Wire is from U.P. Ghazipur. On 3rd April 2022, A Twitter handle Sayyad Uzma Parveen uploaded a video where she demanded strict action against the people who tried to create communal tension.

The video is originally from Uttar Pradesh’s Ghazipur as evident from the tweet below.

A disturbing trend that can be observed across Bharat is that of Islamist gangs causing violence and, in many cases, the bloodshed during Hindu festivals. This radicalism is not limited to any particular part of the country but has been witnessed in almost all states, some more than others.

Though portrayed as the ever hapless and marginalized minority, Islamist mobs are seen creating mayhem, unrest, and riot-like situations throughout the year in some city or the other, and bringing the regular life of the ordinary citizens to a halt. During Hindu celebrations, they routinely resort to unprovoked violence. What’s worse? Their apologists waste no time in running fake propaganda and twisting the entire issue as was witnessed in this case.

It appears that this demography has no interest in living peacefully and in harmony with the people of other faiths. Unfortunately, the state and central governments have been unsuccessful in containing this increasing radicalization, and the religious bodies like Tablighi Jamaat, Jamaat-e-Islami, PFI, Deoband etc. are at the root of this religious radicalization are still operating without any curbs.  

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