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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Xi Jinping’s supremacy at the Party Congress spells trouble for the world

Xi Jinping’s supremacy and dominance was omnipresent in the just concluded 20th party Congress as he strode like a collusus  stamping his authority on chinese politics and the politburo and perhaps  even surpassing Mao zedong as the most powerful  leader to have emerged  from China. 

The easing out of Li Keqiang a known reformist from the all powerful Politburo standing committee along with three others dispelled any doubts about who was calling the shots.  

According to the Wall Street Journal, “all but seven of the 281 members of the Communist party’s provincial level standing committees are Xi appointees.”

These are ominous signs for the west which was hoping and looking for some chinks in Xi Jinping’s armoury at the convention. Xi’s third term could embolden him to be more expansionist and hegemonistic as has been his tendency. Xi’s  zero covid policy has already  brought  the Chinese  economy  on it’s  knees and with  the disruption  of global supply chains to which China contributes 29% the repercussions  would  be felt globally. 

Jinping’s  uninhibited  expansionist  designs could spell trouble for countries like Taiwan, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam to name a few. 

Bharat has tasted jinping’s hegemony in the past as during the past decade of Xi’s tenure China became more aggressive with its policy of salami slicing and the sporadic skirmishes snowballed into a full blown conflict in Galwan where the Chinese were given a bloody nose by our forces. 

But this has not deterred China and it continues to raise infrastructure at the line of control and claim Bharatiya territory. The China Pakistan bonhomie is set to increase and Xi will leave no stone unturned to foment trouble in J&K using Pakistan. 

Bharat will have to brace itself for increasing hostilities on our northern and western borders but our forces preparedness to meet these challenges have never been better thanks to the great infrastructure push, defence modernization and Make in India thrust. 

The China Pakistan  nexus is bound to go stronger as was seen in the recent  Xi Shariff  meeting  in Beijing where they raised the Jammu & Kashmir issue drawing a quick rebuke from Bharat. China will avoid a direct conflict with Bharat but will continue to piggyback on Pakistan to infiltrate  the Bharatiya  borders. 

The US China sabre rattling  in the Tiawan strait, Bashi Channel and Miyako strait could turn into a full blown conflict  should  Xi choose to annex Tiawan. The US which  already has its hands full on Ukraine and is grappling with  an economic  crisis at home will be hard pressed  to defend  Taiwan  if it comes to a direct  confrontation with  the dragon.

Off late the US’ unnecessary  poking in Bharat’s  internal  affairs  where the US ambassador to Pakistan  made an unnecessary  visit to PoK (Pakistan occupied Kashmir) referring  to it as AJ&K (Azad Jammu & Kashmir), has not helped  the relationship  between  the two democracies and the US should  realize  that propping up a rogue state like Pakistan  at Bharat’s  expense will be detrimental for the region & bilateral  relations between  the two countries. 

The strengthening  of the Quad and its militarization to counter China should  be high on the agenda of the US instead  of indulging in unnecessary  rant and rethoric with Bharat. 

For the moment  the US and its European allies who are already  facing an economic  downturn should brace up for a more belligerent dragon which will bare its fangs at the drop of a hat.

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Aman Gupta
Aman Gupta
Political Editor, Samast Bharat magazine


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