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Sunday, May 28, 2023

Western elites spread ‘Russians are evil’ rhetoric, but give lectures on peace & dialogue to Bharat

Russia’s full-scale military operation in Ukraine has widely been condemned as an act of ‘unjustified and unprovoked aggression by the Western world. The United States has taken the lead in slapping various strategic and financial sanctions on Russia for its assault that has left several hundred dead and millions stranded.

While the Western countries, especially US-led NATO, are trying their best to blame Russia for this conflict and paint Russian President Putin as evil personified, we have also witnessed how these countries are doing everything to make life miserable for common Russians, including those Russians opposed to the war, in the name of voicing their disapproval of Putin’s act.

Several multi-national companies and global brands have already suspended their operations in Russia. Various financial services companies, technology organizations, food and beverages companies, entertainment companies, payment services, and retail enterprises have stopped their services in Russia.

If this wasn’t enough, both Western ‘liberal’ elites and ordinary Westerners have started attacking Russians as a whole and are blaming them for this entire conflict. They are canceling writers, banning sportspersons, firing opera conductors and singers, banning Russian films from festivals, censoring their media houses, trashing stores run by people of Russian origin, and discriminating against them. Well, we are not talking about Nazi Germany of the 1930s, here it is being done by the Western countries of 2022. These people are provoking others against Russians, talking about collective punishment, and dehumanizing anyone of Russian origin.

Clint Ehrlich, an American foreign policy analyst, shared the disturbing thoughts of Daniel Strand, ironically an Ethics Professor of US Air Force’s Air War College, who wonders why a ‘simple distinction’ should be made between the Russian people and the ‘evil despot’ they put in power.

Note how the baseline for acceptable discourse is set by branding Putin an ‘evil despot’, and the conversation shifted to whether Russian people are equally ‘evil’ or not. Such a narrative and mindset will not entertain even the possibility of dialogue with Putin, forget admitting that he might have legitimate concerns with NATO expansion and Ukraine’s mistreatment of its pro-Russia populace in the Donbas region.

By talking of collective guilt, you dehumanize an entire people and create grounds for indiscriminate bombing of civilian populations – something the world has witnessed in Japan, Germany, Korea, Vietnam, and Iraq. The racist outrage we heard in Western media about how conflicts like the one in Ukraine are usually seen in the ‘uncivilized’, ‘third world’ countries of Asia and Africa, shows that such attitudes of supremacy and othering anyone opposed to Western interests have deep roots in Western society.

In another tweet, Ehrlich shared dangerous signs in Germany, where locals are vandalizing a Russian store, just because they think that every Russian is responsible for the invasion of Ukraine.

The sense of impunity and immunity that American elites enjoy can also be gauged from the open call for Putin’s assassination made by a senior Republican senator and former Presidential candidate Lindsay Graham.

Here it is important to know that several Russian cultural figures and sports stars have denounced Putin’s military action in Ukraine. Thousands of Russians have protested against their government, although the majority do indeed support the operation as they regard Ukraine as an integral part of the Russian-Slavic world. At the moment, when one compares the Canadian crackdown on peaceful truckers’ protest against vaccine mandates, it would appear that there is more tolerance for dissent within Russia!

One should remember that there were similar levels of support amongst Americans for the 2003 Iraq invasion post 9/11. That war was fought by America far away from its borders and on false pretexts – the American government knowingly lied to the public that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and was supporting Al Qaeda. We all know the damage that unnecessary war wreaked, not just on ordinary Iraqis but on the entire world by creating a fertile ground for the rise of terror org Islamic State (IS or ISIS). So should the rest of the world call all Americans ‘evil’?

Western world’s double standards in the Bharat-Pakistan conflict

Western elites think it’s their birthright to give lectures on peace and harmony to every nation, including Bharat. On the one hand, they are demonizing Russia for trying to preserve a limited sphere of influence, but this same set lectures Bharat to have a dialogue with Pakistan, a rogue Islamo-fascist nation that uses terror as an instrument of state policy and which is situated right at our border, posing an existential threat to us.

Whenever Pakistan carries out a terrorist attack on Bharat, and Bharat’s citizens demand retaliation by our government and severing of all ties, the Western liberal elites and their Indian counterparts come to Pakistan’s rescue and deliver homilies on keeping sports away from politics and maintaining ‘uninterruptible dialogue’.

When Hindus talk about the anti-Hindu radicalization of Pakistani society, its mullah-military nexus and the brutal persecution of Pakistani Hindus (at least 1000 minor Hindu girls are abducted, raped and forcibly converted to Islam every year in Pakistan) which is forcing thousands to cross over into Bharat each year, these very elites tell us to develop people-to-people contacts and not spread ‘hate’. Secularists and liberals ask us to observe restraint and talk of universal humanism.

But today, every Russian has become ‘evil’ because Russia is fighting a war which Western elites – both liberal and conservative – consider as a challenge to Western interests and supremacy?

Here, the truth is that Russia poses no direct threat to the USA, whereas Pakistan is right on our border, and it is known for brutal persecution of minorities, especially Hindus, while also sponsoring terrorism in Bharat. Well, we are not surprised, as such elites and leftists are known for their duplicity and hypocrisy, and they are just showing how conveniently they build and concoct narratives to suit their goals.

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