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Friday, July 19, 2024

The new Taliban government makes a mockery of US, the UN & UNHRC

On the eve of 9/11anniversary, the Taliban have mocked at America by anointing a new Afghan government which is a bunch of terrorists blacklisted by the UN and America’s own FBI. It is a knockout punch for the US and its NATO allies who have been mute spectators to the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan against the wishes of the Afghan people.

The Haqqanis and the Baradars along with their ISI brethren across the border are going to rule the Afghan people against their wishes as the world turns a blind eye to their plight.

Now terrorists who have desecrated and destroyed the Bamiyan Buddhas in 2001 and served prison sentences in Guantanamo bay are heading the Afghan government and unleashing their medieval and atrocious mindset on the Afghan people especially women. All lullabies by the Taliban of an inclusive  and a representative government are out of the window.

As the last bastion of the Northern alliance (Panjshir) fell to the Taliban or shall we say Pakistan, the last voices of democracy have been muzzled and buried under the combined muck of terrorists and murderer’s, aided and abetted by the ISI and pakistan military.

The doves or those who were masquerading  as doves in Doha have been taken over by the hawks or to put it straight by the terrorists which are the real face of Taliban. 

The Taliban have hoodwinked the  entire world on the negotiating table in Doha, Qatar especially  America and the US acting unilaterally under the then President Donald Trump committed  a huge blunder by keeping  the then Afghan  government  away from talks thus legitimizing  the Taliban. 
Biden only hastened the process of catapulting the Taliban  to the seat of power  by his abrupt withdrawal  of US troops from the landlocked  country.

The toothless UN and the UNHRC which have been recalcitrant on Kashmir and clamouring for a plebiscite  on Kashmir have merely done lip service  to the huge human rights crisis unfolding in Afghanistan.

Hundreds  of Afghans  especially  women are on the streets  of Kabul protesting  amidst the gun toting rogues who are ubiquitous  by their  presence. A Reuter image of a gun wielding Talibani aiming his weapon on a protesting woman epitomizes  the sorry state of affairs  in Afghanistan  and also the plight of the Afghan people as the world leaves them at the mercy of the Taliban. 

Why does the UNHRC not demand a plebiscite in Afghanistan  or for that matter a free and a fair election in Afghanistan or is it scared of the Taliban and has reserved  all its voice for Kashmir. 
The hollowness  and hypocrisy  of these  organizations  have been  thoroughly exposed and they are just damp squibs  as the human rights  tragedy is unfolding in Afghanistan with women and journalists  being killed  in broad daylight. 

No borders including that of America least of all its ally Bharat are going to be safe as Afghanistan becomes the hotbed of international terrorism and a global launchpad for exporting terror under the tutelage of rogue State Pakistan. The Frankenstein monster has come to haunt the world again as America will realise soon.

(Featured Image Source: Reuters)

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Aman Gupta
Aman Gupta
Political Editor, Samast Bharat magazine


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