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Sunday, June 4, 2023

Stripping women and burning non-Muslims: horrors in Pakistan

In October 2007, the cover of Newsweek magazine described Pakistan as the Most Dangerous Nation in the World. Five years later, TIME magazine followed with a cover that labelled my birthplace as a country with a “Dark Heart.”

This wasn’t the first time the ‘Islamic Republic’ of Pakistan was in the news as a country where medieval mindsets prevailed, leading to mass murders of ethnic and religious minorities. This month Bangladesh is celebrating its 50th Independence Anniversary after surviving a genocide by Pakistan in which one million were killed and hundreds of thousands of Bengali women were raped by occupying Pakistanis.

By March 1948, the Pakistan military invaded the independent State of Kalat (Balochistan), which has to date given rise to five major insurgencies, costing numerous lives and today is most visible in the port city of Gwadar, at the mouth of the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf that Islamabad has handed over to the Chinese regime and its military.

Dead bodies of forcibly abducted Baloch freedom fighters and activists are dumped in the ravines and mountains of that rich land where people still don’t have drinking water.

Today, we have Imran Khan leading Pakistan, who despite being a playboy during his youth has been described aptly by Salman Rushdie as “In the dim.” Dim as in dim-witted, a bit slow in the mental department.

After making peace with known Islamic terrorists who had killed many policemen, he released their leader from prison. Khan should not have been surprised when followers of these extremist Islamists beat to death the Sri Lankan manager of a sporting goods manufacturing plant in the city of Sialkot.

Priyantha Kumara Diyawadana was seen cleaning the outside walls of the factory that had been plastered with posters promoting the radical group, Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) – an anti-blasphemy party.

Because the posters allegedly had Islamic writing in Arabic on them, a group of TLP Islamists chased him inside the factory and dragged his body onto the main street, where videos show him being beaten to death after he is stripped of his clothes.

Later the mob burned his body. Several gruesome video clips shared on social media showed a mob beating the victim while chanting slogans against blasphemy. Many more took selfies with the body and at least two men boasted that they were the murderers, claiming Islamic law permits them to kill anyone who insults The Prophet and thus commits blasphemy.

The shock of this horrendous mob lynching had barely worn off when another appalling video appeared showing four Pakistani women being paraded naked in a street market in Faisalabad city.

The four women were seen in a viral video pleading to people surrounding them to let them have a piece of cloth to cover themselves, but no one came to help them.

According to police, the victims said, they were garbage pickers and had gone to a local market in Faisalabad to collect waste. They went to a store and asked for some water to drink, but the store owner blamed them for theft and a group of men then stripped the four and pushed them on the street.

Is there a way to prevent Pakistan from continuing to be the “most dangerous country in the world?” No. Prime Minister Imran Khan behaves as if nothing is wrong, and all his country needs are more of Islam and less of civic society.

He has just appointed Ejaz Akram, a professor of World Politics in Chongqing, China, to head a new Islamic institution called “Rehmatul lil Alameen” (Mercy for all the worlds — a title of Prophet Muhammad)

Akran publicly despises democracy, saying it is the worst form of government.

An anti-Semite, Akram considers “Global Zionism” as the real enemy of the “idea” of Pakistan. He is a believer in the conspiracy theory that “9/11 was a false flag operation” and that coronavirus exists, but the global politics of coronavirus are fraudulent.

With women being stripped naked a regular occurrence, non-Muslims being killed for allegedly committing blasphemy, and ethnic minorities being subjugated to enforced disappearances, be prepared for another cover of a major magazine that will again list Pakistan as a sexually starved nation that yearns jihad on earth and orgies in Paradise.

We dream for the end of times ‘Roz-e-Qayamat’ and celebrate polygamy, sexual slavery and subservience to their make-belief ancestry as Turks or Arabs, while denying their true heritage that is based on the Indus Valley or Indian Hindu Civilization.

(This article was first published on torontosun.com and has been reproduced here in full.)

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  1. Pakistan is the most dangerous country. It is the birthplace of many a terrorist outfits upsetting the country’s peace and destroying its demography. And that day is not afar when when these Jehadists will swarm across the Pakistan’s geopolitical boundary and spill over into neighboring countries (like India) and from there to US & Europe wreaking violence, conducting sabotage, waging suicide attack, arson, and all sorts of terror activities masterminded by ISI (This secret intelligence service of Pakistan has given full fledged military support & training to Afgan Talibans causing the ultimate fall of the elected Govt. in Afghanistan recently). And these countries will have to pay dearly for these. Since Pakistan is a nuclear country with atomic weapons in their missile payload, these countries will dare to adopt any drastic military action against Pakistan lest there occurs atomic fall-out!


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