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Monday, December 5, 2022

Spirit of Cricket, Secularism and the Brown Man’s Burden

Spirit of Cricket is like Secularism, something English won’t follow themselves but made mandatory for brown shoulders. England will remain a constitutional monarchy but BBC will call Bharat an electoral autocracy. UK has state religion but Bharat should carry burden of Secularism.

UK reserves seats in its parliament for Church Bishops, yet a Yogi Adityanath elected by majority vote is called democratic backsliding by the English media. A person of color has never ruled Britain but English universities will research on evilness of caste in Bharatiya society.

England can have St. George’s cross in its national flag but Bharat has to strip itself of all its cultural heritage & secularise. UK will retain & proudly parade it’s colonial wealth looted by manufactured famines in its museums but will lecture Bharat on human rights in Kashmir.

UK will reserve seats in its parliament for descendants of lords & royals but English intellectuals shall write literature demonizing Hindu upper castes as products of privilege. Commonwealth Charter says it’s an organisation of equals yet UK will remains it’s perpetual leader.

England can get overtaken by Bharat in GDP size but will remain permanent UN security council member while Bharat shall continue to stay out. UK has 142 military bases & 17 overseas territories from colonial era beyond its borders but Bharat has to employ restraint in claiming PoK.

The nation that won their only world cup with a boundary check are complaining Bharatiya women’s team followed the rules a bit too much. To be a hypocrite on every sphere of life in culture, politics, sports & religion is an uniquely western privilege, not accorded to brown people.

(This article has been compiled from a Twitter thread by Cogito (@cogitoiam) on September 26, 2022 and has been published with minor edits to conform to the HinduPost style guide)

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  1. This menacing posturing by most of the westerners continues because idiots and traitors within India are carrying the flag of secularism. Bharat has the spectacular credentials of being the most compromising, tolerant and yielding Dharma traditions. Despite this millennia old traditions, if west is still demonizing us, it is because we are allowing them to. Discussing the menace is easy. Fighting it is hard; a few will take the hard road. so, the solution may be ignore it altogether- not airing it or caring about it. Or be a Dr. Jaishankar. OR keep pouring rebuttal after rebuttal. Find a platform, a forum and have a PR information dissemination centers; in western parley, propaganda machinery. Make a list of their fault lines and use it for counter propaganda. I am using historical narratives for myth busting; 2 books are already published. The third one will cover the global phenomenon for the last 6000 years of recorded history. Every scholar is welcome to collaborate with me to finish this task. Please do check my history books under history genre.

  2. The British still has not come out of their arrogance. Who are they to tell us what we should do? During the ten day mourning period of Queen Elizabeth, the entire function was taken over by the Bishops. It looked like Christianity is the religion of the country, now open and officially for people to see. Still they talk about secularism, preach harmony and cry about everything on seeing the East.
    They have every right to defend their country, but we are fools to surrender. Otherwise , the so called western media would brand as as autocratic, dictators and violation of human rights.
    If their citizens are killed, they would take tough action, when anybody is killed in our border, they would rise their voice through Amnesty International. There is one rule for them and completely different set of rules for us.


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