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Saturday, February 24, 2024

Sane voices in Pakistan start questioning why their country is harboring terrorists

The air strikes by Bharat in response to the brutal Pulwama suicide bombing by Pak-based terror group JeM, and the subsequent tensions that broke out with Pakistan, have finally triggered a churning within Pakistan with several sane voices questioning why the country is so isolated today and viewed as a hub of state-sponsored Islamic terror.

Pakistani Foreign Minister (FM) Shah Mahmood Qureshi has been cornered possibly for the first time on two separate interviews with Western channels, on the question of why so many UN proscribed terror organizations operate with impunity on Pakistani soil, and why men like Masood Azhar are walking free.

In a BBC interview, Qureshi claimed there is ‘confusion’ on whether JeM carried out the Pulwama attack, when the interviewer tells him that the terror group has claimed responsibility and even issued a press release on their official letterhead. The Pakistan FM said that the leadership group has been contacted and they have denied it. When the interviewer asked who contacted the JeM leadership, Qureshi tries to evade the question by saying “people over here…known to them”.

In an interview with CNN, Qureshi asks for ‘solid evidence’ to be furnished against Masood Azhar so that Pakistani Govt. can convince the courts and people of Pakistan about his guilt. He also says that Azhar is ‘very unwell’.

Interestingly, a Pakistani journalist claimed that the same Shah Mahmood Qureshi had denied even the presence of Masood Azhar led terror group Jaish-e-Mohammed on Pakistani soil, a few days back.

Several sane voices in Pakistan are now speaking up and questioning why Pakistan today has become an international pariah due to its support of terror groups.

Some are taking to dark humor to relieve the enormous stress that Pakistan is under because of their Government’s defense of global terrorists like Masood Azhar and Hafiz Saeed.

Others have raised how cross-border terrorism has been endorsed by all past Pakistani PM/Presidents, and especially Pervez Musharaff, who despite being the architect of the Kargil invasion was built up as a ‘rational’ man by Bharat’ liberal establishment.

Others questioned the vice-like grip the Pakistani deep state (ISI) has over the country’s media, which is nowhere near as free as Indian media.

The liberal media and intelligentsia of Bharat has suppressed such voices from Pakistan – in their desperate drum-beating of #SayNoToWar (which Bharat is anyway not planning, as our intent in the 2016 surgical strikes and now Balakot air strike was only to destroy terror camps), they have conveniently forgotten that there is a growing constituency in Pakistan saying #SayNoToTerrorism, which is a direct result of the no-nonsense policy employed by Bharat and our growing influence on the global stage. Our left-liberals and Lutyens Delhi are so angry seeing their power and influence curtailed under the Modi Government, that they have lost all sense of balance.  

There are other reports that Azhar is suffering from renal failure or liver cancer, and is undergoing treatment in a Pakistani military hospital. However, all such talk should be taken with a large sack of salt, as such psyops are standard operating procedure for the Pakistani deep state.

We need to apply consistent pressure on Pakistan going forward – militarily, economically & diplomatically – till we have incontrovertible proof that their Army has permanently given up the use of jihadi terror as a state policy against us. Because the Pakistani Army’s jihad against Bharat is not limited to Jammu & Kashmir- it extends to the whole of Bharat, and they are already inciting separatist movements in the North East and Islamic terror across states like UP, Maharashtra, Telangana, Tamil Nadu etc. If this terror infrastructure is not destroyed in the coming decade, it is only a matter of time before Kashmir-like jihad flames starts burning in other states with significant Muslim population that Pakistan and other Muslim countries are fast radicalizing.

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